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  1. KamakshyaP

    No Pro League information

    First of all please dont feel sad. Its totally okay. We all are humans. Mistake happens. And yeah those are the best people who admit their mistakes. You are one of them. We are proud for having you as our CM. Have this chocolates for now and chill
  2. KamakshyaP

    No Pro League information

    First on twitter handle - Check out @royalrevolt’s Tweet: Then on facebook page too.
  3. KamakshyaP

    RR2 memes

  4. KamakshyaP

    RR2 memes

  5. KamakshyaP

    RR2 memes

  6. KamakshyaP

    RR2 memes

  7. KamakshyaP

    Different boost colors

    Okay maybe. But can you show us how to fit 3 or 4 different colours into single troop with your artistic touch
  8. I am afraid it doesn't reset one in a month. Actually none knows.. Only flare knows 😅. It doesn't have any specific time and which is a good thing.
  9. KamakshyaP

    Different boost colors

    Though it can be a good change, i don’t think it is possible practically jus by making coulurs. He is proposing different colours for different boosts. Currently we have 5 different boost. Still i think one troop can have 3 boost at a time. Take an example of archer. Start Giving him boost. Elite archer. Pro archer. War seasonal archer. How do you combine three colours now, so that the attacker can understand?
  10. KamakshyaP

    NEW Conquest Boost: Portal Lightning Tower

    That is what i meant when i said the word terrible
  11. KamakshyaP

    Freezing Lighting Tower

    I totally agree with you on this. Atleast he is doing something for the community. But hey on the other hand we haven't done any wrong too. Like sharing the fact what is present. So that he might come with a total unique idea next time.
  12. KamakshyaP

    Slot 4 units - The insta troops

    You can make A new post on this idea in idea n feature section.
  13. KamakshyaP

    Slot 4 units - The insta troops

    Yes, sadly there is no option to see stats of insta troops as of now.
  14. KamakshyaP

    Slot 4 units - The insta troops

    It should happen as per the theory.