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  1. I remember seeing something suggesting additional hero levels coming. I’m enjoying the new levels, but is there an additional update coming as well?
  2. I have twice popped blessed items (the dark green, non-forgeable type) from blue legendary items chests from daily gifts. I don’t remember ever seeing that happen before the last update
  3. RyanPlegics

    Cursed Titan Chest Moving Target?

    It's believed to be related to ally bonus donation. This curse has been removed. You won't have to worry about it after you complete that one. Check the Official Announcements:
  4. I liked those too. I’m guessing the change is to make it fair for players who refuse to participate in alliances?
  5. RyanPlegics


    Yeah. I think I remember the Duel switching from 3 to 2 days after the first time. I pointed it out after the second, thinking that maybe the strike length should have been shortened too. But 5 skull is so hard these days that it doesn’t matter much anyway
  6. RyanPlegics


    I noticed that too:
  7. RyanPlegics

    General Newb Guide

    Thunder Charge max level is 7.
  8. RyanPlegics

    Flaming Hero Statue

    Correct. I was confused as well until I looked at the blessing description
  9. RyanPlegics

    Flaming Hero Statue

    Here are a few screenshots of the flaming gatekeeper for those who haven’t seen this cool guy yet
  10. RyanPlegics

    Flaming Hero Statue

    I get them all the time now. I’ll screenshot the next one I see
  11. RyanPlegics

    General Newb Guide

    Call Stag max level is 7.
  12. RyanPlegics

    Game Reset During Battle

    This first happened last October when I started the topic, so it’s been multiple game versions and iOS versions. I’m using an iPhone 6s. Thanks
  13. RyanPlegics

    Flaming Hero Statue

    It was RS. He was gold and on fire. I wasn't aware of the gold for first place. Maybe a combo of that and reflection?