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  1. I will have to try the Grande to see how well it works then. Just have to wait for one to drop again.
  2. Greetings, Could an admin please verify this? Also, would this cloud save be able to be used to restore a new phone to the last boss that was eliminated so the user does not lose as much progress?
  3. Greetings, The boxes are also based on your gold on hand. Basically, a video box will reward you about 30% of your highest value (item or gold). A normal box will reward you about 5% of your highest value (item or gold). That being said, if you keep your gold on hand at a higher level of the cost to upgrade your items, you will be able to get a more consistent return from the boxes to be used for more upgrading.
  4. Greetings, A few thoughts for you if I may. " *****What happened with Gold in this game?***** " I believe the issue here is that this is a free to play game. So, the primary income source for the game company are the barrage of ads that you receive. The incentive is for you, the player, to watch the ad so you can receive a huge bump in your gold inventory. Basically around 30% if you watch the video or around 5% if you don't. The incentive for the company is that you might actually click and install maybe 1 or 2 of the games from the ads. This then follows that you might even spend money on these, or their game too. Either way, it keeps the economy flowing into the company's coffers and gold flowing into your pockets. In the name of the game, somebody has to pay the piper in either time or money. " *****What is the purpose of weapons that aren't The Grande?***** " In my opinion, several weapons are quite as good depending on how you use them and where you put your strengths. Currently, my items are all high enough that any weapon I use would kill the mobs in 1 hit. Currently, I am using the SureShot as every 5th attack is a crit, or guaranteed to do massive damage. I may change it later on though. I was using an armor that maxes out my run speed and a cloak that increases damage based on run speed. But, I don't need that at this current time. Now I just use the Snowflake cloak to reset the cooldowns on my skills. Since I keep my cloak upgraded as high as all of my other items, my Void will clear out all mobs in 1 shot. It comes in very handy when I start a frenzy and I can just keep Voiding the enemy constantly. I don't usually use a skill on the bosses but that is because I don't get a chance usually. I almost always one shot them or my pet kills the boss before I can even get there. My kill rate stays quite high and I can get between 14 to 16 bosses in one frenzy. If I get to the point that I finally can't keep up with the mobs then I might switch out my items but that time has not happened yet.
  5. Greetings, I might not have gotten the NaN for a gold amount (currently at zzz) but I have definitely been well above 1400. Over 3000 now and still rising. I think I am in 14th place for the Local Leader board.
  6. Greetings, I am now above floor 3K. Part of the problem for others I think is that they feel the mystery boxes (MB) are based on their highest valued item only. It also takes your value of gold in hand as well. So, if your gold is higher than your items worth, then it will use that to determine the reward. Some say just focus on upgrading one item, I would say upgrade all items as all of them are quite important. I keep all of mine at the same level and I upgrade them all at the same time. The other issue I see often is players try to upgrade their items as soon as possible. This reduces their on hand gold considerably. I would suggest then holding onto your gold until you have multiples greater than what is needed to upgrade your items. I usually wait until I have at least 5 units above the cost of upgrading my items. For example, if the cost of upgrading my items is <amount>A, then I will have <amount>F in gold before I start upgrading. This would allow me to pack on 50 - 100 upgrades per item without affecting the amount of gold shown in my inventory. What good is this? It means that you will receive large bonuses from the MB based on your gold, not on your items. This also lets you prepare for a frenzy very easily and be able to gain more levels. Another thing is to not go too far ahead of your items ability. If you are taking more than 1 hit to kill a normal mob, or even a boss, then hold to that floor and work on first getting your gold reserve up. Then, upgrade all of your items. Then, you can move up the floors much easier. Before, I was always stuck at floor 300 and below. Then I figured out this pattern and I have been on a massive run with no slowing down or stopping in sight.
  7. Greetings, You might want to try a different strategy for leveling up. I have found that the movie boxes are based not only on your highest item value, but also on the amount of gold you are currently carrying. Meaning, if you have 100 aa in gold, and your weapons are at a cost level of 100 Z, then you will get 33 aa in gold reward, not 33 Z. A few other pointers. Don't upgrade your items too fast. I usually keep 5 or more units between the upgrade cost and the gold in my inventory. For example, if my upgrade costs are in the bb range, then I will have gg in my inventory before I level up my items. This lets me add up to 100 upgrades to all items without affecting the amount of gold in my inventory. So, the bonuses from the video boxes stays high and my gold increases fast. Another thing is to not go too fast for your item levels. If you are taking more than 1 hit to kill a normal mob, or even for a boss, then stay on that level until you have upgraded your items more. This method has allowed me to break my prior ceiling of 330 to currently at 3K+ and still rising. Another benefit of doing 100 level upgrades on all items at once is that you will then be able to run a full frenzy without slowing down and you can one-shot all bosses. As for items that I use, the only one that is most desirable is the snowflake cloak. With this, I am able to use Void consistently during the frenzy. I have gotten up to 16 bosses in 1 frenzy with this method if I time the voids correctly. Take care and have a good day.
  8. Greetings, I have seen on the Local Leaderboard that the highest floor is 3500. At this current time, I am at floor 3K+ and still rising. Is there anything special for breaking the 3500 limit? Thank you for your time. Double Chop
  9. Greetings, Getting past 300 is very possible. I started a run several months ago and I still haven't slowed down. Over level 2K now. The updates have not slowed me at all.
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