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  1. Wrong Pro Boost

    Same here
  2. Met dit evenement after een dag of twee 😉
  3. Why can you still win xp after 130?
  4. Think lot will be lev 140 before the update, or nearby
  5. Think Cromka is allready lev 150😉
  6. If 10 levels are added, it would ask 2 150 000 000 xp to get there starring from 130. Same thing as with ally upgrade : last 10 levels asking the almost thesame as the 60 (ally) or 130 (hero) before.
  7. You know wars are broken when...

    On master meme map it is same thing😉
  8. War Matching

    Think you decide as ally you fight or not. Think all the rest is logical than.
  9. War Matching

    When you be forced to attack, you have the choice to fight or not. When no fight, you have only 1 choice. Think there are a lot ally's with members who can use the chests. War is with ninja 1 one of the ressources to win them. Maybe you don't need those chests, but there are enough players who can use them
  10. War Matching

    Wanneer je gedwongen wordt te vallen, kan een ander schedels winnen voor de borst / palchest. Nu zijn we in warmap met slechts 2 teams aan het vechten, een 3e team heeft alleen een boost gewonnen. Als ik 5 dagen moet vechten en niet in staat ben palchest te worden in de mummieoorlog, wat heeft die oorlog dan ten goede? we hoeven geen oorlog aantrekkelijk te maken voor bondgenoot die niet zal vechten, maar iets geven aan degenen die zullen vechten. 5x 2 gevechten om palchest te krijgen. Misschien kunnen sommige, maar voor het krijgen van 5k schedels in 5 gevechten, hoeveel sp je daarvoor nodig hebt? Maybe long time ago this game was fun, and lot enjoyed it. But these days, with the 50k gemreward in monthly pro league, and the strange scores we see in that competition. You said once, only a few % reach the top, but the other 90~99 % also play this game. We need a game interesting for 100% not for the happy few.
  11. War Matching

    Maybe there should be war rules : for example : every ally on warmap should declare a fight every day. They can decide not to fight and still can drop trophies. Maybe there will be results 0-0 skulls. ally that not declare war can be rewarded in putting a warmap with much stronger oponents and not easier oponents. we need a game that is still attractive, not only 5 days for frenzy/pyro war in 1 month. Now ally’s that fight in mummy war are punished. They should be rewarded in easier warmaps next time. but in my opinion, to be forced to attack will give allready enough chances for everyone
  12. whacked scores in pro

    Deze score moedigt mensen aan om het spel te verlaten. Welk gebruik heeft het om te spelen. Alleen voor het krijgen van pro-boost in team? Uitgaven 3000 edelstenen voor het verkrijgen van wat palfood en parels. Kreeg onlangs aanbod voor 3000k edelstenen, 2 items en nidhogg voor 21 €. Flare denkt dat dit een verkoop is. if the rewards are only some palfood and some pearls : you have to consider if it is worth playing pro league. You spent 750 gems for something you can get without playing pro league. i'm just wondering if apoc and roaring will keep word leaving the game on 1st of may. I don't see the changes they asked for yet.
  13. Multiple attacks by the same player

    What i didn’t know yet. now i win gems with open base for the other get 4K gold and 34 medals
  14. Multiple attacks by the same player

    Last 2 days i learned more of the game than the 2 years before.
  15. Multiple attacks by the same player

    My kids and their friends started playing short time ago, but indeed after short time they stopped coz not interesting enough and takeling too long to get somewhere😉