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  1. mLordPk

    Conquest rewards

    Great we invested a lot of time, gold and gems to get frustation, irritation, tension and no rewards. Great
  2. 8 day is too long. Should have been of 4-5 days, half the cooldown. Feeling tired and frustrated. Our team is in good position but there is approaching threat and we are tired of logging in every few hour.
  3. They don't want you to reach 130 fast. 👍😬.
  4. mLordPk

    Reward of conquest war.

    Too much gold investment required. Alliances will have to forget alliance uograding feature if they want to win conquest mode without investing real money for donation. As suggested plz reduce the cooldown to 12hr.(atleast during wars).
  5. We need a dedicated notice board in game so that we can write few points which can be read by all. One line alliance msg is not enough for conquest mode. Too mucj communication is required. Can't write same thing many times. Not everyone is on whatsapp or fb or line, there is always few who miss one platform. We can't force someone to come on a particular platform. It's a game not a business.
  6. I think the reward we are getting in return of time n energy and gold n gems we are giving in conquest mode is way too less. Just one pearls chest, one uber, one pal chest and one legendary gem chest. we are investing too much in conquest mode. we need more attractive personal rewards imo.
  7. mLordPk

    Let's discuss v4.0 here.

    Did anyone notice this??
  8. mLordPk

    Poll: Are you quitting RR2 or continuing to play?

    1.Add scout feature if you want us to explore more Combos and use different combos for different base so that it is easier to decide which combos should be used. This way we will master more combos and no one will complain if u nerf one. Currently we need to make a guess of tower's position. If we will know Tower's position we will automatically change our combo for different base. 2. You think we will earn more gems and trophies if defense is op but in reality we will lose more gems(we have to scroll too). So give us a better return if someone scroll on our base. Currently we get less than (1/7)th of gems scrolled.
  9. First of all thanks RR2 team for the beautiful update. It was long awaited. I hope this update will make most of the players happy. Now, there are a lot of new things to explore. So if someone finds something new plz post here so that everyone can know that. So far I have enjoyed every bit of the grand update except that my personal gold will be of no use in conquest mode( sorry, if I'm wrong).
  10. mLordPk

    War season #100

    Give both pyro and frosta as reward. Make the chests special holiday chest. 100 gems to all players of first rank team, 50 gems to second and 20 gems to third.
  11. mLordPk

    the aura package is missed one ring

    Even if it is useless it give some pearls. Why leave anything if you r paying for it?
  12. mLordPk

    How is skull bonus distributed??

    Thanks @Dena4 for your answer. Though your answer was not straight however I feel I have got my answer 😂... I'm writing my understanding of your answer taking my query as example...plz correct me if I'm wrong. Say we lost battle on the first day and scored 10% of total lost war scores and got 1% as loser bonus. Now even if we keep on winning on next days we will still be getting very small portion of loser bonus ( as with increase in loser bonus skull pool our lb will also increase because we will still have some share in loser scores ). i. e., our lb on second day = 1.4%, third day = 1.6% , fourth day = 1.7% ...
  13. mLordPk

    How is skull bonus distributed??

  14. mLordPk

    Server Disconnection Thread! POST HERE.

    Will they compensate again by giving all boost to all team without touching their fiefs?? It is really worse.
  15. If I lose on the first day and win on the remaining days. Will our team's loser skull bonus will keep on increasing or not?? @oPelle