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  1. Hi, it has been sugested before, and I do it again. Please give us a choice to auto sell. 1 star, 1 and 2 star or all non equiped. Thanx in advance! //Garagos
  2. Hi atm i am unable to connect to BOSS HUNT, is this a known problem? //Garagos
  3. I was promised 3 Bosstickets, 1 megabox and 5 crystals but got only the crystals!
  4. Hi ElDerbo, do you need +10 lvl on your wepon or cloak to be able to take on a new boss? How long does i take for you at floor 3200 to buy a new lvl on your weapon or cloak (prime skill)? How long time in average do you have to play for 1 gem or 100 gems/100? PPl that cheat get their kills much faster then if you bosskill-ticket all the time, we have seen in posts above that the 3rd runner up used 3 bosstickets and then only frenzy, still the winner had +3times the amounts of kills. And the Bosshunt i over in less then 30 min, is that not hard to explain? I have been in several Bosshunts where you see some players start of with facing boss after boss much faster then a Bossticket on crack, and it happens so often that it takes the fun away from the game, it is a SERIOUS MATTER! regards //Garagos.
  5. Hi, i can see no annoncement of a comming Bosshunt today march15th, can You?
  6. there are now 12 and not 10 milestones in a Bosshunt //Garagos
  7. Don´t worry it will get alot worse to lvl your gear without mystery boxes th higer lvl gear you get ;-) //Garagos
  8. Thnx Rockstar, may you be blessed in coins! //Garagos
  9. Better be a bug or many may bugout of NSK!
  10. Don´t look at gold at hand. Look at coins earned under MENU > KNIGHT> STATS>CURRENT>coins earned that value is the same how ever you invest your coins or if you have them at hand //Garagos
  11. I´m on floor 2459 and at 983ccc coins earned (current). I have the same experience, normal mystery chests used to give 4-5% of current coins earned and now they yeild only approx 1,4%. Video chests still yeild approx 25% of current coins earned(Knight Stats).
  12. Hi, in this short time after the update i have found that mystery chests contain alot less %coin then before, is that working as intended or is it a bug? //Garagos
  13. Hi, can anyone confim the the NaN, TTT-curse is now gone? //Garagos
  14. To bad that is was not stated in the offer, i beleive that many tought that the gems were received in NSK, and that could never have been the intention, now could it?
  15. Garagos

    Purple Box

    I do belive that the gold in the chests is always a procentage of your total assets (all equiped items+gold) coin earned under knight stats //Garagos
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