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  1. I have again multytap problem in game when I want to activate spells. I have this problem about two weeks but I didn't paid so much atention to that because I succeeded to acitivate spell after two or three hits. But last few days it's geting worse, and two or three hits on spell is not enough anymore , and the biggest problem is because this happening in crucial moments in fight. My first taught was that I have problem with my phone, but then my teammates confirm that they have the same problem on Android and iOS phones. My Phone : Honor 8 Android 7.0 Game version : 4.4.3.
  2. haskialen

    Player looks like he is in two alliances

    He ocuupies our slot in team but he is not in our team And we can't kick him (because he is not in our team šŸ˜‚) But he can recieve our insta troops šŸ˜‚
  3. Still crashing with this new update šŸ˜”
  4. Lost 500 trophies and counting (lost gems ,lost time, lost real money) šŸ˜”
  5. Again four crashes in a row, before it was with donkey, now with sultan guardian I didn't have any problems in conquest, only in matchmaker fights
  6. haskialen

    in review Game crash with this new update

    When I play with "sultan" guardian, everything is fine I gues ,problem is in donkey
  7. haskialen

    in review Game crash with this new update

    Nope, nothing improved with version 4.4.1., still crashing in the middle of the fight I'm giving my trophies to lucky players Now I hope that I will be attacked by the players with same problem šŸ‘šŸ˜‚
  8. haskialen

    in review Game crash with this new update

    Version is 4.4.0 I have.downloaded it yesterday but I just played dungeons and doing other stuf, not fights until now Update: Now I downloaded version 4.4.1. I hope it will be better now šŸ‘
  9. Ign: haskialen phone : Honor 8 Android 7.0 I have tried to attack some random guy, and game has crashed 4 times in a row (lost about 100 trophies) On my main screen I have 5189 trophies, and when I click on "members" or "leaderboard" , there I have 5173
  10. I have the same problem on my Honor 8, android 7.0
  11. haskialen

    Win fight= lost trophies and skulls

    But second attack was normal Also 99% , but this time 1300+ skulls and + trophyes
  12. Why this happened ? lost 8 trophies and 300+ skulls
  13. haskialen

    Trivia nĀ°13: Football Fever

    Game : Royal Revolt 2 IGN : haskialen Answers: 1.Russia, Columbia, Brazil 2. Only one time ; Geoff Hurst ,West Germany- England 1966 3.FIFA World Cup France 1938, Indonesia (Dutch East Indies) 4. Uruguay vs Egypt 5.Pakistan (Adidas Telstar 18) 6.Oceania Football Confederation 7.Netherlands and England 8.Brazil (1994,1998,2002), West Germany (1982,1986,1990) 9.FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014, (14 goals) 10.Senegal ,in two appearances they concided 7 goals
  14. haskialen

    Server Disconnection Thread! POST HERE.

    We are losing war because connection lost , our guys fails in fights because of it.And I'm failing pro league
  15. haskialen

    Trivia nĀ°12: Sports & Games

    game: Royal Revolt 2 IGN : haskialen Trivia n12 answers : 1. That sport is Skeleton 2. Southampton (premierleague)- Begovic (91.9 m) vs Stoke city 3. -Surface (ice/grass,carpet) , puck/ball, number of players 4.that peace is Knight 5.modern penthatlon sports: pistol shooting (laser run) , fencing(round robin) ,riding (show jumping) , swiming (200m freestyle) and running cross-country 3,2 km combined with shooting 6.nation is Malaysia 7. Most succesful team is New South Wales 8. Steffi Graf -13 consecutive grand slam finals 9.Cityes are Mumbai and London 10.Host country of Fifa World Cup was South Korea/ Japan and year was 2002.