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  1. Dear flares, I have managed my ally Boost Busters since long now. Last conquest gave those 8 sleepless nights following which I decided to take a break and quitted from leadership temporarily. I stayed as a general, hoping that next conquest could be better. Unfortunately, its still the same. Those sleepless nights, with 24 x 7 online requirement for the leaders. I call it quits. Thanks, I need to get back to life. Sorry to Boost Busters, and I wish them the best. I love them! Best wishes, Ash
  2. Then you should raid a lot and become stronger. Work on offense and skills, you will soon be able to defeat phoebe of players of your level. I am not sure how many players at your level would have phoebe anyway in their defense. Phoebe is unlocked by usually good allies, with collective team efforts. Such allies normally do not have players at your trophy/hero level. Obviously, players with phoebe would have many more trophies than you, assuming you do not have a phoebe in your base. So matchmaking would not suggest such players for you normally.
  3. Very good decision to not doing this. This is not a regular beast. A team has to really work hard, to not using its crystals for pro chests/gears and donate phoebes. Now, if after so much work of unlocking a phoebe, if players of a team get the benefit of steengthening their defense a bit, nothing wrong in it. Rather I suggest the following changes: 1) Buff other pro beasts: Ceres and Eris by 30-40%. They feel terrible at the moment and not any better than any regular beasts. 2) Reduce the price of Nemesis to 30k 3) Buff some regular beasts such as growl. Its useless, why have it as a beast at all otherwise.
  4. Not that I care about this conquest, but my players are motivated, so I get involved everyday. Anyway, I want to suggest that to attack, the control should be with the generals only. Soldiers are behaving too random in this conquest, going on solo suicide missions and so on.
  5. Shame on flares! It doesnt work for us either. I am frustrated. Just lost a war due to this.
  6. Its the same with us. I have decided to give up this conquest plan. And RR2 for hell sake.
  7. What is this flares? I am allowed to do 8 battles, and when I try after 5, it says not allowed further. All strategy ruined. Supreme victory..bye bye. So annoying. Why cant you guys make a beta test, before launching crap?
  8. They want feedback. I got some stuff from RR2 page on google play. Such reviews speak volumes!
  9. The point is, you cannot trust this company when would they bring chaos in the lives of players, for 8 days!
  10. I, Jahii Badshah, the leader of Boost Busters would confess that this conquest has really eaten up all the fun from the game. I neglected job for last 3 days to keep the alliance going, but it is not working anymore. My ally members and generals are fed up being online 24x7. We have decided to stop fighting, and have given 1 star rating to RR2. Unfortunately, 0 or negative star rating does not exist. We got a real life, and responsibilities, than keeping our eyes glued on the screen all the time, and keeping on calling our players 24x7 to fight, since the enemy attacked and they would do supreme victory in next 5 minutes. With all due respect, what flares has invented for RR2, is beyond ridiculous. Thanks
  11. It would be lesser crap if those stupid cooldowns are removed and only energy is the parameter. Or if you want cooldown, make it dependent on the energy. More energy consumed, shorter cooldown, and so on. But one big jump than the stupid 3 tile jumps should be allowed. I am really surprised, they said they have worked hard on this update, and tested everything. Have they played this 8 days tournament in their own team, even once??
  12. It felt as if I was writing this comment! Thanks for summarizing what leaders had to go through today. I kept the monitor hidden from colleagues at work somehow
  13. The most frustrating part for me is that the conquest starts on a Tuesday morning, and I am supposed to lead the alliance, in this tremendously complicated 8 day long event! If it had started on Friday, or something, it could have been manageable, like it used to be in wars. Please make it 5 day long, if not three, just like in wars from Friday till Tuesday. We would enjoy it more. Otherwise, many of my players are asking to leave the game soon.
  14. Now you are discussing a very broad topic here. Certainly, Flares is behaving nonsense when players spend time/effort/money to upgrade those things which are supposed to be powerful, and then nerfs them beyond usefulness. RIP commonsense of developers to not testing the game beforehand and launching changes like pals, beasts, and well.. troops, spells and towers, and everything under the sun! Not to mention, those who still have to do those last dungeons, its a nightmare for them now, with offense so weak.
  15. My post was meant for those managing the wars (leaders/generals), and not the soldiers. Its obvious, even before it started, the leaders and generals have to do lots of work in the conquest and have to stay available. They need to assign troops, look at the progress, make watch towers, and so on. Obviously, as a leader of an alliance, I would complain even before it started, since it starts on a freaking working day. I am not sure why you keep missing the point.
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