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  1. Bem eu não quiz dizer que a minha estátua estava muito boa, hahahahah mais o vídeo é para os jogadores conseguirem fazer uma estátua boa, pra que eles saibam quais ítens equipar no seu guardião do portão. Well I did not mean to say that my statue was very good, hahahahah plus the video is for the players to make a good statue, so they know which items to equip on their gate keeper.
  2. Thanks for the gemas flaregames. how to use powers more effectively to be able to defeat enemies faster.
  3. Hello my name is Alberto and Alberto BR commands in the game it is a pleasure to contribute to the growth of our game. Well I'm here for me and at the request of many players, we would like to ask you to add trophy levels and that by hitting that level or record, each player would get a gift, like a Titan chest or a chest with some gems, something that motivate us more, to search for trophies, this would move the game more and would also have more competition in the trophy rall. Another thing I would ask is for the game to get better and more people wanting to download it, it would be great if we had a campaign mode for each hero, a story mode would be great an individual campaign with each hero would show show browsing mythological stories, have more things to do in the game think about it. Another thing would be a global chat, which we asked for a long time and we are not taken care of. We would also like each player to have the Flag of their country so that the alliances could identify the player of their nation or that in the chat, as we see in many games, you could add a translator in the global chat would be great. Thank you and please help us.
  4. Thanks for the gems flaregames.
  5. Nesse vídeo vou mostrar como fazer o cálculo para obter os 5 baús na odisseia o número mínimo de crânios para pegar os 5 baús In this video I will show you how to do the calculation to get the 5 chests in the odyssey the minimum number of skulls to get the 5 chests Obrigado flaregames pelas gemas. Thank you flaregames for the gems.
  6. Dicas de como forja e refinar ítens ESPECIAIS//Tips for forging and refining SPECIAL items
  7. See my videos in your language watch this video https://youtu.be/LiQRg0UC3BE
  8. Espaço para texto não é o mesmo aqui no fórum e nas conversas sem vídeo / espaço para titãs deixe seu espaço para códigos titan deixar o seu aqui no fórum e nas conversas no vídeo
  9. Últimos videos sobre torres latest videos about towers Thanks for the gemas flaregames.
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