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  1. I understand that, but why exactly same items cost different? That is the question.
  2. How it is possible that two identical pro items gives different number of pearls 535 and 455?
  3. While fighting I noticed interesting thing: one of my troops was converted to enemy by firebolt tower and then shielded by enemy viking. I could not managed to see what happened when it was converted back to friendly troop. Should it still be shielded or shield should disappear? And in addition can infected friendly troops (green ones) be converted to enemy by firebolt? Actually I never noticed such event, but might be wrong. Can developers provide answers?
  4. Same problem here. In addition game hangs on this screen.
  5. While I have only donkey I can not give information when using other guardians, but game crashes with donkey only when it is activated. At least for me
  6. Actually this game crashing issue should be solved ASAP, because of upcoming fights during conquest it could have major impact for some players or alliances
  7. Well offence isn't OP at all because game is crashing all the time during raids with donkey and i'm hardly can accumulate any trophies. At the end everything is balanced I would say.
  8. The game is completely unplayable now. Today I started 15 raids. 5 of them ended with crash. It always happens when donkey is activated.
  9. Same here. With donkey, if that matters, game crashed at least 6 times. Lost about 200 trophies. Ign fishmonger the ll. Lumia 950. Same was with 4.4.0 as 4.4.1
  10. W10 mobile on Lumia 950 experiencing game crashing during raids. Already happened 3 times this day. Previously I did not experienced such game behavior.
  11. Is there any reason why daily donation is made with 24h countdown? It is one of the most annoying thing in this game. You can not always be online to wait when countdown will finish. So each time you shifting it more and more. It lead that sooner or later you will miss one donation and then it will start all over. Why not make it once per 24h? There is features with implemented such option, like daily chest and it works perfectly. Why not the same with donation? Or maybe there was thread for this issue before and developers already answered?
  12. I always liked tower defense games and since I pretty accidentally installed RR2 it is probably the longest continuously played game I've ever played
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