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  1. the freezes continue for the fifth conquest This question was opened on November 25
  2. the error is related only to conquest ... the conquest is over, the freezes are over
  3. the same here ... this delays us when we need to escape or make a quick attack
  4. this issue was opened on November 25 and no one gave a response ... we are with the same freeze shown in the videos, what are you waiting for? finish our gems? or uninstall the game? tell me how much it costs to fix the game, maybe it will be cheaper to pay for the repair than to be buying gems adilson.tte4 sansung j7 prime2
  5. just use google chrome that does the translation automatically
  6. você não tem o botão vender porque o item está equipado em algum slot, você não pode vender ou derreter um item que esteja equipado. verifique onde o item está equipado A, B,C ou D e remova antes de tentar derreter
  7. Alguém para responder? o problema continua android sansung j7 😥
  8. royal revolt 2 stopped x close app ! send comments were 5 times this same warning, and with that more than 200 trophies lost
  9. adilson.tte4 after update the game began to disconnect, I'm almost giving up playing RR2 😪
  10. occurred only during the last two conquest, after the end the freezes stopped
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