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  1. Bonjour, La Boule de Neige recrute toujours ! NIVEAU 58 ATTEINT !
  2. buttinette

    Trivia n°13: Football Fever

    Hi KK ! Thank you for this Football Trivia ! I hope that is a woman will win for this Trivia... GirL PoWeR ! It is wonderful to dream, no ? 1. First : Russia / Second : United States / Third : Brazil. 2. Just one player in Final : Geoffrey Hurst – FIFA World Cup Final 1966 : 3 goals (18', 101', 120') - England VS Germany. 3. First representation for China in FIFA World Cup 2002 : Korea/Japan. 4. Egypt - Uruguay. 5. Pakistan (Sialkot city). 6. Oceania Football Confederation (New Zealand out of World Cup 2018). 7. Netherlands – England – United States. 8. Germany (Finals 1982-1986-1990) and Brazil (Finals 1994-1998-2002). 9. FIFA World Cup 1950 – Brazil – 22 goals. 10. Italy (FIFA World Cup 1990) with only 2 goals. Sportingly butti' (IGN : buttinette)
  3. buttinette

    Daily chest

    Hello @ShiroKo I'am agree with Stay0Puft. You must have forgotten to collect many daily chest during the current calendar. If you missed one day, the last chests of the calendar can't be recover, and a new calendar starts.
  4. Up for my alliance. Petit up pour mon alliance !
  5. buttinette

    3.9.0 Bugs (Windows Phone user ?)

    Hi @JiggleFizziks, Thanks you for your reply. But before the 3.9 update, i can apply one color to my cape in slot A 'exemple blue), red in slot B, green in slot C , etc... Now, if I apply a color in one slot, it is applied for all slots, and not for one. For example, I have a slot where my hero wear gold armor, the color is completly gold. Now, my hero wear the gold color in all slots... The difference to know is more difficult for me because I use differents slots for differents battles (gold for gold, dark for war, colored for normal battle, etc...) for the war, it's frustrating. I make stats on my alliance and the resultats are wrong with this bug...So, frustrating butti' Note : Sorry for my bad english...
  6. buttinette

    3.9.0 Bugs (Windows Phone user ?)

    Hello, No help about this bugs (the 2nd is more important to update my war stats alliance...please).... @GalaMorgane, @FTB, @Nikko Thanks ! butti'
  7. Hi Flare Game Team, Following the update 3.9.0., i have noticed 2 bugs now : - Gear color : When I applied one color on a gear, this color is exactly the same in all wardrobe slots. I can't have one color for the slot A, other one for the slot B, and others. - War lap : The war is finished, but when I go to the resume of the laps war, I see that fights of gamers are on 4 and not on 6 (and the others sessions war : all laps are on 4). Thank you for your reply butti'
  8. Little Up. Don't hesitate to send your invitation at our alliance ! See you soon
  9. Hello Queens and Kings, You want to join an alliance ? You need change ? Our alliance "Boule de Neige" is just for you ! We need active players who wants to play for fights and for fun ! But, we have requirements to join us: Hero level 85+ Daily donation 250K+ French/English language preferable Daily donation is much appreciate. Active players during events, wars (you can't participate ? Tell us simply). We are a free alliance. All players make their better, with or without pay to win. Advantages in the alliance: Boosts 24/7: Tough barricade Cannon Knights Wolf Ogre Monk Boosts during War season: Frost spikes Boosted bomb towers In first, we are a french alliance, but much players are multilingual. We speak in French and English generally. All alliance message are translate in this twice Hope to welcome you soon in our team. buttinette (General of La boule de Neige)
  10. buttinette

    Introducing GalaMorgane

    LoL orko...No my keyboard is not broken...I typed just french word, and it's very quickly to make it In English, I try to translate all my words in my head,... it's a brain gym for me ^^'
  11. buttinette

    Introducing GalaMorgane

    Welcome @GalaMorgane, It's too late I see you in twitter and others ! Octopi are very stranges for much persons, but I see that you love it As I've seen in twitter, I think you're a frenchie girl, no ? I'm enjoy to see that French people (like you and Flotha) takes place in the Team RR2 (and for me, it's a more cool to speak french ^^' ... Yes Shakespare and me, it's two differents things ). En tout cas, Bienvenue à toi. Le rôle de Community Manager n'est facile donc Courage ! Force ! Persévérance ! Que l'Octopi qui est en toi se révèle, puissance 8 ! butti'
  12. buttinette

    Unable to close ads

    @CEZARXXX, I don't know if you play on W10 mobile or PC. But it's the same thing in W10 mobile. No button to closed the ads. A thing who works for me : just push the "return button" on the phone. The ads close, and after few seconds, the chest appear (or the time upgrade reduce).
  13. buttinette

    game crashes with monk upgrade

    Thanks orko
  14. buttinette

    game crashes with monk upgrade

    Hi @flaretara It will be more one month that we can't upgrade our troops (monks/necros), even if perk with pearls it's OK for me. The Christmas festival is over, the Yetis too, the ninjas will come back in few days, and no way to spend our gold in our troops This situation is really frustrating (epecially when for the league, you do pretty fast updates) . Have you provided for compensation for this problem for Windows phone users ? (because I think that Android/iOs users are not impacted ) Thanks for your answer butti' (for my personal culture : what does ETA mean ? ^^)