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  1. Not needed. When Hero levels are increased, Item levels have to be increased too. I do not like starting the whole forging thing over again. Plus, last time FG increased the items there were mistakes with the item values. It took FG years to understand and correct them.
  2. I am just sad there is no news about a chicken pal. 😋 And is it possible to use the Samurai Suit together with the Mecha Suit or does the game crash in this case? 😨 But seriously: Pro Suit does not look interesting to me. No new perks or uncommon combinations. Not sure about the Tokens. More Gold, Bread or XP. Also nothing really new there... And advanced players usually do not need more of that. But on the plus side, I really like War Tile Blocking ended. Should be more interesting now. Some alliances used that way too much.
  3. How do those exploit bots work? They must use recorded dungeon raids and play it back, right? Otherwise it must be a flaw in the game. Do they boost farms too and click the button to stay in the game? Very strange. There should be another possibility to not allow exploits.
  4. Gold costs for prolonging warboosts (level 80 Alliance) still at 2 Million, not 1.5 Million as announced! Please fix!
  5. DrBruceBanned


    Indeed the Info is correct. Some parts of the Wiki are no longer kept up to date as Pellez could not do it without Flares help. But this part is okay.
  6. This happening during war and shortly before PL ends is very unfortunate. Being the good and supercool persons they are, I am sure Flare will compensate us in a memorable and very generous way so we will tell our kids about it. AHihihi! ?
  7. I propose a players week. Let us choose the components of it in a survey. Would be AWESOME! ?
  8. I agree. And it is boring so many use it. But it is difficult for lower level player. Maybe too difficult, can not say. Scaling of strength should be improved maybe.
  9. Okay. But not joining any Alliance and not having boosts will make it difficult. If you do not want to play wars or can not donate every day you could try to took for an alliance which is okay with that and still has a few boosts. Maybe some nice people too. You never know.?
  10. In 3000+ range it seems normal Phoebe is difficult. Later it will get better. Try different Combos, further improve your gameplay and variety of spells. Most importantly: dont let her heal, push her. Then you see she is not over power.
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