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  1. Improve your trophy and medal system before bringing that 'dungeon exploit' change. Lower level players will hardly win any diamond league if this change come into effect.
  2. What if a conquest is spread over two weeks... Three days on this weekend and three days on next weekend. May he it is a silly idea 😂😂😂
  3. These events are occurring too often.. The memories the last conquest is still fresh and a new conquest is here and what is more horrible is next war will start just 2-3 days after it ends.. I know you have informed that you will follow this cycle of con-war-ninja but now it feels too much overdose. We have real lives too. If you will continue with this frequency then very soon everyone will get tired of RR2. Even those players will run away who are enjoying it very much ( count me in this group). Next war must be postponed
  4. The matchmaking was good in our group... All four teams were more or less same. All four teams managed 300+ tiles. The only problem was big map which didn't allow/force all team to fight each other...
  5. I want discussion on this topic so that more constructive ideas can come out like this ? ..In General discussion it has more chances of getting views and thus more discussion so plz move it to general discussion
  6. No.. It get less views here. Plz let it be in general discussion.
  7. There has been continuous changes in conquest. Happy with how RR2 team is working to make it better... So there are three suggestions which will be helpful for generals and will make their life easy.. 1. Currently general can give instructions to players on where to move but many players just don't see it. Some of them are completely unaware and some will ask it in chat that where to move...if there is no one to instruct he is just confused and sometimes we have to ask multiple times and pray that he see our message. So to make the life of soldier and more of the general please add a popup window which is displayed to a soldier as soon as he opens the conquest mode if a order is given to him with options to ignore or move. Also a general notification for him with given order so that he can see his order just by opening notification window. 2. Sometimes we want to lose a war and want no player to join that war but some players just blindly join that war even before reading what is the instructions given (well we can't blame that player because his purpose was to help) and, sometimes we don't want a player to join an ongoing war because we are just about to win that war but again some players join and loss their troops as well which could have been saved. So give us an option to lock a war which prevents more players to join it. As soon as a war is locked it's color should change to green so that everyone knows it's status just by seeing it. 3. It is a must have feature. Most of the time we have to keep searching where a particular player is.. In this big map it is really a pain in... So please add a window where we can see all players with their respective positions on the map.
  8. You misunderstand players everytime they complain.. They complain because they like the game and want improvement. It's only the certain part of game which they dislike. Will you leave your partner if you don't like his some behaviour or will you ask him/her to improve?? No offence but plz don't try to give your conclusion /decision to anyone if haven't gone through his problem. When people will statt disliking they will automatically leave the game after some they won't need your suggestion 'dnt like, dnt play'.
  9. One of the best reply ?...you deserve an Oscar. ?
  10. A new update is available... Not a good job.
  11. I was not online... I connected 5 mins after conquest ended and still got nothing. Extra dodge : We are still being shown in same tier and with same number of average tiles.
  12. No problem... Give us compensation everytime.
  13. @pavelp and @Dena4...Buddies, can you confirm that you actually got all the rewards ticked even if your actual tile count was less in last or it was just a display bug? Plz confirm it soon bro.
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