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  1. Top alliances­čśÄ

    I also experiencing same, can not forge pro item with skull perk. Can someone confirm that it is possible? Or maybe it is some king of bug that prevents skull perk on pro items?
  2. Come on Flare. What use of those 12 min if I read this announcement only after the league. This is really embarrassing. My score was so affected by these different beasts. Give us at least free ticket
  3. Can't click/tap anything - Windows

    Same problem. Hope it will be fixed soon
  4. raynors raiders recruiting

    blazing knight - constantly, others during the wars. yea to the wars also, but if you will not participate on regular basis then sooner or later you will be dismissed.
  5. Raynors Raiders are looking for new members. We have strong and active core, but were lacking of support to it. Some of our members were dismissed via inactivity so new members are free to take the vacancies. We are not hardcore alliance, frequent, but not constant participation in events is requested. 100K donations and 2100 trophies are general requirements to apply, but we can discuss and accept players with lower ratings with future perspective. Friendly team are waiting for you. Join and you will not be disappointed. Raynor Raiders current level 32 current players count 27/37 Leader KngB.o.B. My IGN fishmonger the II
  6. Just now received weird bug. Had 28 battles to do. Fought an island with +2 battles reward, won it, passed to another island. But observed that total allowable battles number remained 28. Had to win that island for one more time to receive +2 battles reward. Bug occurred when I accidently shutted down the game during chest lottery. The lottery was already done, I received message tap to return and shutted down the game. Ninja event progress remained, I passed to another island, but did not received +2 reward. is it possible to somehow compensate that missing battle that I could still have possibility to conquer last island? Ign fishmonger the II. Lumia 950, WP10, bug appeared for the fist time. Previously I had experience that if during chest lottery the game is closed then all the progress of that battle is missing.