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  1. UP for the team ! Level 62 is over this week ! Recruitment is OK now. Slots available for Kings....AND QUEENS ! - - - Le niveau 62 est atteint depuis cette semaine. Le recrutement est de nouveau opƩrationnel. Places disponibles pour des rois......et DES REINES !
  2. buttinette

    RR2 forum event - Winter 2018

    Recipe for making a snowman Take An ice-cold fritz that you'll have driven long enough to get a big snowball. Add on this big ball, a smaller snowball made by the yetis. Put the little snowball on the big snowball. These steps are essential to start a snowman On the little snowball: Add two zombie eyes astray and a carrot for the nose (which the king has stolen from the donkey during his rest ). On the big snowball : For the arms, nothing more simple: go to visit Olaf, squeeze him both hands at the same time, hold on and go running with his arms ^^ (post-it: do not forget to give him back). Add the beautiful Granny jacket, a skeleton hat and, for the fun , an ogre's earring (to hang on the carrot if you wish) Sprinkle ice with an ice-dragon, and the snowman is created Warning: This recipe contains no cooking, under risk of getting MeltMan! IGN : buttinette
  3. buttinette

    Funny Moments - RR2 Version

    Perhaps that this panda can jump on the other side of the path to affraid ennemies
  4. Hello Madlen, All i'ts OK for me ! YES ! I find it after the Halloween event... No damage.... I had 48 diams for the event (not much), but the goal is to have my account Thank you for your following This post can be "closed" if not others players are in this current bug. butti'
  5. Same situation today....I make a support raise... I see that a next event will be online today....and the halloween event finish in 3h ....PLEASE !!
  6. No action of support, no answer...very sad Wait & See tomorrow. I hope that it will be OK soon.
  7. Thanks you Madlen for your answer. Actually, i have always the beginner account, but I hope that my request (130462) on support will be resolved more quickly... Wait & See...
  8. Edit 05/11 10:07 AM (France) : I unistall the game yesterday and create a new account. Support FlareGames message to find my principal account. I hope that it can be ok before 12:00 AM...please Support Team... I miss my Festival, my Conquest, my free pal chests, my daily chests....and manu others things... @Madlen, please, please, please...I need your help... i know that i don't have the right to hightlight you, but please, can you "boost" the support for my account...if you can. Thanks a lot for your possible help. butti'
  9. Hi everyone, cool to have a fix bug for windows users but since the download update 4.3.1, i can't lunch the game now ? Crash all the time... Frustrating ? butti' (windows phone user) Edit 03/11 11:30 PM (France) : I see that the download in microsoft store is ok, but the installation (when the game is opening) is not complete...and the game crah before restart installation.... conquest mode is over for me. Halloween event too. Chests daily too. Gem free too...??
  10. buttinette

    Winners Spooky Halloween Contest 2018

    Congrats for all winners ! We can go crying together @LordBarnot
  11. buttinette

    [closed] RR2 Spooky Halloween Event

    IGN : buttinette
  12. buttinette

    [closed] RR2 Forum event - biggest achievement

    My greatest achievement in this game is to find a real family spirit in my alliance. There is not a day when we do not say hello. We are happy to find ourselves, we are worried for some, we are happy for others. All this atmosphere makes me play this game in a good mood and especially with players who appreciate and respect each other.
  13. Level 60 is over since few weeks ! Recruitment is going on ! --- Nous avons atteint le niveau 60 depuis quelques semaines. Le recrutement continue !
  14. buttinette

    community manager answered stone depot level 7

    Agree with @Darkerion The level 3 need 33.750 stones...and not 27.000 only... Is it possible that there are differents stones requirements ?
  15. buttinette

    Again Flare????...no results and no rewards?

    Rewards for 150-199 (for me): Diams : 268 Food : 1047 PRO : only items (2 Apollon + 1 Ares) Pearls : 2045 Pals : 1xKaiser, 2x Bucky, 1xHowl, 1 Tammy