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  1. Hey what’s up. I can’t figure out how to get all the stars for each township. 


  2. It was fun to meet you all and share, but time to say goodbye. I'll miss this. @Nikko This is a mistake, and you know it, but what do I know
  3. Yes you are because all three are useful. I will report the post as obscene! ? jk
  4. Good to know. I used to jump to the public betas as soon as they were available, but migrating one device means migrating all of them, and since I use them for work, might not be a good idea, just yet.
  5. Someone posted that 8 hours of continuous Fading memories with nerfed loot (he set it during nighttime, weird thing) gave him the equivalent to 3 or 4 maps first loot. Not worth it in my opinion. Wait until next day and watch ads and play a few Interstate maps hard.
  6. Impulsive buy. Like don't get at home with that and wife asks why are you spending on a game? Every other day you get these and those $100 are gone quite quick. But $10 at a time does not look like a big deal, does it?
  7. Even if they don't disappear, making them read only will make people stay away. Contents will become obsolete and then who cares?
  8. iPhone and iPad. Not sure if I will move to iOS 11 soon yet.
  9. I have seen $100, $10 as rank bundles posted by people. The ones I got offered, well after reaching 30 and weeks after reaching 25, were both $100 with 19000 gold, 2 elite and 2 premium IIRC
  10. Of the game yes, but of Android? Support will ask you. See in the Settings, About or Information
  11. Sniping contest! Instead of just bulk mowing Zs, snipe 'em
  12. Also, consider the rank. Alt 30 you don't want more EXP but rather more Metal or even bolts! And titans shouldn't count as 1 kill as they are more difficult to kill, or every 10 titans an express crate or something.
  13. Which version of Android? The Google Play Store has the minimum requirements for any app to work. Maybe you need to update it on your device.
  14. Nobody really knows how power is calculated and it does not follow "best weapon has best power". It is supposed to be an overall stat for thr weapon that considers rarity and damage, but also all the other stats in the weapon. However, it is not the case as for example an uncommon, level 1 SMAW troop rocket launcher has higher power than a 5 star, level 50 rare 7.62 or an epic level 30 RKT120, and the most basic rocket launcher RKT40 has the highest power of all weapons, above any legendary Hellfire missile, something you would not expect from a less rare, more basic weapon available in lower ranks. Or a level 1 rare marksman rifle has better power than a level 40 epic I37 shotgun. Focus on damage and also overheat/cooldown for ACs, blast radius and ammo and reload time for for cannons and rockets, and ammo and lock time for missiles and gunship sniper. In general, the higher the damage, the better, but for ACs, the highest damage is done by the 5.56, which overheats quick. Some of us prefer the lower damage of the 7.62 that overheats after a much longer boost.
  15. Byns it's me, you will find him with the same name he has here OnLikeDnkyKong
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