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  1. Yes, with minimal mistakes. If you have a green that's 1000 Lif on Hit at green 1 star, it will be about 2846 at red titan 5 stars (assuming you always forge it with max star items). It'll be like this: * green 1000 * blue 1.296 * yellow 1.652 * purple 2.069 * red 2.548 ***** red 2.846
  2. A note here - while I overall like the idea, this point needs to be considered carefully considering potential "agreements" bewteen alliances. If I had to code this, I'd make it so it's not only how many VP you make on an island, but also how much hard it has been to take it. I mean, to avoid a "I get your 4 skull, you get mine, no fightings back" kind of thing, it should give the bonus strenght value giving more weight when you win an island by tight margin but with an high overall score (Team A island score + Team B island score) very high. So, say, if I win an island by +1.000k points vs 0, my bonus will be very low. If I win it making 1.000k points but with just a 4k margin, my bonus will be huge. So to: give more value to fights that are hard, give a reason when matchmaking puts 2 strong alliances vs 2 weak ones to actually go fight with the one similar to you and not just to pick on weaklings, make "agreements" dangerous (because if at 10 minutes to end of fight we are ahead of 4k and have an agreement .. there are bigger chances that one says, ***** it, 4 guys unload a fury at -3m!), while an agreement of "you get my 4, i get yours with zero fight back" can't be screwed at last moment adds a further tactical level, as in .. one can decide to not fight back on an island at all in order to not let you get a huge bonus for the rest of the week by giving up volunraty an island; you still get the bonus but not as huge
  3. Well the description of the tower itself states that leveling up the tower, skulls will generate "more powerful units" .. this sentence is open to interpretations that i'd hope a Dev will clarify. The impression playing is clearly that the units become thougher as you level up the tower. But it could be more hp, or more resistance or the effect of leveling normal troops or odyssey or war blessings or of lucy in the sky, with diamonds.
  4. We know the HP of troops spitted out by Charon's towers depends from the Charon's levels. But, do they depend also from the level of your troops (like, at X level of charon the troop gains a +XX% life and +YY% damage) ? or is it a fixed amount not linked to the effective level of your spearmen/archers/warriors/syrens (as in, charon level X = spearmen with YYY HP) ? Or, if you don't want to go into % details .. does level up spearmen/warriors/archers/syrens make charon's troops stronger ? And while you're at this .. does odyssey's spearmen/warriors/archers/syrens bonuses apply also to charon's troops ? And again, while you're at this .. do war/gold bonuses for spearmen etc etc apply also to charon's troops ?
  5. This thread is getting again out of control .. It sadden me that, as a not-english speaker, I seem to understand what H. is saying more than a native english one. That even if H and me never talked about this matter between ourself. What he means, and you fail to understand, is that once they were war blessings. Meaning, you had to earn them by actually winning wars. If you did NOT win, you were NOT getting them. If you were WINNING, you were getting them. See what Hades maean ? They were *related* to how you were performing in war. Win, get them. Lose, don't get them. So when he says they are not war blessings any longer, he is right - because now they are given to everyone in a league regardless of how they performed. See ? Not too hard to grasp, as a comcept. You do not need to "do well in four wars" .. all you have to do is not end last. Now you may consider this just semantic, but it is not, if you try use the brain a little bit. What Hades is saying is that what was designed as a reward for war performances, is no longer performing its designed task properly. It's not tied any longer to how good you do, as long as you don't end up last. So whatever the devs do, they might keep this in mind. In my opinion, this was a smart point that Hades made. And it sadden me really, really much that you keep insisting in prending to be dumb. Really. I can't believe you are not understanding what people say. Actually knwing you, I am pretty sure you are just pretending, so to make fun of everyone that doesn't have english as mother language. I find your attitide rather insulting at this point, you mock everyone else while looking a smart saint. You have a brain (and even good), use it for sake and stop making fun of other people. Sad.
  6. On that I have to disagree .. even if there are 5 attack war bonuses and not 2 (two for syren, trebs, medusas and warriors) .. I am sure that most of the experienced players of the upper leagues can beat easily the defenses of most of the lower leagues with just the gold paid blessings. Really, trust me on that. The issue eventually is when a lower league one has to fight their defenses .. in that case the war blessings can make a huge difference - and that assuming you are of similar level and with decent equipment. But not while you are defending.
  7. Ya game allows it, I'm just proposing some incentive so to make it less desiderable. Worse for remaining teams .. is a point of view. Out of war, when players fight on their map, it would make it easier to find 66% less enemies with gates/barricades - so out of war it would be an advantage for most. And, it would be traded for the chance of getting all bonuses or more than usual anyway in their own league, regardless if it's mortal or else. It's just a proposal that looks at what, imho, are three current issues. Tbh I don't dislike at all what Philstar suggested above, might be quite a good idea. Even if somehow the treeshold values for activate blessings should be tuned for each league - maybe it could be a percentile thing (like in, being among the 10% best scorers activates blessings 1 and 2, among the best 15% also 3 and 4 etc etc) - and I still think there are only 2 (+2) very desiderable blessings, so i'd ever work a bit on improving that, or use gates/barricades as main prizes and not war sirens, bionic, gigas.
