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  1. Cursed Chest Issues and Suggestions

    I had the mission to occupy 50 islands. When I couldn't finish and it expired, my next one said to occupy 31 islands. Looking at that progress bar, I think he's also partly through the previous one. It looks like the mission carries over into the next chest if the first one isn't completed.
  2. Looking for alliance

    Olympian Remmerians accepting level 70+. Looking for active war participants.
  3. What is the function of skull icon on the war?

    Higher skulls yield higher points, which allow opening higher chest rewards (and winning the wars)
  4. about unique items

    I see what you guys are saying. My only Unique I've ever come across is Achilles' Shield. It's better than any other shield he's seen. But I do have some really cool Cursed Items on other heroes that a crappy Unique would not be as useful as.
  5. about unique items

    Considering you can keep forging them once per Ascension level, they should be able to grow beyond any regular one (which gets capped after becoming a 5-star Titan)
  6. Use your unique power x times only counts the Frenzy power for Ajax. All Ajax powers are unique. This should be reworded or should count the other powers.
  7. Zeus/Hades unique gear

    I use Hades to knock off a stubborn opponent and then return him to his farm. Zeus is too weak to knock tough opponents off, so he's scrapping with weaklings and mostly just a farmer. Just trying to think of ways to make Zeus as useful as he used to be.
  8. Unlock Zeus and Hades gear to make them viewable. Keep all items as Unique so they can't be swapped to other heroes. Maybe even keep them locked so they can't be unequipped and sold. But make them viewable Uniques so we could forge in a 5 star Titan and improve the stats of these heroes once per Ascension level. Zeus needs it badly. Having Unique gear that we could forge could at least help us feel like we're improving him.
  9. My first Cursed Titan Chest was to open 150 Chests in the Vault. I burned through it in 1 day between Odyssey and running through a few targets on the Map. I previously couldn't open any chests because I didn't make fake accounts and everyone I knew already had their 1 share already used up. Great improvement for me.
  10. Hero keeps getting sent back home

    It's all about Ambrosia management. It costs 840 to be able to use all resurrections in battle (120 + 240 + 480 = 840) so you shouldn't let it drop much lower than this anyway or you're risking a loss that could have been prevented otherwise. And 840 should be able to get a hero from Mt. Olympus to any island you need also. It's obviously easier to manage high amounts of Ambrosia at higher levels, but there is still a middle ground to be found at lower levels that allows some fighting and some hero movement.
  11. Griffin And Phoenix AI problem

    I have also seen blue dots incorrectly appear between my hero in the front and the final gate and appear to move towards me (and then not be real) and I've seen red dots appear at the beginning, but never seem to do damage to my gate. That progress bar has dot bugs sometimes. Even if they're real heroes, a stopped dot wouldn't surprise me
  12. Inactive founder

    General is transferred after deemed inactive. Founder is never transferred (the reason that Founder was introduced).
  13. New Power Available sign

    I've seen Pheme do that also when you first cross a trophy threshold
  14. The Griffin Warrior

    Olympian Remmerians has an open spot if you want to join us. I could free up a couple more if needed.
  15. Black Weekend Raffle!