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  1. Trophy System

    @dumpster it that supposed to be a solution...find a new game? We all like this game very much and there are a few things that we want to be improved or be different or something like that and that's why we give our thoughts and suggestions here, isn't this forum all about that? If these talks bothers you guys this much why not just ignore it instead replying rubbish.
  2. Sea Chests from Odyssey

    I never get that many gems
  3. Sea Chests from Odyssey

    Yeah, as Infamous said, but mainly it's just items, don't hope for good amount of gems either.
  4. Whirlwind bug

    No, @HOLYDIVINE I was talking about the towers that are "easily" reachable with hero or powers but it doesn't happen everyday.
  5. Whirlwind bug

    I've not been active much lately so don't know if it's been reported already but sometimes Artemis's Hail Storm doesn't work, it will be used(you can see her using the power) but won't affect anything at all.
  6. Titan Chest Expiration?

    If the timer goes to 0 then it'll just vanish without giving any reward at all, and if you have 2 titan chests(or chest of any kind at all), the timer on both will keep ticking and once you open the first chest only then you'll be able to see how much time is remaining for the 2nd chest
  7. Festive Chests

    As they are Red, I guess there'll be a titan class item (red indicates danger as well, so I hope opening them won't take my titan class items instead )
  8. Bronze 3-Star Picture Frame

    When you earn enough fame by playing Odyssey, you'll gain more stars and eventually ascend to silver and gold frame as well.
  9. Thanks Dheth, I had no idea about that, finally I can save my items from disappearing now
  10. Since we got this robber bug which robs us of our items instead of just giving the option to buy a new item slot, why not give us power of Gods so that we can see exactly how many item slots we have, how many of them are available and maximum capacity of slots, that way we won't lose items as we are right now. One other thing(maybe it was not like this before..... but I'm not sure) is that when we select "Collect all" button from tributes screen, please make it so that it collect a small amount of resources from every island we have heroes on so that they can start regaining resources, as it is now - it collects resources from islands one by one, when 1st island's resources are collected then it collects from another island and thus others are just maxed out, if our resources are full, for the time being, which kind of stops us from taking maximum advantage of resource gain. (I'm not aware if those have been suggested before)
  11. Celestial Boost not awarded & Game Crash

    Losing items because of this "greatly hidden bug" is indeed very frustrating, it doesn't ask to buy a slot instead just restarts the game and makes us lose items, I've also lost items many times because of this, cursed ones as well but the thing is when the game restarts after we open a chest, it comes to its senses and then if we open a chest, it asks to buy item slot. I guess this bug is also one of the great features of the game because it's been quite a few versions since it's been introduced and it's not been removed yet. This wouldn't have been a great problem if they were just able to give the items back which we lost but certainly that's not the case .
  12. New Power Available sign

    To me, it only happens when I get enough trophies and Pheme reaches next level, you just have to click on any power slot and select Pheme(you can change it after that) whenever that happens or you can go to Shrine of Power and it should be fine after that
  13. Funny Moments

    Now I know what takes them so long to finish upgrades, they're just walking around
  14. When paused, why not........

    @Warriornator, Yes, I also read that when CaptainMorgan said something about this time limit and as you say stop players from cheating or anything else and that's why I was not asking to remove time limit but to start autoplay as soon as this limit is over (I also gave the reason), I didn't think that it would be same as removing the limit so I asked about it but if it's still same then nothing can be done anytime soon I guess but I expected a reply from CaptainMorgan as well, guess he's more busy since new version is released (or maybe just angry with me ).
  15. Version 3.8

    Well, these kind of questions can be answered by developers only(sadly I'm not even close ) but I have something to reply and it's a point to remember that titan points were a completely new introduction and it was same for everyone to unlock Ajax, so now about Artemis, it maybe because everything in the game has to make some sense and maybe that's the reason they used fame to unlock her powers(until now fame was nothing but just a tool to decorate your heroes on islands), and while it's possible that many were using upgraded Artemis towers and they unlocked Artemis instantly but it's not necessary that they also played Odyssey enough(because many people don't like Odyssey) that they had required fame from the start and thus they had Artemis but can't really use her(because heroes who have their own unique powers, like Ajax and Artemis, need all of their powers for being effective), on the other hand there are people who play Odyssey regularly and at level 8/9/10, so, but don't have upgraded Artemis tower, so when they'll upgrade it and finally unlock her, they'll have all of her powers unlocked from the start. So, maybe developers actually put thought into it and played this move so that odds were increased of people(who unlocked her instantly) using Artemis from the very start, now both - who unlocked her but don't have enough fame and those who have enough fame but still have to upgrade Artemis tower will have some work to do before they can start using her. I know that there are those too as well(like me) who have unlocked her and her powers, but there are also those(high level players) who haven't even unlocked her(I know one in my alliance). So, I'll say this in the end that if they would've made such move(unlock everything just by upgrading the tower), wouldn't it have been completely unfair and given us a real chance to say that Artemis is only for those who were using upgraded Artemis tower(we said that anyway though)?