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  1. KamakshyaP

    why players are leaving after the "big" update

    Conquest mode was so stressful that I promoted one of my general to leader and now I am playing as a soldier. Now I am happy and with out stress.
  2. Nope...tower guard was appointed to that WT. He moved on. But when u attack that WT he should be able to defend. So if u didn't see him defeding means he was asleep due to different time zone or simple was offline....so could not attack u back.
  3. He needs non of the assumptions or obervations. What he needs is a clean and straight answer.
  4. As written in FAQ.. a tower guard can defend it's watchtower anytime and from anywhere in the map. He doesn't need to be at the tower. However other players need to go to that tile to join in the war.
  5. Yes generals and leader can assign one as the tower guard even when it's unfinished
  6. KamakshyaP

    About the new manager!!

    Hey madlen why it's showing a developer in ur profile instead of community manager ? Is it done intentionally or u forgot to change that
  7. KamakshyaP

    About the new manager!!

    Welcome madlen.. We r happy to see u here...❤️
  8. KamakshyaP

    How to gain these ?

    How can we get more points 😣 I have no idea how to collect this points..plz help
  9. Before 4.0 update everything was fine...but after that multitouch is horrible...I have to remove one finger ( hero) to use one spell..or else it won't be activated 😑 flare doesnt want to fix that
  10. KamakshyaP

    Why does the video have a 6-hour session?

    Why on Earth we won't play for 6 hrs 😏 they said it's region specific...lol I agree it is..but why before the update event everything was fine in my region..and suddenly my region pulling me from seeing ads.. fix this or else game will be dead instantly. We might adapt to new changes. We will try to find a new combo...but we can't do sh*t against this ad issue. In one day I am able to watch two videos only. No traverns farm boost . No free attacks. Less video chest. High upgrading time as we can't reduce them. @Pete @PaSte
  11. KamakshyaP

    Poll: Are you quitting RR2 or continuing to play?

    I can imagine what will happen when all those mighty conquest boost will be to action. Defense will be impenetrable.
  12. KamakshyaP

    Poll: Are you quitting RR2 or continuing to play?

    U didn't explain this player from almost all country facing this. Previously it was unlimited I guess what happened now ? Just two video chest in a whole day. Can't even boost my farms traverns... Fix this many will be happy
  13. KamakshyaP

    4.0 Bugs Megathread

    What about touchscreens ?
  14. KamakshyaP

    Poll: Are you quitting RR2 or continuing to play?

    Nice poll. Every possible options available.
  15. KamakshyaP

    4.0 Bugs Megathread

    @Lisahave you noticed the unresponsive spell and scream buttons ? Plz fix this ASAP. We r loosing battles