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  1. @CaptainMorgan Bro I got all 3 Titan battle chests in war and I was opening them, suddenly I got connection lost and game reconnected again and I left with only 2 Titan chests. This is not fair bro, I could hv got the unique item from it. This has happened many times. Fix this issue or else give me my chest back. Thank u. IGN is exactly as bellow %-Johnny Cage-%
  2. @CaptainMorgan Bro I got all 3 Titan battle chests in war and I was opening them, suddenly I got connection lost and game reconnected again and I left with only 2 Titan chests. This is not fair bro, I could hv got the unique item from it. This has happened many times. Fix this issue or else give me my chest back. Thank u. IGN is exactly as bellow %-Johnny Cage-%
  3. Praveeninja

    Not fair war!

    @CaptainMorgan Please atleast send our war heroes back to olympus. They are sitting in war map for 2 days without doing anything. If u send them back to olympus, we can atleast make some resource production for building our defences. Thank u. %-Johnny Cage-% from Titans Revenge.
  4. Praveeninja

    Not fair war!

    @CaptainMorgan We dont even hv opponent alliance in war Titan revenge
  5. Praveeninja

    Captain Morgan's Challenge - Hades Killer

    Hi captain...πŸ™‹ My IGN is as shown below, %-Johnny Cage-% Its exactly as I hv written...πŸ˜‡ I hv completed ur challenge and it was amazing bro...πŸ‘Œ My hades died for 6 times destroying only 25% of my base. I resurrected him for all 6 times...😱 As per the rules I hv let hades play entirely by himself in autoplay mode and I hv not touched the screen for a single bit unless it is about resurrecting him...πŸ˜‡ Video quality is a little bit less bro sorry for that but we can see it clearly and I hv uploaded that video in youtube and here's the link below, I hope u like it😊 Thank u😊
  6. Praveeninja

    Shape your future! - 4.0 special contest.

    Hi... My IGN (In Game Name) is as shown below... %-Johnny Cage-% Its exactly as I hv written... I see most of my friends commonly use trebuchets while playing, and me too. My perfect combination while playing is spearmen,minotaurs and trebuchets and Archers if 4th unit slot is available... How about u add trebuchets among the war blessings..?? Common trebuchets throws only iron balls and the "blessed trebuchets" throws exploding canon balls similar to Prometheus towers... Sounds cool right..? Do not add the trebuchet's blessing among the devine blessings, every alliance will activate it for sure. If possible, add the trebuchet's blessing among the "War blessing" so that the alliance must win in a war to grant that blessing to their alliance... Playing with blessed trebuchets which throws exploding balls is awesome... So this is my wicked or perfect plan for alliance war... FG please make it happen... Thank u... Friendly fighter %-Johnny Cage-%
  7. Praveeninja

    Challenges - Questions

    Thank u bro. I'm on it
  8. Praveeninja

    Challenges - Questions

    Hi bro %-Johnny Cage-% here... My questions are are below... 1- Can I use more than 200 words..?? Bcoz the explanation about my topic need to be perfect... 2- Can I use some screenshots related to my topic..?? Bcoz if u see those pics, my topic will be easily understanding and interesting too... Please reply... Thank u...😊
  9. Praveeninja

    Olympus Rising Second Quiz

    Hiiii... My In Game Name is shown below, %-Johnny Cage-% Its exactly as I hv typed... My answers are below, 1- Helen of Troy's twin brothers "Castor" and "Pollux" live together as the constellation named "Gemini"... 2- "Cadmus" has a brother "Phoenix" who shared his name to mythical bird... 3- "Jason" is the hero who sailed on the quest for Golden Fleece... 4- The other route was containing "Wandering rocks" and the hero who sailed there was "Jason" with the help of goddess "Hera"... 5- The children of "Gaia & Uranus" that are featured in Olympus Rising are "Lapetus, Oceanus and Cronus"... 6- The Primordial deities(Protogonoi) that are featured in Olympus rising are "Chaos, Chronos, Nyx, Oceanus, Uranus and Tartarus"... 7- "Colossus of Rhodes" is the biggest statue in ancient Greece... 8- Appollo... 9- Prometheus... 10- "Gorgan Reef" is the island that is seen in the end of Olympus Rising trailer... 11- Unique items are below, Gemini - Helen of Troy. Shield of Achilles - Achilles. Great Shield of Ajax - Ajax. Aegaean Thread - Ariadne. Medusa's Head - Athena. Mirror Shield - Perseus. Bow of Odysseus - Odysseus. Curse of Ares - Cadmus. Nemean Claws - Hercules. Fire Bringer - Prometheus. Golden Fleece - Jason.
  10. Praveeninja

    Trivia nΒ°8: Theorical Math

    πŸ’πŸ˜Š******πŸ˜ŠπŸ’ Hi, I am "Praveen Kulkarni" from "India"...😊 I play the game "Olympus Rising"... My In game name is shown below, %-Johnny Cage-% Its exactly as I have typed... My answers to all your questions are below, πŸ’******πŸ’ 1- The symbol "=" is used to express "equality"... This is because the meaning of the symbol "=" is, "IS EQUAL TO"... As per the meaning of the symbol, this symbol is used to express the equality... For example, There are 3 box, "Box-A" has 20 apples... "Box-B" has 10 apples... "Box-C" has 20 apples... Now we can say "Box-A" and "Box-C" has equal amount of apples. To represent that equality, we can use "=" this symbol because the meaning of symbol is, "IS EQUAL TO"... Therefore Box A=Box C... πŸ’******πŸ’ 2- "Sexagesimal system" came from a place called "Mesopotamia"... Now this place is called as " Iraq" and "Kuwait"... πŸ’******πŸ’ 3- "Brahmagupta" is an Indian mathematician who made the set of rules that deals with negative numbers... He made those rules in the 7th century... πŸ’******πŸ’ 4- There are "367" proofs of "Pythagorean theorem" in a book written by a person called "Elisha Scott Loomis"... πŸ’******πŸ’ 5- They have spent "357 years" to prove the "Fermat's last theorem"... "Andrew wiles" gave the successful proof of "Fermat's last theorem"... πŸ’******πŸ’ 6- The volume of Pizza is calculated by a formula called "Pizza"... Explaination is below, Let, z=Radius of pizza... a=Height of pizza... The formula for " Volume" is, Volume=Pi*Square of radius*Height... Square of radius as per my consideration is, "z*z"... Therefore, Volume=pi*z*z*a... Hence proved... πŸ’******πŸ’ 7- "Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz" is the one who fully documented the "Binary system"... πŸ’******πŸ’ 8- The decimal system was invented in "India"... πŸ’******πŸ’ 9- The word "Geometry" comes from "Two Greek Words"... Those two Greek words are, "ge" and "metria"... πŸ’******πŸ’ 10- Any year "March 14th" is the "Pi day"... Explaination is below, "Ο€" is the symbol of "Pi"... The value of "Ο€" is "3.14"... "3.14" can be also written as "3/14 " [3 divided by 14]... In the value of Ο€, "3" is referred to 3rd month that is "March" and "14" is referred to the "14th" date... Thats why "Pi day" is on "March 14"... πŸ’********πŸ’ These are all my answers to your questions... πŸ’πŸ˜ŠThank YouπŸ˜ŠπŸ’
  11. Praveeninja

    New Year Raffle

    %-Johnny Cage-%
  12. My game profile name is... %-Johnny Cage-% My answer for ur topic is... Maybe few more upgrades for units and powers may be given. Bcoz for those players who have already upgraded to higher level it shows "more is coming soon". So that's my answer.☺