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  1. Quote isnt working... Either way Mr. Tyamat this cannot be true for several reasons I will list. One of my purple boxes; because I advanced so far, are each worth 100 of my weapon upgrades so are therefore 10000% more than 1 weapon upgrade therefore cannot be 90% of one weapon upgrade because 90% is not equal to 10000%. Secondly I do not upgrade my weapon at all for a full letter up (example 1.0 rrr to 1.0 sss, and each purple box is worth more than the one that came before it, so reason would state that if the purple box were based solely on weapon upgrades than the purple box value would not change if the value of the weapon did not change. I have at points spent every bit of my loot before so that I could not do anymore upgrades, at that point the purple boxes were worth 90% of my highest cloak. So it seems the game has been designed so that you either get 5% of your overall gold or 90% of your highest item, whichever is higher. This is the reason I am now on level 3101 and have 10000 upgrades on each item, just takes patience and don't have to cheat as some do and fast-forward their device clock.
  2. Heres my proof going to have to do one at a time. If you notice my weapon costs ooo but I have qqq and my chest reward is 2.4 qqq. My regular reward was 299 ppp but cant get a picture of that except if you zoom in on my black screen to see the number I got one regular chest before the money offer.
  3. I just want to find out if there are any intentions of fixing the game. Why in the world was I told they cannot comment on when the game will be fixed when I submitted a ticket, what is the CIA involved, or did Clinton tell you to say that. I would really like to know whether or not there is any intentions of fixing this game at all. Keeping us in the dark and not fixing a game that you allow people to spend money on is unacceptable and I hope that if you do fix the game you compensate the players for having to wait so long. Might I suggest 1 free item reroll per day, that would be cool and not excessive. 

  4. I really dont understand why they didnt go... aa, ab, ac, ... ba, bb, bc, ... AA... BA... aA...Aa... etc, or just start at aaa, aab, aac, if you have the kind of patience to burn through 17576 different combinations you may live in your grandmas basement off of rice crispies and mice.
  5. Have to add a few issues. Now I cannot get the treasure as it is locked at a 2hr 59 minute cooldown. All gold producing mystery chests lead to a black screen. I would halfway understand not fixing it for people who cheated the clock but I have never done that because it would take the fun out. I just want an update that is not for money but for fixing the broken game. Why would I buy a special pet for a game I cannot play because its breaking further each passing day.
  6. That is only true if you spend all your loot. If you save it and get mass loot then it will give a percentage. Thats how I have 22.4 ppp when I only get 6qq per kill. Its also how I kill 60 bosses per boss hunt, save it to get it.
  7. Game having mass issues and gets worse as a person progresses in the game. Need to get to fixing the bugs or I will not be purchasing your specials that you ARE taking the time to build. List of issues Knight gets stuck in corners consistently Inlayed Videos for mystery box consistently broken Before lvl 2400 non-video boxes gave 10%ish of overall gold, after 2400 only 5% Boss hunt sometimes does not show boss kills, one hunt i gave up at 20 bosses after having been credited for only 4 If online too long game crashes and all progress is lost (need periodic autosave) Worst yet, there is no schedule, no periodic maintenance, and no sign that game designers ever plan to address these issues. I don't mind spending a few dollars here and there to stay entertained at work but I won't be wasting money on packages and pets you are desiging on top of a faulty platform with zero reliability or light at the end of the tunnel
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