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  1. Im an Android user. Original post is iPhone. So I'm guessing something crashed with game
  2. Hi there. Quick question. Does mobs get stronger over time on the same level? Cause im on a high lvl able to 1 KO a mob easily. But then I walk away for bit and come back then notice that i cant anymore. They have a sliver of hp left. Or do more damage to me. And yes ive included addition damages and stats from equipment. Anyone else?
  3. Awwww. At least wait a few days to fix. Damn next time ill def not report. But nah cheers
  4. Sooo new event. Does anyone else show that it lasts 7637days... which is great cause grouchy shards are awesome.... but at that point i might max it. Is anyone else showing 7637 days? Or just me?
  5. Alysea Ive noticed that the timer for the next boss hunt isnt showing. I hope the issue is fixed. For the next hunt
  6. Yeh mate. Same issue here. Damn. Little annoyed. Getting my shakes haha
  7. Anyone else having issues logging on to this Wednesday boss hunt?
  8. Hi guys. Im loving this new update. 3x shards for pets. My only issue is that the bounty occasionally disappears. Eg. Im waiting for the timer to get to 0. I see that it hasnt loaded the new bounty. So I exit the game and reload. But theres no new bounty and the timer has restart.... Anyone else come across this?
  9. Wow i just wanna say thanks to the developers. You heard our whining about inactive players so you made the ranking and omg. Sooo fast. Just finished in 48 mins. Really really good effort on everyone part. Haha and sorry for taking #1 most of the time... well sorta sorry ? All we need now is a convo box and this would be sweet. How did you guys do? And yes or no on the chatbox?
  10. Haha yep. Plus i can then yell at rank 1 to slow down.
  11. Totally agree. Chatting would be awesome. Its boring just taking down bosses
  12. If your stuck still keep killing bosses. Next hunt ull be in a higher league. More active.
  13. Wow dude how ya get 74 boss kills.... Haha i feel sorry for your team and jealous too. But yeh agree. Totally agree. I just finished a boss hunt in 1 hr and 20 mins.... thats gotta be a new record!!!! Didnt get first place in the milestones alot so i missed out on alot of pets shards.... wonder if theres a way to drop ranks. While i do enjoy the speedy hunt. I want more pet shards
  14. Add the flow cape and mau5head and ur gold
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