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  1. lolcats223332

    In review

    Thanks @Alysea for moving it.
  2. lolcats223332

    In review

    Hi my new series is out where I will look at a tower / troop one at a time. Here is the first episode Hope you enjoy leave any suggestions below and what to do next. B.T.W. this video is intended for beginners so no technical stuff is explained for that reason.
  3. lolcats223332

    Festival chests

    It seems to be similar to MM with +-400 trophy range.(as the bases are from normal players)
  4. lolcats223332

    Confirmation screen for gems

    If you misspent gems contact flare they usually give you a one time refund on the gems.
  5. lolcats223332

    rr2 community reaction on new update.

    Finally someone who understands I have been playing this game for 3 years now (a long time) and only spent 10 pounds I have never felt the need to spend more. When you pay you pay to fast forward progress or for a shortcut not a super mega death spell that one shots every tower in a huge radius. As I said before and I will say again complaining about issues like a little kid will get you no where and asking for more freebees well thats not going to happen.
  6. 2 right after my choke points to stop regeneration of aggressive kings. I do agree however that they have become obsolete.
  7. Well I've played this game since first release and had multiple accounts trust me I remember before forging and the good old days of OP froster. BUT tell me have you got a maxed pet. I have a feeling that you cant get a new update and instantly have everything up to full power. Correct me if I am wrong but I highly doubt you have a maxed necromancer all the new monster dungeons complete and a max level pet? Wait till you have all that then you can say it is overpowered. Also searching up people to see their level to judge a player is rarely a good idea due to multiple accounts and like I said I have played the game since first release on windows phone.
  8. the towers main use for me is to prevent hero health regeneration other than that it is more of a support tower.