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  1. I’ve just bought a few items from grannie and put them in to forge. At least one was a gold item. see screen dump. There are three items which have the exact pair being queued for forge, same item, colour and pearl value. And no sign of my expensive items (I remember one was over 100 pearls) Ro55i using iPad with latest iOS
  2. I have had the same for the last three days. Really frustrating not being able to donate troops to team members
  3. And again. So I get I shouldn’t go 8nto chat. But I need to bondage troops cos there’s a war on. How am I to help my team???
  4. Again while accessing in-player chat!! Haven’t mentioned previously, I am using an iPad and have downloaded the latest version of royal revolt
  5. game Crashed again. It was while I was on the Chat, trying to donate troops. Believe this is the second time this has happened also (while in the in-player chat)
  6. Ro55i. Twice now I’ve been in mid game on the festival and my game has crashed..second time the picture froze for about three seconds, then crashed.
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