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  1. well on PC I see only myself on leaderboard. ON ANdroid , I see myself but I dont see friend who is bigger level than me .. Looks like game is broken
  2. Boss hunt old hint: while lasted option to get money from pet boxes and mega box players could win a great boss quantity. for example: every 10 bounties you got 1 megabox. and whole week You would grind bounties till It is boss hunt in Saturday. by that time every 8 hour player could collect 3 pet boxes. one perfect day is almost 9 boxes, 5 days x 9 gives around 4 Megaboxes.. prerequisite is to have lot of 5 star pets. for each megabox You could get lot of money!!! each megabox contains 14 pet boxes replacabble with money if you have them 5 star. so calculate how much you can go From start of Boss hunt you could make weapons lvl 500 really fast regards.
  3. They could make Global High score instead of local hi score.
  4. Well, seems I have same problem. When I was creating snapshot to brag to my friends, I could never return screen from Bosshunt to maain screen. and after I tried to log , it stucks as shown on previous pictures: I tried clear cache, clear data, make continue 50 lvl and still problem .. please fix it .!!!
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