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  1. mLordPk

    Again Flare???? results and no rewards😡

    A new update is available... Not a good job.
  2. mLordPk

    Again Flare???? results and no rewards😡

    Wow.. Looks cool.
  3. mLordPk

    Again Flare???? results and no rewards😡

    I was not online... I connected 5 mins after conquest ended and still got nothing. Extra dodge : We are still being shown in same tier and with same number of average tiles.
  4. mLordPk

    Again Flare???? results and no rewards😡

    No problem... Give us compensation everytime.
  5. mLordPk

    Your Current Conquest Scores

    @pavelp and @Dena4...Buddies, can you confirm that you actually got all the rewards ticked even if your actual tile count was less in last or it was just a display bug? Plz confirm it soon bro.
  6. The new items are awesome... Little costly but seems worth their price. Thanks for the new items.
  7. mLordPk

    Alliance Gold Rewards: The Big Joke

    You are using this phrase a little too much without knowing where to use this... If this is just a game then why shouldn't FG give us a little fair reward for our efforts. It costs them nothing unlike in real world. If it's just a game why are you getting so nosy everywhere when people complain... They complain because they feel it's wrong. I have seen you that you also used to complain a lot... Yes. It's a game but the efforts which players put in to win the conquest or other events are real. So they have all right to complain and demand a fair reward. You are not comfortable with it. Just ignore such posts. Plz don't comment in every post that this is just a game...
  8. mLordPk

    Conquest Rewards for Rank 2

    Yes. Agreed, other teams were weak,one team was really very weak(ranked third) . We helped two team so that they can secure some reward(one of the team later betray us and this was the team which first came asking for help) ... Now when we are helping two team the third team has to suffer. Players want fun so they can't sit idle... They want war.
  9. mLordPk

    Conquest Rewards for Rank 2

    If alliance will drop just for the sake of rewards then they will be more in losing side....They just can't drop to the lower tier in one conquest(if they do so they will get no reward at all)... Let us consider that they need two conquest to drop to their desired tier level,so little rewards for two consecutive season and then again when they will get little reward in fourth conquest because they will be fighting in higher tier because of high score in third conquest. So they will ruin three conquest for one good conquest season. I don't see it as a wise step. ....and losing in higher tier should have big rewards according to you?
  10. mLordPk

    Conquest Rewards for Rank 2

    What will players do in this long 8 day event if not build tower then... They should have been more clear in their statement. "we will punish you if you build more towers because tile score is the sole criteria for matchmaking".
  11. mLordPk

    Conquest Rewards for Rank 2

    We play in the third tier because flare didn't explain the gameplay of conquest in the way they should have... Our tower placement in the beginning in first conquest event was bad so we just couldn't recover from the mistake we did on first day. ...and yes we will complain if we are placed with VL and todes...number of tiles should not be the sole criteria for matchmaking. You have to see their level,their ranking, their performance in regular war and more...
  12. mLordPk

    Conquest Rewards for Rank 2

    I understand the reward system... They will give us reward for our current effort in next season. This is what I think wrong...why should we need to wait for reward of current score till next season 😲...
  13. mLordPk

    Conquest Rewards for Rank 2

    The rewards are not worth our efforts.. We claimed 423 tiles and what we got is 1 pro chest, 1 pal chest, 1 pearl chest and 1 gem chest(containing around 100 gems)...and 30M gold(really😨😨...30M gold is a joke). This is not at all acceptable for a 8 day event which demands a lot of stressful activity. You have to be come several times in a day. We need more rewards flare.. We invest a lot in this mode and get penny in return. Why would our player participate in it if they don't get what they deserve?? ...1 chest of each type is a joke for 423 tiles. If you say we will get our rewards for this 423 tiles next time then you are just *****... We want to get rewarded for our efforts in the same war. Who the hell want to wait for another season to recieve the reward of this season??? ...also where is the newly included voucher
  14. mLordPk

    Summer festival details

    Good Going @Madlen...Thanks a lot. Finally I'll have nidhogg.
  15. mLordPk

    Conquest rewards

    Great we invested a lot of time, gold and gems to get frustation, irritation, tension and no rewards. Great