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  1. Ooh. Interesting. My king doesn't heal when on the donkey too. When I first heard people claiming their kings healed whilst on a donkey, i thought they were mad and i just ignored them. But your post seems to confirm to me that something is wrong with my donkey set up.
  2. I like changing my castle to suit the seasons. So for: spring we have highland meadow, for summer we have haunted Forest For autumn, we have Autumn glade For winter we have northlands. How about a rainy landscape? There are many countries that have prolonged rainy seasons.
  3. Perhaps this had already been suggested. If so, apologies. Currently vouchers can only be exchanged for gems, food, certain granny items, etc. Why not add a few more different things to exchange? Pearls? In particular, how about Pet food?
  4. If you don't want multiple players tied up like that, then don't stack. Keep a flexible formation and make it impossible for the enemy to tie all your forces down. But then if you spread your forces, be prepared to be picked off one by one. Eaxh approach has its strengths and weaknesses.
  5. One option to increase the visibility of an open portal would be to have a different colour in the top left charge/timer (the semi circular bar under the scream button). So, when the portal is open, the pal charge bar could be coloured something like pink, and the normal grey colour when it's closed. You can then easily see with one glance when the portal is open, and when it's closed, by simply checking what colour it is. If you see pink, tap like mad! Much easier. I also agree with many of the comments here. Why not allow janus to increase leadership charge rate? (perhaps you can give janus some kind of % buff increase in leadership when you have her equipped). Also agree that petrification can be problematic. It can provide unwanted protection to enemy units. This can easily be solved e.g. by allowing partially petrified enemy units to carry on taking damage, so that there are no nasty surprises when they get de-petrified for some reason. From a role play perspective, i can see why pertification might make you damage resistant, it's hard to see why it should be 100% immune to damage. If anything, they should become weak to blunt damage. After all, many towers are made from stone, and they are not immune to damage.
  6. Flare games, here's an idea for you: make granny a playable character, just for fun. She has mad skills (did I read somewhere she was some sort of shaolin Monk or something?), a permanent kaiser beast, but no army.
  7. I think granny must be some kind of a super powerful person. Think about it. She has somehow tamed her own beast. Even the strongest kings and Queens don't have their own beast, they only have puny pals, and can only have beasts temporarily (via the pal flute). Whilst kingdoms have beasts, those beasts belong to the kingdom, and not kings and Queens as such. I bet she can raid castles without an army, i.e. Just with her kaiser beast alone.
  8. I'm seeing this 'bug' a lot too. Could it be related to the combination of the effects of toxic cloud and mass hysteria? My thoughts are as follows: mass hysteria 'turns' your unit, you then slow the 'turned' unit with toxic. If that unit doesn't die, and reverts 'back to your side', it can become permanently slowed. Whatever the cause, a fix would be appreciated. All the best.
  9. When my character is wearing yeti/necro/easter bunny gear (often mixed together) he looks like a complete joke. The easter bunny gear is especially grotesque. Why not give players the option to change to change weapon/armour appearance? Of course, at a gem cost ? (Make appearance change random and you'll get even more gems, FG) That way FG wins, and players win, all round. What do you think?
  10. There's a festival from tomorrow. I'm sure the economy will be awash with gold soon enough.
  11. To the RR2 team at Flare Loving the game! Loving the present update. When I first saw those massive pet bosses charging at me, I thought "woah! WTF!?!" Very cool. I loved it when you introduced yetis, ninjas and zombies and uber chests. I've never played a game with so many intricacies at so many levels, and I've played a lot of games. Keep up the good work! I look forward to the next development (but take your time of course). Please never stop. The day you stop will be a dark, dark day for me. All the best!
  12. LIST SHOWING PEARL UPGRADE COOL DOWNS Maybe already suggested but it'll be handy if you can see all your forge cool downs in one place. It's a hassle to keep checking what has finished and what hasn't (Loving the game. Keep it up!) Cheers!
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