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    Just to chime in on the same.
  2. Ver: 1.8.1 - #d2e884d2 ID: 45C07BFA IGN:Arelaith iPhone 6S IOS 10 Out of the shop when there is a free video for coins the caption is capitalized after clicking watch the second window pops up to confirm and then it displays the correct coin amount.
  3. I've had the same bug her more than once. I will close the game reopen it and my coins will be substantially less. 45C07BFA IPhone 6s iOS
  4. Don't have grouchy yet. But I did essentially the same. Gold leap and only levelled my weapon until I started taking a beating. Then I'd put some into amor until they didn't hit so hard. Bosses I would run with stun, clone leap and heal clone. Time the leap and stun on bosses specials. 40 min left on the hunt and I'm at 155 weapon, 118 Armor. Personally i haven't spent anything yet. Not to say I won't but I'm enjoying f2p for now.
  5. How did you manage to create such a gap? I find it hard to get enough cash flow to upgrade enough for decent forward progression. Given not having any stat increases from cards is a limiting factor. Albeit being new, still learning upgrade level differences between gear to maximize kills.
  6. Agree. Which would probably end up including a friend system. Never made it too far this run. :/ Hit floor 59 with 25 kills and at a stalemate
  7. I will admit that today's challenges are one of the hardest sets for sure. But when you get grouped with a team like this it's even more frustrating. I'm sitting in first with 15 second is 12. Nicely enough someone donated some cards which helps, but the complete lack of contribution is the worst part of it all.
  8. I think it's great that the challenge changes with each boss hunt. Makes you rethink any current strategy you may use. Might even put you out of your "comfort zone". I know I made the mistake one hunt and just ran with my usual Cloak > Armor > Weapon. Which became mundane as I got further in as the hunt was skill resist. Least now I will read the info on each hunt and make a plan.
  9. Funny you mentioned DB. I recently quit playing It as well. When they did "that" update did it ever stir up the community. But it was incentive on the grind because you could max out the heroes because they would stop dropping. So it was a push to grind knowing there was pay off. Much like this situation could be.
  10. Wasn't entirely sure where I stood with ascending. I've been pushing it off for thinking if I just upgrade enough I can get past. But I'm almost at a stalemate with this floor boss. Think it might be time to just ascend.
  11. It wasn't a glitch. If you read the boss hunt info it said enemies reflect skill damage. I made that mistake early.
  12. Second Boss Hunt for me. F2P, there is always that one person though. Always. And im pretty much capped out here. Cash flow definitely is slower in boss.
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