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  1. Mission accomplished, Alliance: Gods of War Aura, General IGN: Minnie Mouse, Victory screen shuts below: https://imgur.com/a/AFoEH Thank you all IGN: InFiNiTy/y
  2. Hi all once again, Alliance name: Gods of War Aura General IGN: minnie mouse Screen shuts below https://imgur.com/a/igTOa Thank you, IGN: InFiNiTy/y
  3. If the new hero that will be released, sooner or later, require dominance points, it will not be acceptable to start collecting points starting 300k, as if all the time we ve been playing was waisted, @CaptainMorgan, @flaretara and @Chris gents can you please help Thank you in advance
  4. Sure it is related to game server midnight, as in my country it rests around 1:30 AM
  5. It is only a matter of chance, nothing specific, you have to wait ...
  6. Hi all, Alliance name: gods of war aura General IGN: minnie mouse Screen shuts below Thank you IGN: InFiNiTy/y
  7. it will be replaced by hero xp or anything else of resources,
  8. @Tomaxo too bad that it don't affect Nyx tower still not reachable with Prometheus
  9. Why does the counter stops at 300k dominance, isn't better to keep it counting for future updates so our progress wont be waisted?
  10. InFiNiTyYy

    Heroes' progress

    1- Date I started to play: i dont remember ? 2- Current Heroes' lvl: Hercules 18 Prometheus 20 Perseus 20 Ariadne 14 Odysseus 17 Helen 10 Cadmus 12 Achilles 20 Jason 15 Athena 9 Ajax 11 3- Heroes I have a hard time to level up: Achilles (12M xp for lvl20) 4- Heroes likely to be sent back to Mt Olympus: Lowest lvl athena and helen Ascension 103 Trophies 5844 Dominance 300 000 Prestige 46 078
  11. Should be banned from the game or at least for forced to change his nick
  12. I am with you on this one maybe the machmaking should consider 2 factors, trophies and player lvl. This is up to the developers ?
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