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  1. RyanPlegics

    Game aborts when Hades gets to Gate Keeper

    Known bug. Some sort of overload if the army is too big. I've found leaving enemies at the start of the bridge and letting your crew fight them while walking past them with Hades so he gets to the gatekeeper with less of an army can help prevent this.
  2. RyanPlegics

    Spoils of War

    The Spoils of War screen has prematurely changed from the Duel Spoils
  3. RyanPlegics

    Duel War Length

    5 skull island was not reachable in 2 days on the Duel map
  4. Regarding 2) You can hit those buttons repeatedly and stack time. And in the same sentence, you mention using Excel and finding it challenging to calculate. Shouldn’t Excel be calculating? Regarding 3) The offset timing does make it difficult for one person to handle all of those times, but that’s what makes a good alliance is having multiple people capable of running the well-oiled machine. I don’t see any problem with adding more flexibility. Just being a pest.
  5. RyanPlegics

    Forging process

    Since the update I have noticed my newest items have all been at the far right at the end of the list when forging. So I assume the oldest ones are now first in the list? Can someone else confirm they’re seeing the same?
  6. RyanPlegics


    Too low Leadership stat is my guess. Level her up and she should be able to ride the fire chicken into battle.
  7. Great post. Thanks
  8. RyanPlegics

    Upcoming Version 4.2.0 - The Forge

    At least we get another forge out of them at the current Ascension level
  9. The previous cost to extend Celestial Boost for one week at max level (including the discount) was 333 gems. After updating to v4.2.0, the cost is now 430 gems. It looks like the discount boost is no longer working. Or has the price increased? (There is no official announcement listing all changes yet). If this is a bug, are the other Celestial Boosts working correctly?
  10. RyanPlegics

    General Newb Guide

    Helios max is level 9 to fill in another piece. Great work.
  11. RyanPlegics

    Alliance Wars - Discussion and Feedback

    We had all of the bugs. We lost 2 torches. It seems they have stayed subtracted. This torch compensation doesn’t include us since we only lost some torches and not all?
  12. RyanPlegics


    Olympian Remmerians also accepting level 60+
  13. I unloaded that last new batch of fury and claimed my Spoils over again. Now my VP has reset to 0 again. Waiting on a 3rd batch of fury to magically appear? Edit: 4 fury have returned again
  14. We have all of these bugs as stated as well. Additional info regarding the 2nd bug: Clicking on the flashing available strike and selecting Initiate Strike gives "The current maximum Strikes have already been declared". Luckily, I claimed my Spoils as they came. Everything was looking good until my last logon. I just got a fury replenish. Not sure if it will give first Spoils reward or pick up where it left off. Edit: Spoils started over with the new fury. This war is unfair and should be scrapped. It was looking great until about an hour or so ago.
  15. RyanPlegics

    Optimizing the Forum Structure & Contents

    From the comments of some players, it seems they would rather have Bugs on top for easy access. Or rather make a new Complaints category! Hahaha