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  1. buttinette

    RR2 Forum event open now!

    My greatest achievement in this game is to find a real family spirit in my alliance. There is not a day when we do not say hello. We are happy to find ourselves, we are worried for some, we are happy for others. All this atmosphere makes me play this game in a good mood and especially with players who appreciate and respect each other.
  2. Level 60 is over since few weeks ! Recruitment is going on ! --- Notre avons atteint le niveau 60 depuis quelques semaines. Le recrutement continue !
  3. Agree with @Darkerion The level 3 need 33.750 stones...and not 27.000 only... Is it possible that there are differents stones requirements ?
  4. buttinette

    Again Flare????...no results and no rewards😡

    Rewards for 150-199 (for me): Diams : 268 Food : 1047 PRO : only items (2 Apollon + 1 Ares) Pearls : 2045 Pals : 1xKaiser, 2x Bucky, 1xHowl, 1 Tammy
  5. buttinette

    Alliance donation Pop up

    Personnaly, i don't use very much the mail box. I prefer to have a flashing button which can attract my eyes during my connexion, that a mail box who you can crash it more quickly. The another solution that FG can flashing button in other color to attract even more the players eyes, same thing in the menu, to the donation button...(red, green, what else...)
  6. buttinette

    Cant see granny beast

    Thank you @Rina for your answer. As you said it, effectively, Lumia phones are devices with less RAM and especially since the new update 4.0 (and little before). The best moment to see the lag (for me), actually, is when the ninjas appeare at the start on the way It takes 2 secondes for my phone to have a normal gameplay....it freeze few seconds, and go normal. Same thing when I make a big army, the touching to call troop is not responsing all times, and it's very difficult to follow like this. It's for this reason that I have stopped donjons because a big army is necessary to win, and i can't call more troops at the good time And I think it will be very harder in the next months too...
  7. buttinette

    Alliance donation Pop up

    Great answer @Dena4. I can just add that when you entered in, the alliance menu, the donation button is flashing too ^^
  8. buttinette

    Cant see granny beast

    Hi everyone, Thank @Sasch to make a solution at our problem. I have this bug too on my phone, and like @soilwk, I use WP Lumia 830 (W10 mobile). So, for me, it's not a really bug...granny with or without kaiser is not a big change on the kingdom ^^
  9. buttinette

    Ninja boss fight

    Oh yes, I had not thought about the world time zone ... Indeed it could be a brake for alliances... After, to put a limit to this raid, it could be possible to do it in 24h for example, and so that each player can play when he can ... in the remaining time. However, I found that when the boss designated the player, it held better the suspense that each player goes. (sorry for my bad English but I use google traduction )
  10. buttinette

    Stronghold Upgrade Notifications

    Oh really Madlen ? My idea go on the same the sens of @AwesomestKnightest. I purprose just an other solution for the same result Sure to create a new thread ?
  11. buttinette

    Ninja boss fight

    Excellent idea @LacunaC. I have others ideas about this : - The ninja boss himself designates his opponent among the players of the alliance (no possible trategy, suspens ++). - The player will have to accept the fight in a given time. If the time is up, the player is "eliminated" and the ninja boss designates another opponent (delay to be agreed 30 min / 1h / 2h / 3h / ... depending on the number of players in the alliance). - When the player accept the fight, he is "directly transported" at the tent (and no on the matchmaking = no hints on troops/towers/others...on the way). - A progress bar is available (visible alliance) to see where the player is fighting. - A countdown with the number of past players, and remaining to fight. BOSS Specials powers : - Disable scrolls (completely, partially, none). - Change the order / Disable troops/spells to destabilize.
  12. buttinette

    Stronghold Upgrade Notifications

    Or without notifications, is it possible, more simply, to "highlight" the stronghold button (like when you have new tickets/new friends request) ? We will see that there is an action to do on this part of the game (upgrade building OK / ressources full)
  13. Hello, I agree with this proposal. When announcing the ranking, there may be an additional button "Show results" in addition to the one to access the "next league". Each player will not obliged to access the table of results and directly open a new league. It can be applied for all leagues, and not only for Diamond
  14. The Hidden Hint ! You must click on the page to discover it Like this Madlen :
  15. hello everyone, i can't see the hint because it's just a simple square instead... normal ? Thank you