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  1. Hi! I use PC to play the game. The problem is that my computer is AZERTY, not QWERTY. So when I want to summon the guardian, I have to move my hand a lot to hit the W. This made me loose several games because I can't find/hit the button fast enough to summon the guardian to save my life. Please give an alternative button for AZERTY users. Or even better: let us customize buttons for PC. Thanks.
  2. Vertex

    in review No Guardian rewards

    I don't think it's a visual bug, since I've 'followed' very closely how many donkeys I always get. They are really lost
  3. Vertex

    in review No Guardian rewards

    Oh okay, so the issue is know by Flare. Thanks!
  4. Hi! I had 6 (of the 12) royal guardian donkeys. But now, since we got the rewards from last conquest (which gave me another 6 donkeys in the chests), I only have 4 of the 12 donkeys! So I actually lost 2 instead of gaining 6... Also, it seems like I didn't get the Trusty (sledge) guardian. I don't exactly know how many I got from the chests and how many I already had (because I don't use the guardian right now), but I'm sure I should have more by now. I don't really care about the Trusty guardians I didn't get, but I'd really want to have those Donkey guardians, since I use this guardian a lot. I already sent a message to the support, without answer... Maybe some people have this issue too?
  5. Vertex

    Trivia n°13: Football Fever

    Hi! :) Game: Royal Revolt II IGN: Vertex Nivis Answers: 1. Russia, United States of America (USA) and Brasil 2. Geoff Hurst, done when England played against Germany (1966; the only time this was done). 3. In 1938, when France hosted the Indonesian team. 4. Uruguay vs. Egypt 5. In Sialkot (Pakistan) 6. OFC (Ociania Football Confederation) 7. England and the Netherlands 8. (West-) Germany (1982, 1990) and Brasil (1994, 2002) 9. Brasil in 2014 with 14 goals. 10. Egypt with 6 goals; in 1934 and 1990).
  6. Hi! I thought they fixed the match making during wars? So how is it even possible that my clan (ranked 300) and other 400 and 300 clans are facing a clan on place 23? We're all collecting about 90k - 140k skulls max. and that strong clan gets 200k with ease... It's not the first time we get this problem and I don't think this is "just the way the game works, nothing to do about it". Vertex Nivis
  7. Vertex

    Alliance's leader

    You can never be sure, but if you arrange everything properly and you make sure you can trust each other, it won't be a problem. I've done it myself several times. If you clan wants to grow and stay strong, everybody will trust each other.
  8. Vertex

    Alliance's leader

    I'm not sure, but that person will have to promote you again. When I'm on holidays, I promote a general I can trust and I simply ask to keep me in the clan. When I'm back online, the general promotes me again. That's the easiest way.
  9. Vertex

    Skeletons don't appear

    I already did, several times...
  10. Hi! My Necromancer is level 4 (max level), so 4 skeletons appear at once. I've put some necromancers in my defense (4 or 5), but the skeletons don't appear. If I test my base, I can only see maximum 1 troop of skeletons during the whole attack. Even my clan members who test my base (with no ranged units, so their units didn't kill the skeletons) told me that they didn't see any skeletons. Is there any way to keep the skeletons alive for a longer time? Or does the necromancer have to reach the enemy to summon skeletons? Other tips/hints maybe? Thanks! :-)
  11. Vertex

    Unlocking pals

    My first pals, I already upgraded them to level 2! They're pretty useful during battle. Now you can leave the monk or shield/healing spell f. ex. if you use the panda (Tammy). I'm a bit afraid though. Those pal treats don't come that quickly, so I hope I'll be able to upgrade them quite often. Let's see...
  12. Vertex

    New game mode ideas

    Kingdom Rush is awesome! Endless mode is a nice idea as well, and I think you won't have to do/change that much. some ninja levels already are longer than others, so it is possible. They could make a long path and put easy towers, barricades etc. at the beginning, and more difficult ones while you make progress.
  13. Vertex

    New game mode ideas

    At first, I got the same thoughts! If you say that "ninjas are threatening your kingdom, defend!", normally you should have a defense mode. Hopefully, Flare will see these ideas and do something with it! As Nicomagne told me, idea 1) and 2) are hard to make, but 3) should be possible though!
  14. Vertex

    New game mode ideas

    True, but they can adapt the moral points of troops, adapt the strength of spells (or disable them if necessary) and the defender won't get spells himself. I'm sure Flare can adapt everything till it is playable. Anyway, I get your point and I know it'd be difficult indeed, but still, I wanted to post my idea.
  15. Since some people say that the existing events are looking all a bit the same (dungeons, Ninja event, winter event etc.), I was thinking about how Flare could change this, by adding a new game mode/style. And I got some ideas of new game modes. I don't know if it would be possible, but here we go: 1) Defense mode: instead of attacking the castle, you have to defend your castle. Flare could, for example, adapt the Ninja event to this concept. Every level, you're attacked by a computer operated enemy, which gets harder every level, for example. Using your existing moral, you send troops against this virtual king attacking your own castle. 2) 1 vs. 1 mode: this combines the existing way of attacking with my so-called "Defense mode". One player attacks, the other player defends his castle. Both players should have the same level/moral/amount of trophees. 3) Co-up mode: 2 players attack a castle at the same moment. Maybe a nice addition to gets more in touch with other players (now you just see "Player x attacked you", that's it). Note that I don't know if all of these modes and changes would be possible/realistic for Flare. These are just some ideas. What do you guys think?