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  1. Albertojassj

    War Bug Megathread. Please post them all here.

    Hello friends I am Alberto commands BR General da Aliança Brasil titãs. Friends, I have unfortunately reported that my members have many mistakes in the game, they are not appearing the score of each of them, It stays at 0 even if they have points.
  2. please do not forget my suggestion of blessed items, they do not serve the way they are, so if they do not do nothing, they will get out of the game because it is not trash.
  3. I want to add something about the blessed item as well you could make this item a bit rare, hence who pick it could forge it with other items, hence how it is the first item in rarity, you could do that when forging from the blessed item to to the titan, we could get a special titan item would be very good because these special items do not appear in 70% of the accounts, this has already been much claimed here, but so far they have not done anything, so do this and this item will be much sought after in instead of being disowned and is nothing but junk in the game, expect them to like the idea
  4. Hello friends, I am Alberto is a pleasure is here and contribute to improve our game. I thought it was very good some changes in the update 3.9.2, but we have to improve and facilitate more the mission to release the titan chests, because there are many complaints from the players, for not being able to do the tasks that are difficult and from there we lose the other chests titans who are in the queue to be released, find some way to improve it, I think it better to increase the time of the chests, or take that time, since you have the missions to unlock them, so help us in this. Another thing, I had already said that the blessed items are unnecessary since they have no way to forge them, take them out or allow the agent to forge them. Now it's about mistakes in the game, in several battles you realize that there are many units in the defense that are acting strangely, many get stuck when climbing the barricades, please fix this, it is damaging the defenses. One more thing that is damaging the defenses is the griffin, you get a lot of time in the air choosing who to attack, or he is fleeing the battle, that is in defense and attack, help us in that too. Thank you for always improving the game, good work
  5. Albertojassj

    Introducing GalaMorgane

    Welcome friend, I hope you can help us improve our game.
  6. Albertojassj


    hello friends, I'm Alberto, once again I have come unreasonably hahahahah ask to release the special items for all accounts, not just for special accounts, explain. there's a friend of mine who has 3 accounts in the game and 1 of those accounts is special because he always receives special items he has more than 10 items, he always displays those items from that account and in other accounts he never won 1 item, just like me and many players, please help us we spend money on the game and we want all accounts to have the benefits of the spice items. thank you
  7. Hi, I'm Alberto in the game and Alberto in real life is a pleasure to be here and contribute to improve our game. Well it's about the war system. The war is getting very boring and very controlled because a form of war makes many alliances to unite so the one who has more partnership in the war gets well and this ends up leaving a war more boring and extending many alliances that suffer in the wars by not having partners in the map exactly causes 3 alliances against 1 only that is much cowardice making impossible of the alliance without friends to win a war even if it is very strong. Put in line with a system that sends 50% of alliance attacks on the left side and 50% of the right side being that the attacks are released to attack an opposing side alliance when it completes 50% attacks on the first allied attacked, so we are required to attack as 2 alliances of the two sides, then who we can partnership will have to stop attacking 50% of the attacks so to maintain a partnership will be prejudicial and not to damage much the enemy alliance, then as friendly alliances will cease to be allied and the game will be more fun, each one by itself this would minimize the ravage in the wars and everyone is satisfied with the war and the game. Thank you
  8. Albertojassj

    Unique items

    Hello my friends I am Alberto Commando in the game and Alberto Real life. Thank you for all the effort to improve the game. Once again I try to help with some improvements. This time it is about the special items. I have been playing since the items got first released and I never got any. Many players complain about the same issue, and that it is unfair that some benefit from them and some others not. With the forge we cannot get these special perks such as damage reflection. It would be good to have a way to combine the titan items in the last level of forging so we can have some special items. It would be fairer, and you can also increase the chances for the special items to drop from the titan chests. Everyone would be happy and it would be great for all. Thank you.
  9. Hello I'm Alberto Commando controls in the game and my name is Alberto. Friends I ask you to return the forces of Zeus he is very weak he is the greatest God of mythology and this weaker than the heroes marre many times. Friends, I also want to ask if you want the items of blessed heroes if you do not have the agent to forge them to get better so please either take them or let us forge them. One more thing I noticed that when I climb my Athena level and other heroes it seems that this more difficult to gain experience to pass the defenses has as you take a look ta very bad for days that I try to upar and goes up very little to experience this I speak with active prestige of 40%. Thank you so much for making our game getting better and better.
  10. Albertojassj

    mastery system

    we need that the renewal of quality and selection of which mastery is going to be replaced is not random because this harms us because we spend a lot of rewards and we can achieve a low percentage for mastery this is bad if we pay more resources the porcetagem has that increases does not diminish and we must choose which mastery is going to be replaced.
  11. Hello, friends I am Alberto jassj and Alberto command Br (Ingame names). LET'S MAKE THE MOST REAL GAME !!! Dear developers, I ask you again for improvements in the game. This time I and a few other players were analyzing the lack of one more job in the game, which we suggest is a sergeant, empowered only to recruit people. This position would be given to former members who always help the alliance, but who do not have the time or knowledge to hold a position with more powers. Also, an observation about the positions currently available is that the position of Officer is not exactly a position, but rather a class (lieutenant for general is official) as square (which is the rank of sub lieutenant for soldier or recruit). So it may not seem very important, but it would be better if they changed that to the right. It would also be good for the position of founder, because we do not have this patent in a war. It would also be better for a soldier to be called a conscript because they are new players in the alliance, leaving the position soldier to members doing their part, and the position of veteran would be replaced by that of sergeant. The captain's position would remain as it stands, the official position would change his name to Major, and the general post could continue, but it would be even better if he changed his name to Colonel, and the general would be a position below the colonel, as many are using the post of general as sub-commander of the founder. Changing the subject, I also do not understand why when I petrified the griffin or the phoenix they do not fall and break, it would be more logical, after all, they were flying when paralyzed foral ... change this, please, to give more reality to the game. Thank you, developer friends, for your commitment to the game. We are very happy for your dedication to the game that we love so much.