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  1. montysingh

    Improvement to conquests

    This will be more irritating to wait
  2. montysingh

    Improvement to conquests

    stay in groups
  3. montysingh

    Improvement to conquests

  4. montysingh

    no weekly event this week ?

    seriously needed confirmation. Thanks paste.
  5. montysingh

    Conquest building

    what about the building level?? Is the building lv saved after upgrade or it need to be upgraded after every conquest. Or it will be fixed like AT. Asking about those 3 individual building which require gems to upgrade.
  6. montysingh

    Account link limit reached

    you can get your proggress back by just logging in to facebook. Download the game and connect it with the facebook account your game is previously related and you will get your progreess back.
  7. montysingh

    Server Disconnection Thread! POST HERE.

    same here can't log in
  8. montysingh

    Chapter IV - A Royal Surprise!

    Oh really...... Its not a teaser of fast and furious series so we can wait for months without knowing the release date. The situation is we are getting bored with the same war boosts and pattern in game. So if you are going to introduce something big and great give us some hint to be exited. Otherwise waiting in a boring period is impossible.
  9. montysingh

    Time to get rid of this sin in Uber Chests

    Same thing happened what you said , i collected daily reward legendary chest and watched a video , opened the daily reward chest and got 1 legendary item (43gems) and chest disappeared, and i don't know that more rewards are added or not because i not remember the previous amount of stuffs?.
  10. montysingh

    Time to get rid of this sin in Uber Chests

    Today i got a legendary chest from daily reward, it gives me only one reward ,
  11. montysingh

    Time to get rid of this sin in Uber Chests

    Correct , uber gems are the best reward.
  12. montysingh

    Why is Granny Event running?

    please don't be like this. More events are coming in this month so not to get tensed.... Lets appreciate this step and hope for something better........
  13. montysingh

    Wednesday and the question arises again

    And which space to watch, the space between flare and there customer. And one more thing i want to ask is what is your job, only to keep watch on forum or you have other works too in flare. If your job is just to keep watch on forum then why you don't answer on forum and ignore us.
  14. montysingh

    Version 3.9, when?

    Yes right , but i just said that the update will come before war or after war because i haven't seen any update between events and war...
  15. montysingh

    Version 3.9, when?

    Yes , thanks to understand sarath ?☺