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  1. Skins are Dope.. froster and pyros awesomely done. Skull tower is like chocolate and candy tower now lol. I really like that. Hans and fritz pal looks really good.
  2. I think if conquest will provide medals players will get more interested to engage. And also it won't be partial for any player cause conquest doesn't have champs. Also we can get the idea about defense at least we can know how tough the defence is by looking into medals. Extra XP can be good but it will be pathetic for 130 players and they will loose interest even more. So may be some small chest for each conquest wars or medals will do the trick.
  3. I got Hans from this conquest rewards. It was like as usual.. Howls growls..Etc..I prayed to my deity please please one Hans.. And you won't believe the last pal from the last pal chest was Hans... 😍 So yeah prayer might help 🙂
  4. You won't believe even I was thinking the same...but this spiderman movie didn't touch my heart. Still it will be in my top picks for good animation. Waiting for far from home 😁
  5. Your top pick 😲 I never liked the second part first part was love though. Ha ha...This was awesome ... Go go..Wreck it Ralph and sequel both are love 😍
  6. Donation cycle is now changed to once per day. But I believe the tick mark follows the old cycle. See in my country it's time 2.26pm means almost 14hrs 30 mins past from mid night. The player hasn't logged in from 21 hrs but still the tick mark shows up on his profile. Plz fix this.
  7. Can we have confirmation button on vouchers as well? My friend just lost 5k vouchers cause he accidentally touched the full gold chamber tab there while scrolling to gem tab.
  8. My list goes like thiz 1. Black panther 2. Aquaman 3. Avengers 4. Spiderman into the spiderverse 5. Creed 2 6. The commuter
  9. It only runs off software with 64 bit architecture.. My phone has a 32 bit architecture so I also can't play that
  10. Similar I think..It will bypass insta troop asking cooldown
  11. The tear of Phoenix will make you rise from the ashes 😉
  12. What rmd said is correct. Exact 56 forges needed on cool down to get 4.0 sec cool down.
  13. Ign: Lord Kabi Royal revolt 2 1. The first crusade 2. Geoffrey of Monmouth 3. Rhea 4. Cetus 5. Theseus 6. Styx, Lethe, Archeron,phlegethon,cocytus 7. Hydra 8. In the year 1185, in the former village of Weedley in Yorkshire 9. Roman numeral system and device is the abacus 10. Charles V was selected by the seven prince-electors, namely: Albert of Brandenburg, Richard von Greiffenklau zu Vollrads, Hermann of Wied, Louis II, Louis V, Frederick III, and Joachim I Nestor.
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