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  1. Boss hunt timer

    This happems quite frequently. Probably 60% of the time (subjective measure). I missed last weekend too but I did get the mid week one. The image below is what I've seen since the Wednesday event.
  2. Boss hunt timer

    Yep. No boss hunt for me.
  3. Boss hunt timer

    Boss hunt timer still is not showing up. I got the mid week with timer but the weekend is not showing up. This usually means u won't get to play tomorrow. I am on ios 10.3.2 on an iPhone 7 plus. I think my other info is in the images.
  4. Boss Hunt bug?

    Username jete. Version 1.9.6-#23439ea8. 428d1b75 Ios 10.3.2 iphone 7 plus No timer this weekend. I do have a timer today for tomorrow. Between 1/3 and 1/2 of the time I get no timer and no boss hunt.
  5. Boss Hunt bug?

    I never got it either.
  6. Rate the program

    Please add some logic to prevent the please rate this app from popping up during boss fights.
  7. Todays boss hunt over - Game doesn't load

    Same issue on iPhone. Right as boss hunt ended.
  8. Stuck in ended Boss Hunt/loading screen

    Same on iPhone. Signs into game center but stuck on loading screen like the picture in the previous post.
  9. I am still having issues with offline coins disappearing when changing floors or buying upgrades after coming back online. Today I saw where I had coins for an upgrade but could not upgrade. See picture. It's almost like the offline coin gain was added to the variable displaying the total but not to the variable used to keep track of what how many are available. Just wanted to show this in case it helps. This is becoming increasingly frustrating as i can only count on gains made while active. Thanks User jete. 428d1b75 Version 1.7.3-#f7c9b5e Ios version 10.2 Iphone 7+
  10. Losing Offline gold after losing boss fight

    I am. I have been able to reproduce it but for me it is any boss fight. I took screenshots this last time to convince myself it was real. I had 692T after logging in and collecting offline ( I forgot to notice how much was collected offline), 697T after the boss fight (successful one hit), after changing floors it was 508T, which is approximately how much I had before logging out last time. I've also seen it drop by upgrading items. That's what made me notice it and start paying attention. During this last boss hunt, I would log in and start to upgrade and suddenly I had used up 1M gold with only a few item levels (around 3K per upgrade). I actually caught it with the screenshots this afternoon. Actually, While typing this, I went in to get version number, It happened again, dropped 2T when I changed floors, but this was not a boss fight. It changed floors right after I logged in and lost the gold. Version: 1.7.3-#f7fc9b5e User? 428D1B75 iPhone 7 plus, iOS 10.2