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  1. Hey what’s up. I can’t figure out how to get all the stars for each township. 


  2. Of the game yes, but of Android? Support will ask you. See in the Settings, About or Information
  3. mabaeyens

    Alternative events?

    Also, consider the rank. Alt 30 you don't want more EXP but rather more Metal or even bolts! And titans shouldn't count as 1 kill as they are more difficult to kill, or every 10 titans an express crate or something.
  4. Which version of Android? The Google Play Store has the minimum requirements for any app to work. Maybe you need to update it on your device.
  5. mabaeyens

    Achievements not being rewarded

    There's nothing after Interstate yet, so we don't know what the requirements will be. Has happened to several of us if not all, at least for the map completion.
  6. There is a limit that's for sure. In my case, after several days checking, 6 pairs of ads per day. Others said here 12 for them.
  7. mabaeyens

    Create a World Event

    It would be pretty cool actually. You see the map of the world and clusters bigger or smaller depending on the player population. Initially those are very small as by default, all the world is taken entirely by zombies. But as players "clean-up" their maps or whatever, the clusters for the players go bigger and the dark zones get smaller.
  8. mabaeyens

    Major game exploit (cheat)

    I don't think it's that big, all buildings are squares, so you only need two pairs of coordinates for a very small grid, no need for decimals or complex keys
  9. "How to FUSE" and "What the ! Icon means" are still the top 2 questions on the community hub by far and you know it. Most people wouldn't even know what that small letter means, let alone READING about how to understand a weapon card. And changing the color palette would make you to explain rarities with two colors for each type. I'd go for the letters. AND a better filtering system in the Workshop, including a filter by rarity, for example and filtering when fusing and free tezt search (i.e.: it's "NZI" or "SNPR 25"?). I wouldn't want to mistakenly fuse a hard-earned-stupid-3 star-legendary missile I never use but who knows why I'm keeping it to an epic AC or whatever.
  10. mabaeyens

    Lost my bolts!

    Just said in a different post and following on @ABurned's above, this is beta testing for free. As long as they notice and fix it, and release the fixed version, all good.
  11. mabaeyens

    Major game exploit (cheat)

    Not really, you don't need to send all 3D models over the network back and forth. A crappy linux VPS can handle 64 players real time counter striking. You don't need to sync every tap, but after each mission or base defence. Same with weapons or rewards, a mere ID and a timestamp is all you need. I'm sure the database is not the issue, plenty of apps do that (not just games). But if that's the problem I'm happy to assist with it, sizing hardware for high availability systems and cloud storage is part of what I do for a living.
  12. mabaeyens

    Reporting KT community racist and Nazi abuse

    Use the report option in the post for political or sensitive topics
  13. mabaeyens

    Zombie Slaughter is not a challenge.

    Well, you did better than most of us! Also definitely better this than almost 3 hours to get those 80k for the same number of bolts
  14. mabaeyens

    old save

    It's not on their servers as far as I know, but on game center, except for purchases. Go to Settings > ZG Survival > Reset assets on next launch and try. Also, while on the tutorial, tap on the cog icon (Settings in the game) that should prompt you to restore your latest achievements
  15. It was more like that during beta, when all stats were upgraded and not just damage and loot bonus. So that's an easy change they can do.