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  1. Hi KKStart, Happy to see Trivia event is back ! This Trivia was a very hard request, but, most of informations are unknown for me (and others i think). We are going to sleep less ***** tonight! ๐Ÿ˜ฐ ๐Ÿ˜ Below my answers : 1) The Pope Urban IIโ€™s sermon at Clermont, the 27th November in 1095, triggers the First Crusade. 2) This is Geoffroy de Monmouth who wrote the first detailed account of King Arthur in his work, written in Latin, between 1135 and 1138 entitled : "Historia regum Britanniae"; whice have a determining influence on the Arthurian legend. 3) Rhea is theTitanide of fertility, maternity and generation. 4) The sea serpent is named Cetus. Andromeda is an offering to this snake to save her parents, but the valiant Perseus will come to save her and then marry her (a true savior this Perseus!) 5) It is Theseus who killed the Minotaur with his bare hands (and with a sword anyway). After reaching the center of the labyrinth, he will kill the monster and find the exit thanks to the famous "breadcrumb trail". 6) The five rivers are : Styx is the largest river of the five as it circles the Underworld seven times. Lethe is the river of oblivion. Acheron is the River of Woe or the River of Pain. Phlegethon, also called River of Fire, because river of fire flowing in the underworld. Cocytus, also called the River of Wailing. It is fed by the tears of those who are in sin. 7) This "animal" is name : Hydra of Lerna. This creature was killed by Hercules during these twelve works. The hydra of LErna was the second. ๐Ÿ˜Ž The firsts windmills has been reported in Europe by an anglo-saxon letter in 833. However, the first known windmill, and active, is that of Croyland Abbey in United Kingdhom, in 870. 9) The system used is the decimal numeral system. The calculation device is named Abacus (I do not put details because it would be too complicated to explain .... and I already find that at the ninth question, my post is already very long (๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜‚). 10) Charles V was elected by the seven prince-electors, namely: Count Palatine of the Rhine, Louis V of Palatine said Louis "The Pacific". The Archbishop-elector of Trier, Richard de Greiffenklau. The Archbishop-Elector of Cologne, Hermann von Wied. The Duke of Saxony, Frederick III, says Frederick the Wise. Prince-Elector and Margraviate of Brandenburg, Joachim I Nestor of Hohenzollern. King of Bohemia (and Hungary), Louis II Jagellon. The Archbishop of Mainz, Albert of Brandenburg. It's clear that the last question took me a lot of time to find all the prince-electors...it was for the fun but I did it ! ๐Ÿ’ช Thanks KK for this plethora of informations ! butti'
  2. I agree with @orko A name is much cuty that "a status" in the Game...Our Kings have a name, why not the "advisor" ^^ Possible survey ?
  3. Hello @meredeath26, So sad to know that the tokens don't works fine with ninjas events too. I think that you can write to the support to explain the bug with the photo and ask a compensation for this. It's not normal to play on the festival and spend many time to have tokens, and obtained this. @vikasbhardwaj, i write at the support for my problem of token time. They can't give back the token but they send me gems in compensation...
  4. Thank you @Alumbri for the link ! @vikasbhardwaj, it's not a reason to stop your complain. We use tokens to reduce time, and it's not work = No normal... If you see the link of Alumbri, you can see that a player open a thread in February, and Madlen answer that the correction will be ok on the next version. We have been 4 server update since this 4th March.... Why this bug was not corrected ? It is no normal that players use token for nothing... @Madlen, have we a chance that the support give us the tokens ? We don't know when the next version arrived....During this time, many player can be the same error, spend tokens...for nothing....
  5. Hello Madlen, I can confirm you that my token don't finish my wave upgrade. My wave have 50 minutes to finish....I use 1 token, 2 tokens, 3 tokens...and the wave was not finish. The time of upgrade don't finish....After 50 minutes waiting, my wave was finished, but my 3 token are used....for nothing :-/ Have we a chance that the support give us the tokens ? We don't know when the next version arrived....During this time, many player can be the same error, spend tokens...for nothing....
  6. Hello @Invizzzible, I have the same problem since the venous ninjas... My ninjas, or defense ninja, it is happened in the game
  7. Hello, I'am actually online on the game. My wave finish in 50 minutes. I decided to use a token time before go to sleep and restart a new update, but when I click on "use token" to finish the up, it don't work. The cool down highlight but the time is the same... My wave is updating too, but my tokens account is reduced of 3 tokens (yes I click 3 times...I think that the token was not discount ๐Ÿ˜  Finally, I use 3 tokens to finish wave, and it don't work ๐Ÿ˜• I think that I must open a thread about the support... buttinette (IGN)
  8. Congratulatons for all participants ! and the winners of course ! o/ Is it possible to have the Survey results (for my own culture lol)
  9. It's a good start.....if i had to answer with one-word, I will say : and ?
  10. Hi Madlen, I'am in the same case of MightyAnurag1... 4 videos and no rewards....BUT, I use the advice of Jesper to have the reward (when the video is finished, i change my window to go in the phone system (parameters for example), and back in the game...Close the add, and have the rewards... It's annoying to make it, but it's the only thing who can i do to have my rewards... However, it does not work every time ...
  11. One thing is sure : the current leagues are near to finish...Hope that the next leagues are more equal on medals (because actually, we can see players who don't have upgrade your game...(or more late when it was not forced), because thier medals are very higher than others players (and me lol)). Not equal...But the next yes.
  12. I agree. And now, with the update, it will be a real fight between players in high leagues. No more donjon, just fight to win !
  13. Mise ร  jour des donnรฉes de l'alliance / 3 joueurs dispos --- Update alliance data / 3 slots available
  14. I have tried your advice @Jesper but one time work, and the another time...not It's very frustrating Reduction time for Heal Tower.....6 videos...no works 8 videos ... and work...very boring
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