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  1. Hellberg

    Reporting a cheater

    Thank you for responding
  2. Hellberg

    Reporting a cheater

    This screenshot shows the boss hunt roughly 30 minutes into it. 5 minutes later it was over. I didn't get a screenshot of that however. I don't know or care how he is doing it, but I would like something to be done with the player, as it ruins the fun for everyone else.
  3. Hellberg

    Few players in bosshunt

    With only 6 players and 3 inactive, this boss hunt is such a waste. But anyways. How come there only be 6? This screenshot is taken 6 hours into the hunt.
  4. Hellberg

    Todays boss hunt over - Game doesn't load

    Same issue. Please provide a solution.
  5. Hellberg

    Free gems

    I got an offer ingame, that if I installed and played Royal Revolt 2, I would be rewarded with 250 gems. So after upgrading a couple of buildings in Royal Revolt, I still haven't gotten any gems. Anyone know what's going on?
  6. Hellberg

    Bounty timers reset

    I have to issues with bounty. I had three active bounties today. But after ascending and drinking a couple of frenzy potions, it now displays 6 hours until a new bounty. Also, the bounty timer doesn't seem to be running while in game. Are these known issues? Does anyone know of a solution.