  8. When Madlen made this thread, no specific issue were mentioned .. she only asked for ideas on our ideal blessings distribution. So it's normal that every one of us can see different issues as the main ones that needs to be solved. To me, the issue has never been that low league teams can't compete vs top league .. that won't change with moving blessings here and there. Many rather complained that there are several blessings that they will never be able to even try out, and that people find on their maps the guys from top two leagues very often with war blessed barricades and gates. Those seemed to me to be the two loudest complains. And personally I'd add that some alliances are not where they should belong, but they sit in a very comfort zone aiming for middle ranking instead of pushing to go up. Now, there are just some blessings that can have a huge impact when being faced .. gate, barricades and in some cases syrens+charons. All the others are surely not game changing ones. And every team in titan gets all that, and in gods up to barricades - which makes up to 36 alliances for about 1800 players. So we thought .. players want to have a chance to try out all new blessings including the new one .. then let's give all the blessings to just one team for each league - so there's a chance for everyone to aim that that, including lower ones. Then, the two most important blessings - gate and barricades .. those are the ones that only top 1 & 2 of each league will receive, not the three new ones. Those should be shifted with the rest of blessings and spreaded with some logic. It doesn't have to be each rank in league = -1 blessings .. it can be arranged, dunno, like bottom 50% teams gets only 3-4 blessings, things like that .. that can be tuned and discussed. The poing would be that you end up with just 6 teams a season with all, then other 6 with all but gate, and noone else with those two but with all the other blessings arranged by ranking. That'd mean the 66% less of alliances that have the two most effective bonuses., and would give a chance to try out new ones to everyone, including the lower league. I also think that it would spice up wars quite much, for how it is now you don't have in most case an impelling urge to get on top of your league .. being promoted isn't something everyone wish or wants. It would give a reason to players to aim for high ranks in your own league - and the powerhouses that sits idle in middle rank in their own league would be pushed to fight more and eventually reach their proper place instead than sitting and slaughtering all the little ones around them.
  9. No .. what we have now is different blessings for each league, and every team in a league getting them. To stay on soccer, it's like if in champions the one that wins gets same prize as those that got kicked out after a couple matches. What we proposed is that in each league who gets first gets all blessings, the second in rank for each league gets a blessing less and so on. So basically you get just one team for each league with all blessings.
  10. That's a bit what our proposal had in mind .. meaning, not all the partecipants of the Champions (nor of any other soccer league) are rewarded the same .. who performs better gets way more money in the end, according to rank. So we proposed that in each league only the top ones get full reward (all blessings) and the others gets less according to their ranking. Even in our championship, to give an example, on 20 teams .. the first three gets a lot, according to rank. Then there's a prize for 'till the 10th place. Another from 11 to 17 and for the ones that gets kicked back there's just a cookie kind of. But in all the three categories (1-3, 4-10, 11-17) they are then further divided according to the rank. Then the same goes for lower leagues - not as high of the top ones of course but with the same idea (which in the game could be seen, for example, as in tuning the power level of the blessings themselves). Not saying it's the best way, but anyway the concept behind our suggestion is quite similar. But nice to start reading few other suggestions
  11. Honestly I feel offended by your sleazy comment. It also makes me think you did not read or did not understood what I wrote.
  12. To summarize .. in 3 pages of discussions, there are kinda just 4 suggestions From Dumpster - leave it all as it is From ManinBlaq - assign the blessings during the season according to how you do during the 4 wars, some for a kind of war, some for another, and all blessings to who gets first on all 4 wars in the season From HeliosSBR - assign all old blessings to every league according to how many torches they gained, and keep the 3 new ones as special prizes for the titan league From me and Hades - assign all bonuses to who gets first in their league, and then the other bonuses according to the rank you got in your league - it can either be to a certain % of alliances 5 bonuses, to another % 4 bonuses etc or as Hades suggested give 'em with a diminishing power level This on 3 pages .. are really those 3 suggestions (plus the cheap "leave it all as it is now") the only things we can make up ? C'mon guys. Try find something else, milk your brain and imagination a bit more. And as a note to Dumpster, please stop using our alliance as example for how our suggestion wouldn't work. We are well aware that we would be disadvantaged by it .. we didn't propose it to gain anything from the new system, but because we think right now it is too static and stagnating and we think it would spice wars up. We think that it would make a big mess up in the titan league and that it would wake up the medium-good alliances below that are currently lethargic. Instead than just demolishing other people suggestion I'd rather hope you could come up with some brilliant innovative idea that we all can put a thumb up on, really. Please try to do that, for the pourpose of this thread discussing if H. is a "blessing player" or if Voltures are a competitive alliance, I believe, is useless.. I'm saying all this in the friendliest way, really.
  13. Sure but result is that they get compensated twice for having exploited a bug. That's unreal to me. I seriously hope i did understand it all wrong.
  14. Madlen dear, I don't want to ***** off anyone but .. is it REALLY necessary to AGAIN gift gems to who has abused the bugs ? It was already bad when you did it the first time; some of those with extra blessing now are the same guys that had them weeks ago and that already received the gems! So gems where given to who had extra blessings; blessings were NOT removed correctly; they get again gems for the second time !?
  15. Dem, se scrivi in italiano te lo cancellano o nel migliore dei casi ti ignorano. Questo forum รจ English Only. Poi magari scrivi anche l'alleanza se richiedi bonus .... translation of what Demolitore wrote: ------------------ Please, and I'm asking it kindly, could we have the blessings that we should have and that are still missing ?
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