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  1. Skirmish Wars: management madness!

    Hi I'm Àcmon7 General of Gspot. This short war is to bad for all. Please finish with this war. We want only long wars. Tks
  2. Odysseus Defends His Honor

    Àcmon7 from Gspot
  3. Alysea!

    It's a shame to see that Alysea is no longer a part of you. For us players it is very bad not to have another reference to be able to ask questions and also solve problems. A recent example is that since Monday I am waiting for a response from you to my problem. I'm sure if Alysea were there, it would certainly be settled. Anyway and now how are things? Who will be with us players to solve problems related to the game? Every day that passes the OR is leaving to desire because what would be a sensational game is losing its magnitude. Let's see if at least these my questions you answer. Well, thank you for your attention. Àcmon7
  4. Celestial Boosts

    Hi CaptainMorgan How r u? Thank u for answer me. So I already did. I already contacted support but no answer yet. I hope this problem will be fixed until next war. Tks
  5. Celestial Boosts

    Well I'm waiting an answer for FG. Please FG can u guys answer me. I want to understand why this problem. Tks
  6. Celestial Boosts

    Hi My celestial boosts were before war active for another 19 days and when the war was over simply hades and Zeus were on mount Olympus. Of course I reactivate and spent gems for something that should not have happened. I would like FG to explain to me why this happened. What happened to more people? Last week after war one blessing was not activated. Btw I'm GSPOT General. Thanks for listening
  7. Celestial Boosts

    Hi all Well it's about celestial boosts. Mine was active for 19 days yet and when war ends my celestial boosts just gone. So FG can u check please. I have to spend gems now to active again. Tks anyway
  8. Chest video issue

    Hi all. Please I want to know what's happen with celestial boosts. Mine was active for 19 days yet and then when war ends my celestial boosts just gone. Well please can u FG check? Tks . Àcmon7