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  1. So did the amount of boss kills needed for each milestone increases each week now? I'm currently on a Boss Hunt where I need 40 boss kills per milestone (Which translates to a 400 boss total...) To make this worse it seems the balancing of ranks isn't working at all, I'm Veteran almost Senior and I got paired with mostly Bronze that are doing nothing. PS: I notice now there's 15 people not 10 on my boss hunt, which actually means more afk people with 0 kills to carry. I usually kill 2x as many bosses as a player should (60-70 avg) and can carry 1 AFK, but with 15 people and 12 being Bronze when I'm Veteran, this boss hunt is lost on arival.
  2. The hacker that today in my Boss Hunt went from 0 to 199 the second he joined and instantly finished the Boss Hunt had a better one, also the hacker in another post with 500 kills in a boss hunt. Thanks developers for client side data, smart choice. I can't wait for my third boss hunt in a row where a hacker goes first instantly.
  3. Is there any way to report players? This is my second Boss hunt after reaching Knight rank (125k+ I farmed my ass off the first 4 boss hunts after update to get here) and in both of them I've experienced a player that instantly gets impossible numbers of boss kills. The first time a guy started with 100 kills then just AFKed the rest of the Hunt securing the first place and today after we were racing a couple minutes a guy instantly got 200 Boss Kills and we got the remaining 7 Milestones obtained instantly and the Hunt was over. Is there any way to report this players? Is the game keeping information on the client side allowing this blatant cheats? My knight name is Fernlox and the cheater names were iisuliman100 and Rerosku
  4. Ever since I reached Knight rank (125k+) in Boss Hunt, I've done 2 Boss Hunts and on both found someone clearly exploiting/hacking. Last time it begun with a guy instantly getting 100 Boss Kills and today was even worse, some guy decided he didn't want to race anymore after 10 minutes and instantly got 200 Boss Kills and ended the damn thing right there. Is anyone else experiencing this? How is this even possible? Is the game keeping data on the client side permitting this kind of blatant exploits? Is there any way to report said players? I feel like there's no point on doing any more Boss Hunts if I have to pray that I don't get some hacker every time... Feel free to share your experiences and suggestions
  5. Thanks for the reply, must have missed that, my bad!
  6. So basically what I've noticed is that even if I can stand 8 mobs attacking me for several seconds without any loss of health whatsoever, if I happen to use void or to use whirlwind (while running so I hit multiple mobs), my health goes to 50% or lower. I noticed this on today's boss hunt, since in normal playthrough I never ever use any powers (the game just encourages weapon damage). It feels like each mob hits me 2-3 or more times instantly when I use those skills (that's around 20+ instant hits), which is odd and not descibed on the skill use. On some occations I can even kill myself using whirlwind through a group of 8 mobs, and no, my armor isn't low, I take 0 damage from normal hits if I use no skills.
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