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  1. Why not BM in Witchcraft Cup??

    I have never seen BM in all the PLs I have played. Also i think they should make a PL based only on pals.
  2. The set up usually justifies the name of each PL. So I was expecting Black Magic as one of spell in this Witchcraft along with necromancer as one of troops. Necro is there to justify but why not BM ?
  3. Don't want a community week now. It will be better after war. A festival will be appreciable though.
  4. You get 3x or 5x pearls if you start melting items before the event (less gold) and collect it after event starts..They don't ask you more gold for giving you 3x or 5x pearls.
  5. Flare is compensating you 😀
  6. Thank me for my wishes... Haha 😂
  7. Keep your silo full to avoid getting food from chests (Your all five reward can he food even if u need only one bread to fill your silo, all food will go in vain.So better fill it up before opening). Also to remove the gold from chests you can keep your treasure chamber full too. It will help you. I hope you will get gems in next chests. Good luck.
  8. Introducing GalaMorgane

    Welcome @GalaMorgane to the community... I'm bit late but a welcome is welcome ...We would love to see the same energy from you all the time. So far you have been fantastic. Best of luck and yes.. Welcome again...!!!
  9. Quick one on league records

    How difficult is it to get eye catching perfect scores like this. I have seen such scores many times...Do they start calculating much before to reach at such score or is it like... 'Hey dude record broken!! Ah! Cool. Now relax. Scored won't increase above this.' One more question.. How the no. of gems and score are synced in a similar numerical look??
  10. Why can not I join the pro league?

    Lol. How much he paid you?
  11. Every time I see your dp, I get a feeling that you are commenting in anger.
  12. what I hate about PL...!!!

    So it will take a major update for changing ...Atleast they should have given a official announcement regarding this... Bad
  13. No PL rewards again

    no chest for FAQ too.
  14. I can't go with full gold gear ( includes tammy, not kaiser)...Defense has upper hand.