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  1. Looks like you were not able to read what he wrote: Nowhere he mentions top bases. No clue why you have such a fixation on top bases. Nobody cares about them. Nobody with a little self esteem left would brag about being the best player in a P2W game. Total useless.
  2. Eyja

    Community dissapointment vbillion

    It's more or less a reflection of how someone was raised: Some were told to accept and praise everything self proclaimed leadership tells them while others were raised with an open mind to question if the self proclaimed leadership acts in their interest and raise their voice if they see actions leading to changes for the worse. We are all a product of our past ...
  3. https://www.englisch-hilfen.de/en/words/false_friends.htm Better know your friends ...
  4. Looking at the picture posted by @WilberCcalli makes me wonder why his HeroAura and the whole Hero colors are PINK compared to my dark violett YOU JUST CAN'T SEE!!!!!! Could it please be fixed that also on Windows PC the Colors are in a way that you can see it??? The portal is a thing I have to react to, so I need to know when it is open!
  5. @AwesomestKnightestYou ever played with Janus? Janus (or the portal)has no morale himself that could be buffed. So your suggested solution is not possible. What could be done is that while the portal is open, morale could build up faster.
  6. Eyja

    Is Janus any good?

    Is a liar that lies telling the truth? 😵
  7. Eyja

    Is Janus any good?

    Thanks for calling me a liar! Appreciated!
  8. 100 % what @orko said. That are the 2 main problems Janus has. I already pointed out the problems I see in the post below, been called a liar for doing so: To get a better feeling of what I mean with not seeing the portal, either watch FTBs video of Janus or take a look at the picture below. The portal is open in this picture, but as it is the same color as showing boosted units it is just not visible behind all units. It is the glint you can see. The indicator in the top left does not really give you a hint when it is open, second playing on a 14" screen the indicator is in no way in my viewfield when attacking.
  9. Eyja

    Conquest and alliances Collusion

    Sorry @Dena4, must have mixed that up … 😔
  10. Eyja

    Toxic IGNs

    To make a Long story short: his first one wasn't much better, after he joined an alliance they ignored him in chat so he thought it was clever to change it to something provocative so they will notice him. Unfortunately there is no way to make this undone ...
  11. Eyja

    Toxic IGNs

    I can only second the request as he was with us before he joined LBF and I know the story behind. He even wanted to pay for an additonal Name change but support denied it.
  12. Eyja

    Conquest and alliances Collusion

    As long as the matchmaking in conquest isn't fixed I do not think this needs to be discussed. As long as the power of the alliances on the map is in such a wide corridor talking to the much stronger alliances and hoping for their grace is the only thing weaker alliances can do. Just look at the germania1 example we have seen here. Or take @Dena4 alliance, who could have easily wiped out all other alliances on the map. But what for?
  13. Eyja

    Is Janus any good?

    I have bought Janus and upgraded to level 8. I thought it would be perfect for me as I always had the problem suddenly being without any troops. The portal should change my problem. But it didn't. Janus has two problems for me: You just can't see when Janus had opened a portal. The portal is like Phoebes heal puddles, but in violet. And this is where the problem lies: your own troops cover the portal as they stand above it, so you have no clue a portal is open. So you can't use it and take advantage of it. There is no visual indicator the portal is active. Janus petrifying attack. Janus would be better without it. The problem with petrifying is that while an opponent is petrified it can't take any damage. So you are protecting opponents from damage during that time. Using your spells during that time is a total waste. My advice: stay with Aska.
  14. This feels more and more like a limbo dance: how low can you go! 😭😱🤮
  15. Eyja

    Conquest Rewards for Rank 2

    What level is your alliance and about what place are you on the leaderboard? We played in the 2nd tier (200-250) the last one as a level 63 alliance placed around #120 on the leaderboard. Our opponents were 2 level 80 alliances placed around #40 and one alliance level 68 placed around #150. Just a reminder: matchmaking is in no way working in this tier (probably also in the others as I saw from other posts).