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  1. I could only spend 2 fury in this war. Whenever I try to use another, the third hero enters and the game closes. The interesting thing is that the map shows the 3 heroes and their respective fury, and when opening the list of opponents to attack, only two heroes are at war. There's no way you can choose another hero to waste your wrath. Totally unable to play and help my alliance. We have other players who are also experiencing the same problem. There is no possibility of continuing this war. Cancel it, for it is the fairest to do at the moment.
  2. The forge has provided us with the advantage of creating custom items containing 4 attributes and which can be upgraded to the gold 5 star titan level. These items after reaching this maximum stage, can only be used to refine a special hero item, rare item. With the emergence of the new levels of ascension I saw the need to be able to take advantage of these items better. These items require a lot of effort to create and consume many features as well as heavily improved items. They can not only serve for refinement of a rare item. The idea I propose is that they add the option of being able to "improve" this item in the same way that we can do with a rare item of hero. In case the option to forge and improve this refined 5-star titan item, would be discarding a rare item of hero. Even though it is limited, it is only 1 time per ascent. Given this condition, we would also have a better use for the special items of heroes that we have always received repeated. We would not also have the option of cursing this rare item to try a different new item. In short ...: implement the option to upgrade (forge) a refined 5-star gold titan item, using 1 rare item of hero. I hope you evaluate this possibility and add in a future and brief update! Many players will benefit from this option!
  3. All power items were nerfed. Why and why do not they notify you along with the change notice? I always take prints of my forges and luckily I noticed what happened. It was a great loss in the strength of items, even getting weaker than it was before the last forge. I'll put one here as an example, Athena's wings. Print of other items I have saved in my backups and I will be adding here if necessary. What interests me to know about this is if they will return the items to what they were before. Nothing that was introduced in the new version should interfere with the item numbers we already have. I expect a response that is consistent with the case! Obs: I believe there may be items from other categories that have also suffered this "interference". If I confirm, I'll be notifying.
  4. After updating today 15/11/2018 I joined the game to check the news, but to my disappointment, I saw that all the chests I had were simply gone. All the chests of the last war I had not opened, disappeared. I lost several items and some features. There were only the cursed chests and the ones I had bought recently(today). This checked on 3 accounts I use, levels 130, 129 and 127. All had the chests "stolen". Will there be repair on what happened? I await an answer!
  5. Hello everyone! Unfortunately in this war we are having bugs again. I'm sad because this has been repeating itself after war. This version 4 came pouring a bucket of cold water into the rest of the moods that many of the old players still had in the game. I feel that many will leave the game for good. The bug reports posted above appear to be present in all alliances. I believe in this because I keep accounts in 4 alliances and affirm that in "all of them", the same bugs occurred. ● Spoils reinitialized, zeroes; ● Initial fury of some players simply disappeared; ● Attack performed and then new attack being released (but can not be accomplished); We also have in a group that we maintain here in Brazil, reports of alliances that are alone on the two sides of the map. I know that in the last days / weeks / month, developers are working to solve what has been happening. It comes to mind the question of why they do not return the game to the previous version, where everything flowed. Analyze this hypothesis. Would not that be the best method? Thus players would not be harmed and used as test guinea pigs where we are experiencing frustration and disappointment. We want the game for fun and are giving us some boring days. As for the ongoing war, I do not see the possibility of player satisfaction. All the alliances were damaged by the disappearance of the initial spoils and fury that were zeroed. It will be an unfair and disloyal result. Another canceled war will not be worse than not acknowledging the bugs and results that the war will provide.
  6. Besides the problems with the wars, we still have many chests being lost because there is no way to connect to the game. This new version is discouraging.
  7. Sometimes after starting an attack, if you select the last mark, the island disappears. In the last war this happened, but the island mysteriously reappeared later. Some alliances were not so lucky. I think the problem is with this markup system. Due to this poor start to the season, I suggest the immediate cancellation of the war to avoid further frustration.
  8. https://youtu.be/DerftLoTBX0 I post on YouTube.
  9. My video: https://bit.ly/2k5Scxd My in-game username: TsunamiGV
  10. Hello fellows! Again I come to bring another problem occurred in war. This time it's about unrealized war reward on one of the alliance accounts. We fulfilled the mission of defeating 1 island of 5 skulls, and this would give each member the reward of 50 gems. In this particular account, this reward was not received, it does not appear in the achievements made. Player was always present in the alliance, had participation in the war and still remains. I beg you to verify what has happened and hope to correct this problem. I'll be leaving some prints here; 1st - showing how the reward picture appears in this account, 2nd - the estate with the participation of the same... ...and also a 3rd - print showing the achievement in an account in which the reward was given correctly. Account data; Name in game: O.S.A Alliance: Brasil Atack OS: PC / Windows 10 Pro (10.1) - vers.1607 (Comp. 14393.1358)
  11. Another thing that could change is the limit of the value already donated by the members. When the member reaches 10mi in donations, the amount only becomes available after the new donations add up to 1mi. It is difficult to know if the member has improved their daily donation. Removing this limit of 10mi and releasing the count in more numbers would help a lot. Space for this has plenty, just adjust. @CaptainMorgan help us with these improvements.
  12. I am happy to have paid attention to my post and say that something I have described can be taken advantage of. We await news! Thanks for the answer!
  13. The great question is not wars, it is the alliance that must necessarily participate in all wars. Many do not have every weekend to be effectively in wars. To mitigate this, wars could be an event for "players" and not necessarily for "alliances". Those who have availability and interest sign up for the event and battle to win their prizes and maybe some for their alliance. It would be something of the kind I described here in this post. Something can be taken advantage of in what I have described. It does not have to be exactly the way I put it, but it would help if you removed this obligation from alliances and all members had to miss their weekends in a game they came in with the intention of having fun. I think less obligation, = fun + and - players leaving the game.
  14. Surely there is no way to please everyone, but the vast majority can be taken into account. The great truth is that forced wars are taking the pleasure out of the game. Just take a vote and you will get the result.
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