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  1. Can't see my team after a while.

    I received this follow-up reply: Thank you for your response. Our team is currently investigating the cause of the issue and should soon have a fix for the issue. Thank you for sending your report. Meanwhile, the problem is still there. I can only see my team for a few seconds before the list disappears. This happens even when I reopen the game. This issue does not happen in Nonstop Knight. Oh well... it's always something! Aug 12, 6:16 AM CEST Thank you for your response. Our team is currently investigating the cause of the issue and should soon have a fix for the issue. Thank you for sending your report.
  2. Can't see my team after a while.

    I submitted a report and below is the response I got. I will leave it as is for now. Maybe the next update will fix it. Thank you for your response.At the moment we haven't received any other reports regarding the issue you are experiencing, if your game is linked to a Game Center we recommend reinstalling the game on your device to address the issue.Let us know how this works for you.Sincerely,Flaregames Support Staff.
  3. My team disappears after a while for some reason. In order to see them again, I have to close the app and reopen. Looks like a bug?
  4. Open discussion. Let's be honest.

    I agree with most of what you posted. I like the game and boss hunts, but the game is not as fun as before. I keep hoping things will get better. I also had high hopes for the Chuck Norris game, but that one seems even worse.
  5. POLL...Gold booster

    I enjoy the game, especially the Boss Hunts, but I have to agree about the gold boost. I find that I mostly do boss hunts now. I will still open the game periodically to open chests, but I don't spend as much time on regular play. Thanks for doing a poll on this.
  6. Terrible update

    I agree. The gold booster is not a good update at all.
  7. 5000 floors!

    That's funny, a few hours ago I couldn't see Quagmiretau. It now shows the same as yours. I'm sitting at 2447. I haven't been playing much, except for boss hunts and Chuck Norris. I need to get back to climbing.
  8. 5000 floors!

    Nice job!! I haven't made it past 3000. My local leaderboard has the top person at 4999.
  9. Your favorite ingame quote

    I like them all.
  10. Mystery Box Rewards After 1.9.0 Update

    I didn't get the latest update yet, so thanks for the heads up.
  11. Few players in bosshunt

    I have been lucky to be on good teams lately. Our boss hunt was yesterday at noon. The top player bought a lot of cards.
  12. Boss hunt 4 Feb

    Although I finished in 5th place, it was still fun. We were done in about 50 minutes. I laughed at one part because a wild boss appeared, then escaped. Then it showed "boss killed". I never even touched it and my pet was standing next to me! As for the chat box... the boss hunt is so fast now, I don't think I would have time to use it. I'm sure it would be useful in certain situations.
  13. Boss hunt January 28

    Just finished. We had 285 total kills. The bottom person had 3 kills. At least I made Warrior rank. I kept getting knocked down at the end, as you can see in the picture.
  14. Boss hunt January 25th ^~^

    Wow, our hunt was super fast-paced. I didn't open a purple box until it was almost over. It took us 1 hour and 9 minutes.
  15. At the end of one of my boss hunts, I was also tied for first place. Then a wild boss showed up! It caught me off guard, so I closed the app.