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  1. Teamy

    ban from pro league

    Think you bought too less, or aren’t in a big spender ally😭
  2. Teamy

    Conquest Mode

    Flare can only surprise us with the cost of participation 😂
  3. Teamy

    Conquest Mode

    For pro you need 0 people to unlock, but with 0 people not buying ticket you got 0, you need at least 8 to get lowest ally reward , 30~35 for highest for conquest mode you need 20 people to unlock, hopely for the free players ally, we don’t have to make the same calculation 30 for fewest, 50 for highest
  4. Teamy

    Conquest Mode

    I only want that flare gives direct the good information and not several dark hints you can take for the most things. I don’t complain over this game, i just want the good information. I guess players who pays for it has right to good information maybe you are right Cromka, better not wasting time in this forum as even the developpers don’t waste time in it
  5. Teamy

    Conquest Mode

    Yes, we still don’t know how the pay conquest mode is. Played with using ally gold or each member using gems/money. as i read it right, it is for warpreparation ally only (extra boosts) or also for individual rewards (like chests you can get now in pro league) ? They didn’t explain that properly. in tutorial made time ago, there was explicit mentioned conquest mode was a pay to play mode. so do you know what they mean unlocking with 20 members, but they didn’t mentioned yet what you need after it. i guess what i said will be true , 20 members will become finally 20 paying members or even more as it is now with pro league, think not much allies can get max pro boosts with only 20 participating members i hope i’m wrong, but i’m affraid 20 members will be the minimum to unlock or gather the fewest rewards go to official announcments and look again the 5min with flare video about update 4.0 there is said : conquest mode is a ‘ p to p’ mode, i guess it would say pay to play mode
  6. Teamy

    Conquest Mode

    20 active members means paying members, as conquest mode intends to be paying. They just not explain right what they mean with 20 active players. Can it be unlocked with ally gold, or need members use gems/money for it.
  7. Teamy

    Conquest Mode

    I thought i heard in tutorial conquest mode was to gather ressources for war preparation. Maybe different way of wars, but they just calling more questions. We have yo wait update, before we can know, how much money we need if we continue to play this game, end if lot players find worth spending money on a 4 y old game
  8. Teamy

    Conquest Mode

    They better release the update : this only cause more confusion, and asking more and more question. Can new players be attracted by this, or need they still playing game for more than a year to have good bases/equipment What if only 19 members are participating : money back or lost money, or will there be list where members can intend their participation and only when 20 on that list you loose your money What about the maps : when you are in same map with VL todes Roaring mustika you know in front you played that month for nothing Think lot think abouts for flare to keep this game attractive. Their money ressources depends on it. When too little diff, few people will spent money on it, when too much diff, lot players can leave the game And i guess the game needs a certain number of players to make sure you haven't to fight week after week the same persons
  9. Teamy

    Conquest Mode

    Betaalde delen: pro league 4x maand Conquest-modus: 9 dagen / maand als 20 betalende leden Gratis onderdelen: oorlogen 2x per maand? Ninja 2x maand? Zie eerst hoe kostbaar participatie verovering mode zal zijn, Maar het zal heel intensief zijn om voor de betalende spelers te spelen In de hoop dat het niet betalen van allianties alleen bestaat uit in de toekomst warmaps te vullen, zal coz diff groter en groter worden Maar kijk eerst wat de veroveringsmodus zal zijn : als er geen groot verschil is: niet de moeite waard om te betalen als groot verschil: einde van de meest vrije spelersalliantie alleen de grote vraag: kan alleen de mensen betalen om deel te nemen aan de veroveringsmodus hier, van alle leden van de alliantie @GalaMorgane Zal voor veel alliances verschil uitmaken Andere vraag: is er een limietdatum om te abonneren op veroveringsmodus en zijn kaarten na die datum verdeeld. Of is het gewoon, toen u 20 leden bereikte, bent u in de kaart geplaatst? Wanneer bondgenoot op de kaart wordt gezet met VL, tikt Roaring of Mustika, is het vrijwel zeker dat je geld voor niets hebt uitgegeven
  10. I don't worry => i know what budget i intend to spent in this game. If it asks too much money i'll stop playing this game. I think, even in your ally everything has his limit. For some is the limit higher than for another. But everyone has that to choose for themselfes.
  11. And gala told even for top allies it will take months to get everything max level. I hope they have big wallet.
  12. Teamy

    Today’s offer

    What did they offer : play station 5 with lifetime games ? For 399€ you buy ps 4 and with price subscription you can buy every month new game. Think flare got completely out of mind, or need desperately money. If they hope lot will spent much more money on it, they have to prove they can eliminate the cheaters, fix the bugs first
  13. If you can't join ally with enough subscription buyers, i guess you will not have much trouble with the bugs: your interest for playing will quick be gone 🤓
  14. If i read correct things only alliance gold needed. With elite, war, pro boosts and this new things it is almost impossible to do it with normal daily donations. Is this a way to force people to buy subscriptions ? How many allies will survive this ?
  15. Teamy

    Hacker / Cheater

    You are right, cheating is for loosers. But in this game they win better rewards with it for free.