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  1. Contact support and open and they will help you
  2. Idk... Hope not, but have a feeling this may be the case. Usually server issues are sortted out fairly quickly
  3. Yes you can sell a rig... but 1st you must own 12 full rig slots. After you own 12 if you press and hold the rig you want to change, an option to recycle that rig slot will appear. It will cost you 100 ip to clear that rig slot and then you can purchase a new rig. Hope this helps.
  4. Hi MD... (I need coffee lol) no iOS update and now I can't connect either, let's hope this is a temporary issue... I see that others with account issues have had there accounts restored and the hacker issue has been worked on. I can't imagine this would have been done if the game is being shut down... So here's hoping this latest issue is fixed soon.
  5. There was an Android bugfix update last week... No false information... People on Android got a new load screen company logo...
  6. Idk... I've been away from the game for around 12 months and nothing has changed. All the big alliances pushed for updates and alliance wars for years... Been playing for a couple of weeks and chat is out for days... I see the devs are quite happy to take any new players money yet the same issues that existed years ago are still here. If you are going to shut this game down stop taking money if there is no future with it... It's fraudulent ?
  7. Happy New Year to you as well, and everyone else... I hope this New Year brings everyone happiness:)
  8. You know... to leave a social game like DOS without the social connection that makes it the game it is, over Christmas and then New Years where everyone has lost contact with each other because the chat system that makes it a social game is down, makes me think the dev's either don't know how important it is to the players or really just don't care. I won't be on DOS nearly as much until chat is back, I will be in a game where the patronage of the players is rewarded with events, alliance wars and giveaways over the holiday break. would love to hookup with my friends there... I was global rank #1 until I started DOS (now #27) I have an open alliance pm me for details. Get your act together DOS dev's.... the game sucks atm!
  9. Well there is another bug.... no one is there to fix anything... umm...
  10. I'll hire you straight away InS4Nity... now FIX THAT G'DAMN CHAT!!!! .....Oh and while your there, clear out those bots!
  11. Don't forget our latest alliance... Legion of Legends IV for the actively progressing player with 1500 rp
  12. ZedEx I have only bots atm... losing interest real fast lol, my rating is going backwards... I'm cr23 and I'm still being attacked for -2 getting no real players can't even make ip for cr22 gear let alone gear for cr24 lmao!
  13. Probably one of the best games ive played... feel very sorry for those people that have invested in this game, the support is almost zero now... new players starting everyday yet they neglect this game, very sad
  14. Bots bots bots... no chat... Merry Christmas everyone
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