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  1. What if twilight sparkle, pinkie pie, rarity, applejack, fluttershy and rainbow dash was in rr2
  2. Hey that spell was already added
  3. 1-At the start of your defense path a portal has opened and 6 new pals have entered and they are about to bring with them a plethera of help and power 2-Darkness covers your kingdom, all the villagers run and hide and your troops too afraid to fight off what comes with this darkness but its what at the gate will shake your kingdom to its core. Join me at 12:00pm for the unvail of this new idea. See you soon Your kingdom is mine
  4. Its not that look September 18th 2017 my country got severely beaten by a category 5 hurricane named Maria and I lost my home and everything and because it f that I am not able to play rr2 so my emergency is to give my gave access pass to someone trusting to look after my kingdom until I'm back on my feet I can't keep this up I've missed alot of events today is some pal event and I am not able to play right now and I can't place that as a priority so before I go home today in the next post I'll post up my sign in info Thanks you for accepting this task
  5. This us an emergency help please
  6. Hey how cool would it be to have rainbow dash from my little pony friendshipis magic as a pal

  7. I haven't been playing this game for a long while so I'm lost here
  8. I carry a strong weapon with a power beyond anything you all can imagine no matter how many boosts you all have active you don't have the ability to control.  You all maybe top but I can beat you all in 10 seconds flat the crown maybe on you all heads but you all don't posses the most powerful magic of all.. 


    The Magic Of Friendship 


    This message is to all kings and queens I am platinum Aurora the prince of my kingdom Equestria surrender now or face my magic "levatates off the ground as a rainbow laser destroys  all troops,  towers and gates." 


    Here and in Equestria its the most powerful magic of all


    1. frodo


      Funny you blocked me on Facebook platinum aurora you're a disgrace and a coward! Dumb autistic killer.

  9. Seeing different yet new pals gear and such it seems I've missed out a lot ever since the passage of hurricane Maria and judging by those that attack me they seem to have the upper had and for me its easy for them to take me down. I wanna rename my kingdom and call it The Crystal Empire its center of power I'll never tell but still when the hurricane was destroying my homeland when was all these festivals?
  10. Wanna learn how to beat the ninja event watch my video 



  11. Wanna learn how to beat the ninja event watch my video 



  12. Please remove the pro league its a glitch and a hacker 

  13. Please remove the pro league its a glitch and a hacker 

  14. Towers completed as well as the other commissions

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