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  1. How about joining 2018…? I had win8.1,win10 phones,played this on both. Have to say even with 10 there's many problems. 8.1 is mostly unsupported these days in many things,10 on more all the time and limited apps available. Android ?
  2. I won't buy anything again. No guarantee when you use flares own offers they won't decide to mug you off at a later stage with actions like recently to put you back to before they took the money. Flare release more games,won't download anything with flare in charge ever again. Good job flare,I expect they want it to fail and bin it off soon.
  3. Flares continued efforts to make it as unenjoyable as possible for all with maximum rip off profits for them is good? Made plenty of money out of people willing to pay for the slight advantages and bonus,usually from flares own offers,then took it all away. Do they get refunded for them putting things backwards? No. As usual all aimed at max profits,pay twice,three times and we'll mug you all off again,usual flare BS.
  4. Perhaps Flare were involved in the German world cup squad,it reminded me of RR2 seeing them fail miserably to advance to next round. world champions! S.Korea 2 - Germany 0 in the next 4 years,I will release a load of trailers for the release of the new update to the team, Germany 4.0. Good job Korea ? I hope Flare team are crying.
  5. you think you got problems,mine leaves a smell like cat food when it farts ?? what system do you play on,working fine on win10 mobile. (a phrase you don't often see used here!)
  6. Well nobody can argue with your qualifications,Please can you tell me how to get to lvl38 and know so much!! I think it would be funny if everyone stopped by to test your base,you know,get a few tips n that ?
  7. Just checked,video works...... No fkn reward again. another ad viewed for nothing. win10 mobile
  8. isn't it just nidhogg on expensive steroids? I'm joining the growing number of people not giving flare any more of my hard earned £. How many free pro chest with unenthusiastic playing rewards will it take? Last pro chest I got was more pal food and pearl and a few gems.
  9. Probably too scared to change it in case they break the game further ??
  10. It is sad that A LOT of long time players have left recently. Can anybody hear Pink Floyd? goodbye....
  11. Even more shocking news is it may be a transgender cock pretending to be a hen or the other way round,I have been informed.
  12. I have had videos pretty much all the way through the whole thing,just checking if it works must owe me 20 legendary chests at least. Even with clearing game data via storage on win10 mobile (usually fixes video no play problem for me) I STILL GET TO "ENJOY" ADS WITH NO REWARDS! Just read about ads being disabled for windows,really? Must be dreaming the ads then... I checked just before posting this,but .... How confusing. I saw an ad,no reward,hours after us windows shouldn't be seeing them at all? I give up!
  13. I would say its ok as long as they can't drain my bank account into flares! Many examples of kids doing this ?
  14. the aki I melted was 173 pearls. As said its all pearls! When's next BS event? Just wish id known no aska or nidhogg before I assumed it was all pals perks and spent gems on chests looking for them dammit!
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