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  1. We lost 2strikes in a row. Since no one else striked on us. We cant use up furies. We are so screwed now?
  2. Our strike is gone and the enemy's strike worked. WTF !!
  3. Hi My in-game username is ???Reaper4Death??? Here's my Birthday Challenge video.
  4. Alliance name: ?Red Devils? Rank: top100 Buffs: (Barricades, Apollo, Poseidon, Spearman, Archer, Cyclops, Mino, Griffin or 1 war buff) all the time. 8/24 Defualt language: English, Korean Most of our members are Active&Loyal to the Alliance and we are looking for new members. We have a 'Line' app group Chat room for sharing tips and discuss war strategy (not required to join). For the loyal palyers, we match up the Titan friends for you so you can have Full ActiveTitan Friends. (Dont come and leave for it cause all your friends will be gone right after you leave) We are looking for active players who can donate 150k daily. 3 war heroes are not required but you must participate in the war? and follow the Announcement. If you can't participate the war for some reasons, just let us know. Be a part of awesome family & Have fun with us ?
  5. Alliance Name: Gods of Korea General: Reaper4Death Challenge complete
  6. Allience name: Gods of Korea General: Reaper4Death Screenshots:
  7. Hi Alliance name: Gods of Korea General: Reaper4Death Screenshots:
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