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  1. MDuchamp

    Server update 2 july

    Physical resistance of gate hero is on 45%. Not 75% . @CaptainMorgan
  2. MDuchamp

    Version 4.0.3

    no comments
  3. @CaptainMorgan same bug, but different presentation: i enter the game some minutes ago, got a notification that the ships were ready. But (my mistake) i thought it was publicity and closed it by instint, but im sure that it was or war or odyssey. In the game: my fury was maxed out (i spent like 9 some time before), score in spoils of war reseted to zero, and started to earn green chests again.
  4. @CaptainMorgan im having the same problem as @Esk. my previous score reseted to zero. new score dosen't show in the bar of spoils. also, the bar sais 298 point to next chest. but only after reaching 4105 points, I received the msg of new chest. however... this chest never really appeared.
  5. problem in weed the people: when we try launch the second strike, appears something like: ” The maximum number of strikes already had been declared”
  6. MDuchamp

    Oh shit

    In WTP we just got this message: “war season finished! You ended the season in rank 2” but apparently, is better spending time thinking about nerfing statues. after all that @DrSH said above, the minimum that they could do was giving us the gems from challange. That would be nice after so many spanking on players... but no! Lets spending time ruin the statues. This have a name: arrogant sadism.
  7. Apparently, this game was inspired by this book. Not greek mythology.
  8. Because she will live forever in this forum! 👻
  9. This is all about telling FG how players feel. And trying to make them understand that what's happening in the last weeks will make players go away... They are shooting their own feet. Repeatedly. Scorpio opinion is transversal to players with his level. Me included. I started thinking about stopping playing too, and believe me, I'm a veeeery patient person.
  10. MDuchamp

    War 😤😡😠

    Completly agree with this. That was playing Gods in the most perverse way: destroy rather than repair.
  11. The game just smoked my VP. made 2 attacks. 100% both. Just earned 328 points.
  12. and here is the notification from the other alliance (1NF):
  13. oh... it solved the problem here ...
  14. restart the game!