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  1. At floor 300. I need 1aa damage to 1hit minions. My knight upgrade has +9.48m% damage. So if I ascend now and won't upgrade any. I can barely pass floor 100. So don't ascend and push higher even it will take you half a year. Patience is a must. Or take a goal like Floor 1000 - 1500 - 2000 - 2500
  2. Mate. Post your Knight name and ID. Tap Menu -> More -> beside game version. Maybe devs will help you.
  3. Everything in here is wrong man.
  4. Izona

    Coin bug?

    More like No Pain, No Gain
  5. Curse is gone. Bug still exist. Hahahahaha. WP devs,
  6. I wonder what's after ZZZ.
  7. It's better not to get the milestone with no Mega Box than completing the milestone without Mega Box.
  8. Did they forgot they have an official reddit page?
  9. WTF they did not mention any changes in the game? Like how mbox works, both ad and non-ad. For me, the best thing happened in today's update is the color. Brighter and more color.
  10. Izona

    Free gems

    Haha. Me also. Installed RR2. Play for almost 3 hours. Still no 250 gems in NSK. Also installed Non-stop Chuck Noris. Still no 250 gems.
  11. I use Grande + Legionnaire + Flow in frenzy. Easy 18-20 bosses.
  12. I you might think I'm crazy, I think this one sounds pretty awesome. also Reroll sucks IMO.
  13. Izona

    250 Gems

    So, where do I receive the 250 gems? In Royal Revolt II or in NSK?
  14. IDK, but any stats per hit is better than dodge. (Dmg, atkspd, armor)
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