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  1. MDuchamp

    Unable to launch the game

    same here (mini iPad . ios9.3.5 . PT)
  2. MDuchamp

    4.0 - Teaser video discussion

    me too!
  3. MDuchamp

    4.0 - Teaser video discussion

    so, the war season will last for 6 weeks. are we going to have a vacation time between this seasons? Anyone knows?
  4. MDuchamp

    Game chat. Please!!!

    please fix the game chat. we still reading messages from two weeks ago. its so f* annoying.
  5. MDuchamp

    War Improvements

    i understand what you're saying, @dumpster I'm just more concerned about other players that I have in alliance, from levels between 80/90 that they really strive hard to reach the best war chests. it would not be fair for them to receive even less ...
  6. MDuchamp

    War Improvements

    hummm... i agree with almost everything. except this: "It should not be possible to get 3 titan battle chests (or the new equivalent top prize) in war unless you compete at the highest levels." this wouldn't bring even more difficulties to good, but still low-level players, who still can not integrate the top alliances?
  7. MDuchamp

    Hero Tribute! - Writing Contest

    IGN: M Duchamp Perseus, the insubordinaste one Perseus was sitting at the temple window. His feet hurt. The bastard of his god-player, made him run fast foward constantly and forced him to make all the decisions in battle. He was tired. Sometimes he thought that had been unlucky, that the idiot of his god-player must be really dumb to leave the fate of Mount Olympus to automatic. What would he do while Perseus defeated the enemy monsters? Was he stunned and just looking? Would he be in toilet? with girlfriend or boyfriend or both? He had accumulated so much fatigue and so much anger at his god-player that these thoughts were taking over his mind, battle after battle, and the urgency of escape was eminent. The plan was outlined, when he reached the end of the bridge, he would jump to the cliffs, descend to Ithaca Port and escape by boat. Nobody would miss the boat until Monday. And he would finally be free! On that day, when he heard the call to battle, Perseus was ready! He fought like never before and ran like there was no tomorrow. When it reached the beginning of the bridge, his legs weakened a bit, but it was only for a moment. He took a deep breath and continued, tapped the guard hero and jumped over the bridge. He was in decline. He could feel the wind coming through her skirts and prepared himself for impact on cliffs. Waited for that… waited… but nothing happens. He was falling into the void! He opened his eyes and saw nothing, was surrounded by black, wind and anguish. WTF? Closed his eyes again, not believing what was happening, and when opened them again: a new world was ahead of him. He didn't recognize anything around, only realized that everything was gigantic. He ran and hid behind what looked like a glass capable of harboring the sea of war, and peeked. A huge blond-haired human being shimmered and shouted in a strange language for a black rectangular object, at first glance, he couldn’t tell if he was a man or a woman, or both, maybe just a strange woman. She seemed out of control, at one point threw that object close to Perseus's hiding place and continued hysterically throwing other objects at the floor, until finally she calmed down, exhausted and red from so much screaming. She lay leaning against a chair, still tossing an incomprehensible tantra. Perseus silently approached the black object and all the confusion he felt were dissipated. He had finally realized what had happened. As he jumped the bridge, he jumped out of the game. The black object was the phone where the battles were taking place, and that blond human was his god-player. What a disillusionment ... never put much hope in him, but he wasn’t expecting so much hysteria ... What a A-hole! The pain he still felt in his feet made him act again. Unsuspectingly, he circled the woman and climbed to the top of the chair. He clutched some strands of that discolored dry hair and carefully tied them to the chair. He jumped up, walked over to his feet, and tied the laces of his sneakers together. So far, he hasn’t being noticed. All he had to do was hold his arms, that was the hard part… He climbed into a cupboard behind them and with effort, tossed a huge jar, with something red inside, down. It turned out well: it fell on her head and she was inanimate. Perseus came down, smelled the gelatinous liquid, it was a strawberry jelly. He sat down a bit, laughed a lot at this god-player sad figure and tied his hands with some cloths that were there. Now it would be his revenge: he went straight to the phone, opened the game and played: for real! From that moment on, he would be the master of Olympus Island. For a moment he thought he would miss his beloved Artemis and his brother Odysseus, but all this was doing it for them, for their honor! And so it was, towards an honorable victory! (of what later happened with the blond woman with strawberry jelly, this story doesn’t care) * * * p.s.: i hope you understand that english is not my language, so... it's the best i can do.
  8. MDuchamp

    We want free Sundays!

    I agree with everyone! lately i have too many responsabilities in my alliance and i miss the nights out on saturday and the hangovers with no tasks on sunday!
  9. Hello all! We are a stable alliance, with a dedicated hard core, always available to help new players and currently at level 58. We communicate in English, Portuguese and German. We have war blessings active during all week, plus 9 divine. During war we offer all the blessings. *** We need players +70 lvl, active during wars and willing to download Lineapp and join our group chat. *** If this interests you, come on! We left the door open For any doubt you can contact me here in the forum or through the Line App (m_duchamp)
  10. MDuchamp

    doubts about pheme

    no doubts about pheme mystery solved. I probably saw the power equipped in a hero and was attached to the cooldow of that hero. I noticed now. sorry for the possible confusion. I don't know if this has already been explained in the forum... but I've been digging up and found nothing. If anyone can help me understand, I'm grateful. it's about pheme cooldown: I now have the power in lvl 25. Before reaching the 10000 trophies, the cooldown was around 40-50s (I can't remember exactly). I passed this barrier recently and pheme became stronger but the cooldown returned to the 60s. So far so good. yesterday, I noticed that it had already reduced to the 53s, but this morning it was in the 60s again. being the power dependent on the trophies and because I lost some during the night, I've been fighting until I got the 10160 I had last night, to see what happened ... but nothing happened. continues in the 60s. was it a momentary bug? after all, what is the percentage of trophies necessary in each step, to lower the cooldown of this power?
  11. MDuchamp

    Very few attack???

    I also feel ignored :/ (1 - 3 per day)
  12. Ohh... the money! The reason is always on the side of the wallet, right? I know that point of view. I'm not interested in discussing it. I finished here.
  13. @MarcusozInception, As you well said: you do not know. I do not know about you either. And that's fine. But thanks for leaving your opinion here. "No one can read all the books in the world" and if you are smart, you focus on what is really important to you. In relation to leisure, I believe that the way you apprehend things is the most important. Therefore, I'm not interested in deepening the psychology of the game, because I don't want to make it a second job. That would take me away the pleasure of playing. Such as a concert: I don't want to know what backline is being used (I leave it to the professionals). I just want to enjoy the performance. If the equipment is bad or is being misused, everyone notices. But if there is a small problem, even if you do notice, it certainly will not ruin your pleasure in listening: it becomes part of the whole! Same here in OR. You and dumpster, understand the game in another way: have become 'professionals', with the good and the bad that this entails. All right, this is up to you. I would never take family/job time for a game. I just want to have fun. This is me. I believe that there are many players who are here, like me, just for the fun and they can relativize the small problems that appear. We can also give our our opinion, ... or not?
  14. @dumpster, I'm sorry to hear you say that I never let a game interfere with my real life. So I grew up slowly... and maybe that's why I still enjoy the game. Having ceased to be general and being in a middle alliance also helps, the objectives are not so urgent ... and if we lose there is no big drama ... do you want to try?
  15. @dumpster, well... you've said it all: "I don't think wars are very fun" and "I don't enjoy the game as much as I used to". In this case, I have nothing more to say ...