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  1. Thanks ... I will use this as insomnia material.
  2. hades. He is perfect to bring my guests back to the underworld at the end of the party. ign: M Duchamp
  3. I just came here since long time and... this forum is now a labyrinth!
  4. I always check editors choice on appstore. OR was there.
  5. Physical resistance of gate hero is on 45%. Not 75% . @CaptainMorgan
  6. MDuchamp

    Version 4.0.3

    no comments
  7. @CaptainMorgan same bug, but different presentation: i enter the game some minutes ago, got a notification that the ships were ready. But (my mistake) i thought it was publicity and closed it by instint, but im sure that it was or war or odyssey. In the game: my fury was maxed out (i spent like 9 some time before), score in spoils of war reseted to zero, and started to earn green chests again.
  8. @CaptainMorgan im having the same problem as @Esk. my previous score reseted to zero. new score dosen't show in the bar of spoils. also, the bar sais 298 point to next chest. but only after reaching 4105 points, I received the msg of new chest. however... this chest never really appeared.
  9. problem in weed the people: when we try launch the second strike, appears something like: ” The maximum number of strikes already had been declared”
  10. MDuchamp


    Apparently, this game was inspired by this book. Not greek mythology.
  11. MDuchamp

    War 😤😡😠

    Completly agree with this. That was playing Gods in the most perverse way: destroy rather than repair.
  12. The game just smoked my VP. made 2 attacks. 100% both. Just earned 328 points.
  13. and here is the notification from the other alliance (1NF):
  14. oh... it solved the problem here ...