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  1. When my free boost run out, and I start it again it will probably repaire itself, but until then I'm loosing a lot off time And again, 1h 45 mins for 67 pearls
  2. When my free boost run out, and I start it again it will probably repaire itself, but until then I'm loosing a lot off time
  3. Maybe it is "visual bug", but because this "visual bug" I need to wait more than 5hrs for 2k item 😂 ,and my boost is not runned out in the mid of melting proces
  4. I have the same problem every few hours or les 36 mins for 165 pearls instead of 11 mins It looks like game is not registering that free boost on blacksmith is turned on.
  5. I made the same mistake as you I think Flare must disable option to click attack button on tower where you are tower guard when you are moving with your "attacking pawn"
  6. One of the problem is that you must literally raid people (in my case, strong people in strong teams) And that works fine until you get caught up by some people eager to revenge. Then you will be.raided by his whole team and you can just watch trophies go down,and you worked for months to raise them up. If you ask me, I think that last few updates benefits only Flare because this updates are aiming to , that you must spend more and more gems if you want to be competitive.
  7. Team : Croatia We have one player who occupies our slot but he is not in our team. When I click on his info, he is.in some China team. Player name : Diah. (I don't have the cirilic letters for the rest of his name)
  8. Bring back the dungeon, so "weaker" players can have a chance to win some leagues. We don't need farm tokens. If we want to save some bread we have farm gear and farm boosts. This is ridiculous
  9. I agree with you guys. If Flare shut's down this option to replay the dungeon maps that will benefit only strong players and alliances. And "weaker" players will have just more problems and one more reason to quit this game.
  10. My team (Croatia ) was 3rd in this conquest event and didn't get boost on poison tower. I understand that (we need to be 2nd ) and that is ok. But before conquest has finished we have invested more than 10M gold in that boost to extend it. One day after ,poison tower boost was shut down. Why then this option exist when it's not possible to extend boosts after conquest ends? Now we have lost more than 10M gold for nothing.
  11. I have again multytap problem in game when I want to activate spells. I have this problem about two weeks but I didn't paid so much atention to that because I succeeded to acitivate spell after two or three hits. But last few days it's geting worse, and two or three hits on spell is not enough anymore , and the biggest problem is because this happening in crucial moments in fight. My first taught was that I have problem with my phone, but then my teammates confirm that they have the same problem on Android and iOS phones. My Phone : Honor 8 Android 7.0 Game version : 4.4.3.
  12. He ocuupies our slot in team but he is not in our team And we can't kick him (because he is not in our team 😂) But he can recieve our insta troops 😂
  13. Lost 500 trophies and counting (lost gems ,lost time, lost real money) 😡
  14. Again four crashes in a row, before it was with donkey, now with sultan guardian I didn't have any problems in conquest, only in matchmaker fights
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