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  1. Dheth

    What does bia upgrade provide ??

    it would have been less bad if they made 0.5 sec for 20 and 0.5 sec for 21 rather than this 😕
  2. Also, can this be fixed ? it is decanting since begin of season war system .. doubt it gets better with aging tho
  3. Dheth

    War blessings

    Anyway, besides the "fix" (that's obviously not working yet, unless with "end of season" she meant right before begin of new season, in which case we'd see the effect tomorrow .. this would solve (if it worked) the issue of over prolonged bonuses, but not the one of alliances that gets promoted or demoted in middle season and which would still cause .. - missing bonuses for who gets promoted - improper bonuses for the league for who gets demoted What Artemus was asking for since a while is a fix for that too. About the promotions I don't really see any real issue .. just add to the promote() alliance function a week on the upper league missing bonus - so if they get it at last war it wouldn't make a mess, and if it's not the last one they can still prolong it if they want (just have to make sure it can't be prolonged for 6 weeks but only until end of current season). For the demotions .. ya it could work to just "delete" it .. but considering how the devs behave when stripping of anything is involved, it could perhaps automatically refund any money spent on the bonuses that are being stripped away. It is anyway not fair to either promote someone without giving 'em the tools to compete fairly, nor to kick someone down with bonuses the others haven't as well.
  4. I believe in-game it exactly just use the %. And yes, as you grow up in level but keep the same equipment, the in-game values decrease, making in effect your equipment weaker and weaker (not the hero itself ofc, say, naked hero). So the only % that don't decrease leveling up are the innate heroes bonuses which are usually expressed in %.
  5. The numeric value remains the same .. say you have a total of 200.000 points of something at level 130 (made up numbers here), the game uses a multiplier to convert it to % and it becomes, say, 50% resistance to something. When you gain a level, the multiplier changes, so the 200.000 remains the same but it gets converted to a lower %, so it becomes, say, 45% resistance.
  6. Ah thanks NaN, that was Chris' answer I couldn't remember But as Dumpster said, I think too that a bronze should do nothing and not decrease. A wrong click and you might destroy the work of months .. especially when being used on handy's small screens such things are always dangerous
  7. Is it written somewhere or just a guess or .. ? I mean, that to keep an unique with 3/4 perks at your level you have to burn a titan with 4 perks or you end up losing values ?
  8. Dheth

    Holiday Season Contest 2018

    ☧ Merry Christmas! Dheth And here's the tree
  9. Is it just a graphic glitch or upgrading Bia to level 20 .. at the cost of 9.5 millions and 175k books gives .. no improvements whatsoever !?
  10. Dheth

    unfair blessing in the war

    No no it's not that, other alliances have the same bonus thing .. not just them. Actually, what Madlen said (from how I understand it) is that they fixed the bug so that bonus can't be prolonged any longer above the limit from now on .. and that *at the end of this season* the ones that still have extra bonus will be stripped of them (and rewarded with gems and compensated with gold). But for the current season they can still keep them. It makes little sense to me to announce such a bug fix in middle season without stripping them right away .. it would've raised way less complains if they just fix the bug now, but announce it along with the strip of bonus at end of season. But doing it midway made it weird and unclear. Then it remains that gold compensation is understandable, but gems also is, imho, a bad choice. As other said, it would've made more sense eventually to give the gems to those that faced those alliances in the past months. Also makes little sense to me that took months to solve it. There was no need for client updated or such stuff .. unless they tell me that when the server receives a "prolong war bonus" message from a client, no checks are performed to see if one alliance is elegible for it or not. If it worked this way, small wonder that it could've been abused wildly. It was enough, to fix the bug, to put a check on server on prolong-bonus-request. And to cut all extra bonus duration was not much more than a db query anyway. So again, this was a "political" decision about a bug, that was left rot for way too long. And when they decided to fix it, they come out with a solution that probably makes noone happy.
  11. Dheth

    unfair blessing in the war

    By the way, at 16 of november we were having same issue vs same alliance .. Deutschlander alliance seems to be subscribed to "extra" bonuses since quite a long time.
  12. The feeling that comes out of this tho .. is that abusing bugs leads to compensations and rewards, even.
  13. To clarify what she means .. she says that when you add a 3rd or 4th perk to an item there's always a random % on the value added after the refining, and that's why it can't be made visible before the process. That is, if you could possibly "undo" a refining, she says that if you would do the same thing a dozen times you'd get a dozen different values for the added perk.
  14. Dheth

    OR forum event - Winter 2018

    Hephaestus will be. Because .. snowmen fall from heaven unassembled. Gotta need someone good at make things up Dheth
  15. Will be two years in middle january. And managed to have all maxed out (before this last update) by september this year I believe, so about 21 months