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  1. I deleted the game because of it. Not coming back. I only popped back on here bc I still had the forums bookmarked and clicked on it by mistake. I also find it amusing that they were trying to give away 200 gems to 15 random ppl who replied to a topic and only 10 could be bothered to reply to it. That should tell you something about the state of this game.
  2. As far as I can tell the only difference between the new megabox/gigabox/nonstop box is that (based on the description) you get that many random shards instead of 10/3/1 per megabox. The new megabox gives 14 shards, I'm assuming randomly distributed for 200 gems. That's the same number of shards the old megabox gave The new new gigabox replaces the old "buy 10 mega boxes" for 1,800 gems and gives 140 shards (I.e. 10 megaboxes.) The new nonstop box replaces the old "buy 25 megaboxes" for 3,400 gems and gives 280 shards. That's a worse deal than before. It's the equivalent of 20 megaboxes instead of 25 for the same price. Quite frankly this update is insulting now that I actually did the math on what the new boxes give you. It's an update that makes it harder to earn coins by removing the gold bonus you used to get for pet shards that you already maxed and gives you an absolutely useless coin boost you can activate every few hours instead. The new boxes are just renamed from what was there before and the most expensive one gives 20% than it did before. Anyone who thinks this actually a good change needs their head examined
  3. Fragments=pet shards. This is a worse than useless update. It makes the game worse
  4. Just saw the where the gigabox and nonstop boxes are. They just renamed the 10 and 25 megabox purchases for 1.8k gems and 3.4k gems and gigabox and nonstop box. Yea...that's a real update....
  5. The new update is terrible. I haven't seen the new boxes yet, but unless they are really really good this update made the game worse. The gold booster is useless. I had enough shards to upgrade it to a 50x boost immediately. Big deal. It made my monster coin gain go from somewhere around 100pp gold to like 2qq gold. Who cares. I need 10vvv gold for an upgrade. Yep, that 1:50 gold boost makes a big difference....and it doesn't affect gold gain from purple boxes. Losing the big gold payout on pet shards from maxed pets is a terrible change. It makes bothering with bounties or doing boss hunts pointless if all or most of your pets are maxed already. Why bother earning a couple hundred shards for the next gold booster upgrade when the gold booster is useless anyway. The new pet display screen is a nice improvement, though. Do do you guys have any idea how your own game works? This is a big step back. I was getting pretty bored with this game anyway and this update just makes progressing harder (and not in a challenging kind of way...just in a "gotta grind for hours longer for a worse reward" kind of way.
  6. The top on my leaderboard is someone named Quagmiretau at 5003. I'm sitting #6 at 4410
  7. One of the stumps (ghosty I think) gives an extra clone. You can run mana clone and clone jump and you can essentially spam skills nonstop with 3 mana clones running. Ive been playing for quite awhile so I have several 5 star pets, and everything else is 4 stars except for the chicken (which is 3 stars.) the stumps do do seem to be pretty stingy. For a long time mine were sitting barely at 2 stars while most everything else was 4 stars (and the dog at 5)
  8. Grande, freezer helm, baron (teleport cloak.) Grande and baron allow me to kill minions most quickly and the freezer is great for when you get the "freeze minions" bounty since it'll do it passively, plus slowing enemies down that much is handy. I run chesty for for the extra chests when I first ascend or in the early stages of the hunt. Once I have the gear I want I usually flip it over to the dog. Most of the time I just leave huge whirl, double jump (with the dog it's an automatic crit hit), and quick void, though I rarely use any skills. For my my final push before ascending I'll usually switch to the treehugger for the free revive and skills I'll usually go stum slam, clone jump, mana clone and keep the dog equipped, though I mess around with other skill/pet combos too sometimes.
  9. I last ascended at 4410. Was at like 10TTT or something
  10. You have to farm chests and just stay on a floor for ages. My highest floor is 4410. I think my gear was around level 13,500-14,000 at that time and I was getting close to the TTT gold limit so I decided to just ascend, though I could've squeezed out some more floors
  11. I wouldn't spend crystals to ascend to a higher floor. As far as I know you miss out on all the chests you otherwise would've gotten and it really doesn't take that long to get caught up to where you were. My token upgrades are getting closed to max so I don't spend crystals on tokens any more (and I've ascended from a high enough floor that I get a ton of tokens from video boxes and hunts anyway.) I only spend crystals on coins during boss hunts and even then I only do it occasionally. I don't spend money on this game so what crystals I have I earned through gameplay (at high floors you start leveling every other boss or quicker so they can add up relatively quickly.) I would spend them on a mega box, but they are ridiculously overpriced except when they run a sale. Which hasn't been in a long time. I sometimes reroll an item once or twice when it's one of the ones I like to run with (grande, freezer, baron.)
  12. Pretty much. I just view it as a way to kill some time and boss hunts can be kinda fun, but it's essentially an ad delivery app.
  13. No. Monster gold is absolutely useless (which makes spending tokens on coin upgrades a waste unless you have no choice) except in the early floors of a boss hunt or when you first start playing. The only way to progress is by farming purple chests or spending money on crystals to buy gold (which is a waste of money, imo, but everyone has different priorities.) I'm somewhere around floor 4150, my next weapon upgrade costs 1.55QQQ and I get like 65xx gold from monsters. I don't even want to know how many literal years it would take to earn 1 upgrade by killing monsters.
  14. They posted that there wasn't going to be a hunt today but didn't give a reason
  15. I've had another super box. Same issue with the gold, but after restarting the app it credited. There wasn't a pop up or anything saying I'd gotten it, but my gold total reflected the addition. I havent noticed if its if its happened to me with anything else.
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