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  1. RyanPlegics

    Attacker defender deficit change!?

    3rd item in the bullet list at the bottom of this post:
  2. RyanPlegics

    Titan Chest

    FYI, this hasn’t happened to me since the update. Though I’m not sure exactly what sequence of events may have been triggering it
  3. 1) Next to the war type (Campaign currently), put an info icon that displays the current war type info (strike length, strike cool down, etc.) as I can't seem to find that info page currently. 2) Make the ally icons on this screen clickable so they pop up the ally info like the old screen used to. New screen looks awesome though.
  4. RyanPlegics

    4.0 Bugs MEGATHREAD

    1) Click the II and III equipment sets and unequip there. It copied the first set onto all three.
  5. RyanPlegics

    Battle Log Indicator

    Fair point. Maybe a highlight around reports that haven't been viewed previously withing the log.
  6. RyanPlegics

    Battle Log Indicator

    In the Production screen where you collect resources, there's a Battle Log icon in the top right that takes you to the Battle Log when you click it. My suggestion is to make that icon glow like others do to indicate that there have been new battles since the Battle Log was last checked.
  7. RyanPlegics

    Game Reset During Battle

    Ouch! I always use that power on the Defender with Hades. Never encountered this before. Rough one.
  8. RyanPlegics

    Game Reset During Battle

    Game reset this morning the exact moment I used Hades' Tartarus power against the enemy Defender. There was at least 1:30 remaining on the clock. Battle considered lost. Trophies gone. Island still defended by enemy. Hades has cool down. It was definitely the exact moment I pressed on Tartarus against the Defender.
  9. RyanPlegics

    Titan Chest

    I seem to keep getting the same curse twice in a row every time. I'll break the same curse twice (for 2 different chests) before it will change. Then I'll have the next curse twice also. Not sure if I'm doing something similar every time it stays the same.
  10. RyanPlegics

    Ithacan harbor upgrade?

    165 points for 2 Godlike and 1 Titan chest at level 8 (maximum). Definitely upgrade to max. Even if you can't get all the chests, you get better ones.
  11. RyanPlegics

    Captain Morgan's Challenge - Hades Killer

    Fun challenge. Thanks! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EEhw4bwhXESzEzbF5vbiG2w0ss-TOEn5/view?usp=sharing
  12. RyanPlegics

    Stop HADES challenge, how to participate?

    Let's hope it's true. I'm looking forward to 3k gems!
  13. RyanPlegics

    Video uploading

    I'm trying to do the same. My video came out to just over 90MB. Trying Google Drive now. EDIT: I have finished uploading my video to Google Drive. It says anyone with the link can view and gave me a URL to the video, so it looks like it will work. When I put the link in a browser it says "We are currently processing this video. Please check back later." so I can't guarantee success yet, but it looks promising. I'll update again when the processing completes ADDITIONAL EDIT: The video plays correctly with the link now that processing has finished. Pasting the link in the challenge thread now.
  14. RyanPlegics

    about item pack reappear

    I have 295/300 items right now. 46 cursed. 10 forging. I don’t think it’s too crazy to have this many. Also, this includes 0 green, blue, or purple items. Waiting on gold to buy item chests to forge up more
  15. Ha. Good! My 4.7" iPhone6 screen is hardly readable and was starting to make me feel old. I can still read some of it. Hahaha