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  1. I feel any chance to medigate 100% damage is something worth discussing. My friends and I often talk about mechanics of games and play style. Hoping to shine a light on this particular topic. Thanks for your response @thinkdeep
  2. Help from the system admin would be fantastic with this one. Currently my friend and I are having a debate over which defensive mechanic is best, like a ranking system for specific stats. This is where dodge comes. Can some someone please explain dodge. Our discussion started with the legendary helm that has "every 3rd attack dodge". Question 1: is %dodge the same for every opponent that swings at you, or just your knights target? Question 2: does stacking dodge with the legendary helm have any diminishing returns? Depending on how dodge works in this game it could greatly effect my favorite legendary helm. If any light can be shed I would love to settle this discussion . Ultimately, the question is .... Is dodge the best defensive attribute to have!? Anyone reading this I would love to see your list of best to worst gear attributes
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