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  1. KrishnaKabi

    Friends message display bug..

    I have same problem..some notification is always there but nothing shows up when I open them..on my Android but if I open it on my PC all shows..actually some friends are not showing in list on android who r showing in windows and that is creating problems and notification issue. Fix this @GalaMorgane
  2. KrishnaKabi

    Chapter IV - A Royal Surprise!

    What about the last page showing THE END?
  3. KrishnaKabi

    NEMESIS - new pro pal

    Wanna see in action ASAP @FTB
  4. KrishnaKabi

    Why evoking a dragon sucks

    Agree that animation is annoying and it should be removed. Same was happening with beasts and they removed it. To be frank beast animation was showing just only once so all the issue u mentioned was happening once per raid..but here with dragon if I am able to spawn 8 dragons in a single raid those things happens 8x times which is frustrating. I will add something which I face while raiding with dragons • we loose time on every dragon release average is 3 sec but sometimes screen goes to a pyro or foster who is ready to be dragon but it take much time..I have lost 6 sec like that three times yesterday • usually (except starting point) dragon released behind king. On mobile it becomes much more frustrating. I always try to raid being on the right edge of the path but when dragon pop up comes camera moves and my king also come two steps behind(left) from where it was.
  5. KrishnaKabi

    pal festival

    Nidogg and aska are also regular pals so why not included @GalaMorgane
  6. KrishnaKabi

    Will we get dragon sigil

    @Nikko @Archimedes @FTB @GalaMorgane
  7. KrishnaKabi

    Will we get dragon sigil

    We have 59 fiefdoms now. We know we will get dragon sigil on 60 foefdom or above after war. But what if we crossed or touched 60 fiefs and lost diets and end up below 60 after war. Will we get it? Cause we touched once as once fiefdom acquired it gets counted in leaderboard even if the war is going on.
  8. KrishnaKabi

    Uber items in PRO chests

    Why legendary and epic item come in Uber chest...all 6 items should be Uber in it...fix this
  9. KrishnaKabi

    Display bug with Dragofroster

    It's a visual is here for me too...
  10. KrishnaKabi

    RR2 for Windows10

    That is device or windows store problem...reset store and try again...or else update to latest version
  11. KrishnaKabi

    if possible add this to game asap

    In many games we can see on which level cards are on of a they are safeguarding their players from hijacking...flare need to give this feature and uplift their support standards
  12. I am now playing this game for quite a long time. one thing i noticed many imp and required feature are not in game yet. i want a feature which will allow me to look into troops and spells of my alliance members. By saying this i mean i should be able to see their forgings and stats on each spells and troops. this will be a really nice add to game which will help us to put comment on our members growth also we can make them go in a perfect way. also if possible (only for alliance members within a alliance) add ability t see towers levels and forgings with towers in inventory. that will help to make things easier. also lastly the hero items should be accessible to all members of alliance wait don't say this will make your account insecure. many games offer this. we can see many things of a player in game. flare can make their support better and which will make accounts secure.
  13. KrishnaKabi

    We didn't received our fields!

    It's no doubt funny...u comes forum for complaint and all but never follow official announcements made in forum..they clearly said because of disconnection issue this war will be counted as it hasn't happen at all...all will get all boost too and all will be the last war never happened how will u get ur fiefdoms
  14. KrishnaKabi

    Can anyone who has summed up all do this

    It doesn't contain all data
  15. KrishnaKabi

    Can anyone who has summed up all do this

    Aa a general I need data so that I can aim things to achieve before our expected date..but without anything it's like sailing in a big blue sea without even a compass