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  1. Suggestion .. if you summon your own sirens, get 'em converted by a Nyx and then kill them, the game will count them as killed. I understand it's not an optimal solution, but if you are really desperate for it .. it works.
  2. About cups

    it does not depend from levels.. how many "cups" (thropies) you gain/lose depends from the difference between your cups and the enemy's. So in that case, it means you have more "cups" than he does.

    Please leave finish forge button as it is. It's useful for keepin' forging on hold for uncurse items requiring that (so you have time to equip the item to decurse before clicking on finish forge), and also when an item is "pending" finishing it won't appear in the list of the usable items to forge other stuff. Which is good when you are forging several items and between hundreds of them you might end up using something you want to upgrade to forge something else.
  4. help me lost all my boost

    May we also consider this (unfortunately very common) habit an exploit of the system ? I mean, new ally, boost bonuses forever at cheap price, and then raise the ally level ? Makes me wonder what was the reason of raising so harsly the costs of bonuses months ago if this kind of behaviour is allowed and not even frowned upon. Imho existing bonuses should scale their duration down accordingly every time you raise the alliance level, if things wants to be kept fair. Note please, I'm not blaming people for doing it .. I'm more ranting with the devs for allowing such an obvious exploit after stating that the costs of bonuses were being raised to balance the system and because they didn't want everyone to run around with full bonuses all the time.
  5. Titan chest: 50 ambrosia islands

    As is the autoplay quest, if you are at high level/torches and almost all you get on map is people from top 20 alliances with buffed bases and often with 10k+ torches.. Especially considering how often autoplay is dumb. I'm really that close to just stop doing titan chests from titan points, the feeling is that you get way more frustration than rewards :/
  6. artemis has a unique item.

    At the risk of setting a precedent ^^ I'll go with vasudeva's old post
  7. Titan chest: 50 ambrosia islands

    He means that even when he conquers an ambrosia island, the counter of the chest does not go down.
  8. about unique items

    I only got two, so I suppose I've been lucky ? But I also have two Ajax chests, and a friend in ally is at his third Athena's wings. If we could at least use unique's dupe for reforging .... or at least, let them refill gold bar totally when sold. Perseus sandals give me about 22k gold ... I understand they are of little use but 22k seems quite low ^^ Wish they worked on the statue as well, at least this could be an use.
  9. Level 32 but has HYDRA units

    Might even not be leveling up heroes temple a lot .. most heroes you free with dominance. So technically, you make an account, every day just log in to collect the very little dominance of the starting islands, and in due time .. a very long due time .. you could find yourself with all heroes unlocked save for Artemis while still be at a very low level, both you and your heroes. And with several gems obtained by the daily chests (over long time). Then ofc if you want to unlock the monster islands you'll have to raise heroes and powers a bit, but if you use a crapload of gems for freeing the islands maybe not even that much.
  10. messageing

    Not in game
  11. Trophies frustration

    Just a few thoughts .. vasudeva, you are quite high on thropies, over 11k, both overall and especially for your level .. as the system is now, is normal you get to face decently strong enemies. And also, as you get even higher, skipping the statue at end happens quite often unless you want to dump gems on them, it's nothing to be ashamed of. In a game, the concept is understand the system and try to beat it and to get out the most of it. We have to adapt to it, not the opposite. So unless or until they change it, we got to try to understand it .. And for how it is designed now, when you start losing too much thropies it's time to stop fight for the ranking and raise ascension and powers and defenses etc. No meaning in keeping trying raise rank and getting frustrated. That's how it is and that's how we should play now, if they don't change it - all the whinings are just academical discussions. The rest should be suggestions and hints for the devs. And about how I wish it would be changed .. I think the amount of thropies lost and gain can be too harsh. The difference in thropies with which you lose or gain 25 is too short .. at 15k thropies if someone is just 300-400 over me I already get +25 beating them, and anyone that's just a few hundreds below me gets 25 from me - I think it should scale on a way wider difference .. like a +/- 1 point every 500+ thropies differences, as right now it's very rare to get anything different from a 3 or a 25. Also, it should take somehow in account the difference in fame, alliance level, bonuses active and compensate a bit with the +/- you receive .. as in, beating someone with all bonuses active should give you more than someone with no bonuses.
  12. Trophies frustration

    I don't want to defend the current system, but just to be clear .. you don't lose 25 thropies from a higher ranked player. You are losing them, in this situation, to a higher level which has nothing to do with rank. The 25 you lose comes from him having less thropies than you, which means either you're very good for your level, or that he sucks (rank wise) for his level.
  13. Problem just started for me :/
  14. Karllcl

    You can edit the post if you want
  15. And this now - Whirlwind maxed doesn't show stats. Devouring strenght was showing them, after last upgrade does not any longer. Shield slam maxed long ago still shows stats. Seems every time I upgrade an evo, stats go play hide and seek.