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  1. What is Treasure Hunter?

    What does COF mean?
  2. What is Treasure Hunter?

    What do they mean by CoF for blanks?
  3. Community week

    They said - 50% Gem cost on CoF in blanks What do they mean by CoF in blanks?
  4. Unused Festival Points

    Hello! Does anyone know what's the conversion of the unused festival points to be converted to gems? thanks!
  5. The game has already succeeded in so many ways. But wouldn't it be more great if It becomes more dynamic? • GLOBAL CHAT -This will provide, easy recruitment for countries/alliances which are having a hard time recruiting "specific" members. Yes I know we have allince recruitment in the forums, but not all has the time to do so or even bother going to forums. •ALLIANCE RANK MEMBER POSITIONS -another is that the alliance rank system is too simple. Soldier - general - leader wherein generals have all the functions to be given with just one promotion. how about if some members are loyal and you want to promote them but you also don't want them to give "all" the necessary functions in handling your alliance. this all would be a great addition to the game. thanks!
  6. Up! Anyways, Sournois. We wouldn't have this long conversation if you haven't posted a comment inappropriately. Inappropriately in a way that, just like William said this is recruitment post. I'm guessing you know how to create a private message to me right? Besides, you don't have to ask if i was irritated or what if you're raiding me. It's part of the game itself. Not unless! You message all of the people you raid? Hahaha that would be hillarious 😂 Anyways, don't bother replying here sournois and just respect my post. Thanks
  7. Hi! Who's upset? I'm not upset. You raided me, Yes I know. It's part of the game mechanics, so I'll keep raiding you for as long as I can. it's part of the game. Be my guest and keep raiding me, It's part of the game and I'm a sport to it
  8. Yes you have a point, but not all has a mindset like yours. Besides, we speak fluent english and have zero problems using the english dialect. It's just that we are all filipinos in the alliance so we prefer to use our own mother lands language. Which makes other nationality can't understand anything we are talking about. anyways thanks for your insight bro.
  9. That is my intention. Majority of my players are Filipinos and are my friends in real life. So I assumed a member (not a filipino) would find it uncomfortable or out of place to join my alliance. But nevertheless, if one is willing to join, no matter the nationality. I don't mind.