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  1. KamakshyaP

    List of content creators to follow

    It's added madlen. New contents and creators are always welcomed. Have a good day
  2. KamakshyaP

    Favorite children series and their music

    They are the original creator of hundreds of cartoon series like simba, jungle book, Christopher Columbus, Robin hood, zorro, Cinderella, the great book nature and many more. They made my childhood Awesome. Here is a link to their channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1H4TpuRT7msxfqG0jt3sNw Of course they have been dubbed to Hindi in India. But now I am enjoying the original ones.
  3. KamakshyaP

    Favorite children series and their music

    My favorite cartoon series will be simba: the lion king and the jungle book. In general I love almost everything from 'mondo world'
  4. There is no cap on spawning of troops. However when on starting if you used up all of extra morales points generated by start morale perk you have to wait for the morale bar to recharge then you can spawn regularly. Speed of recharging of morale bar depends upon the leadership count. The higher is the leadership the faster fills up the morale bar. Hence more troops in total can be spawned. With low morale units like knights, archers when you spam them the line with blue dots stops showing up new dots but don't worry. Your troops are spawning as usual. You just need to do this. Tap tap tap.
  5. Moving this to players helping players.
  6. KamakshyaP

    One troop raids

    If u feel like cheated kindly share your battle history.
  7. KamakshyaP

    Phoebe's power

    Hey @BryNGames There is an open thread going on about phoebe beast. Have a look: Previously players have given lots of idea for Balancing phoebe. But after getting feedback from community that is postponed. Here is the original idea for the nerf. After going through all this you can also add your input in that open thread. Thank you.
  8. KamakshyaP

    More game guides needed?

    As game is progressing no doubt it will require new guides as new things are being added to game. But looking at present guides available and the state of game now I think either the author should re edit a little bit or completly post new threads cause old threads are almost 3 years old and kind of outdated.
  9. As per I know they don't provide any subtitle to videos.. And the video you are referring here are link only means they aren't public. They are being shared in forums and official pages and handles which is English only.. That subtitle in English is generated by auto generate system of YouTube. So you can be assured they are not being biased here. But yeah if they are making videos on English they should provide subs of deferent language to reach the whole community and it will be an welcoming stuff. I really like the suggestion
  10. Good idea. It still a long way to go to get to the ideal conquest we want. Flare is working tirelessly to make it possible. They have shown their commitment by giving updates after updates specially focused on conquest and with added features requested by members here.. Who knows what the future holds
  11. KamakshyaP

    Late joined members during Conquest

    Players will bring their second IDs and donate. So no no from me.
  12. KamakshyaP

    Item effects enlightened... Why ?

    Every Uber or pro item has three perks. You can change perks by using gems..(provided u can get perks based on availability of the perk itself and your luck). For an example, You can never get skull perk on sword by using gems. Cause it's not available in the sword section. But you can get a skull perked sword directly out of the box. So that luminosity defines that you can never get that perk by simply using gems in that item section. (which makes it special)
  13. KamakshyaP

    More Power To Sergeant Rank

    Already available.
  14. KamakshyaP

    update not available

    Updated my game on android just an hour ago... It is on now... Update everyone