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  1. Dena4

    Update 4.0 coming by July end

    I hope you aren't serious by requesting +5 levels on everything. As soon as a newcomer will hear how many levels of everything is required, he will immediately quit. It just makes no sense to upgrade stuff 25 times before it's maxed, when 15+ of those upgrades take 7+ days at least and for some stuff (troops, spells and waves) you can only do one upgrade at a time. That will take 2+ years without speeding up with gems. We have 11 different kind of troops (excluding monsters) and 12 different spells if I calculated well. I am not going to play more than a year to get everything back to max. Since there will be a lot to do in the conquest mode, I seriously hope they give us max 1-2 levels, but seriously I hope zero additional levels. I know already I am wrong, since FTB told us they go to balance towers, so that it's worth to put them outside castle gate area. So I expect at least a couple of levels to defensive structures.
  2. Dena4


    Lol, I first got the offer of Aska with 250 gems and 10k pal food for €3,- of Friday. Since flare seems to be not interested in Windows users (we have to wait till new release till this is fixed. when there would have been an issue with buying stuff for cash, it would have been solved in no time.), I refuse to spend a dime any longer on this game. Not that I spend a lot lately, but still. Guess what was offered yesterday? Aska with 500 gems and 10k pal treats for €4,99. Nope, not interested in sponsoring them.
  3. Dena4


    Not in the world of flare. They show that they don't care for a certain group of players, by not making a new release for a simple fix. Players affected just need to bleed and wait for 6+ weeks, flare doesn't care.
  4. Why not make the layer played next time depending on the one played this time in case you scored first place? When you score first place next time you play the next higher level minimum. Only when you don't become first place, you play at level according to your trophies. I will give an example. Say you play layer 9 and become first place. Then automatically play layer 10 minimum next time. Only when you raise your trophies up to layer 11 or higher you play a higher level, but even after dumping trophies, minimum layer is level 10. Now say you don't score 100% and don't get first place, then next time you play layer of your trophy layer. That way you can't keep hiding low to win ninja event every time.
  5. Dena4

    Phoebe and other pro beasts

    Tried that often, but problem is that knights die by first damage that phoebe deals, so sometimes also no knights remaining to do damage. I think it's the shield that makes your knights survive, I nowadays raid with three offensive spell, that may cause the problem.
  6. And then they will not add that part to the release notes, just like previous time. 😫
  7. Dena4

    Windows Advertising Problem

    And you reside not in Europe? That's the reason why, it's a GDPR problem, already fixed in release 4. So Windows players need to wait till that release.
  8. It seems they have fixed it already, but only did fix it in the new release.
  9. Dena4


    Yes, I will. It's no use to get upset. Like I said, you were right.
  10. Dena4


    Let me guess... Developers have made already an enormous amount of changes inside the code on the main branch (new release) and to isolate the fix only and bring out a new release is hard. Let me open a world for the non developers amongst us. To tackle/handle exactly such situations most companies use version control systems. We can go back to any point in time, make a separate branch on exactly any moment we like (read: code changes back to the situation it was on that moment). Make the fix on that isolated separate branch that represents the latest released Windows version, problem solved. Sounds simple doesn't it? well... In fact it's indeed that simple. Making such a branch takes less than a minute, hardest part is to lookup exactly on which version number the branch must be made. The code containing the Vungle section wasn't altered. It is now, but for the rest it will likely be the same code in both main as new branch. To make same change in the isolated branch is just a copy-paste action, followed by recompiling plus deploy and it should be fixed. I can only conclude that @cr1 is right and I was completely wrong, accept my apologies. Windows users aren't important at all. We have to wait till end of July. Least thing flare could do, is to admit it's not Vungle to blame. If Vungle was the one to blame, we didn't need a new release to fix it, it would already have been resolved. Since we know the videos in Europe for Windows users work, but give still no reward...
  11. Dena4

    Phoebe and other pro beasts

    Nope, since everyone will chose the option not to fight the (pro) beast, unless fighting the (pro) beast gives a clear advantage (more gold or xp). When not fighting the beast, would it also mean to exclude the pal? It depends also on base design how hard the beast is and with what kind of troops you raid. When beast appears in adjacent lane, you can say goodbye to non ranged troops, I have seen my ogres been slaughtered, before they could even reach phoebe beast. Then it's hard to get the beast down, with no ogres remaining. when I was raiding with ranged troops (without boosts), phoebe killed all ranged troops before they could even do serious damage to him. It all depends on the situation. If you are able to run forward and are able to keep moving that beast away from his healing circles, it's down pretty fast. Having said that, sometimes too many healing circles appear and the beast just keeps healing itself and that should be prevented. When he casts a new circle, the old circle should disappear, but that's my opinion. I think main problem is we don't use the right set of spells. I most times don't raid with toxic cloud and that can help a lot getting phoebe down. It slows him down and in the meanwhile your troops can take measures to beat it. And for using the right set, it would be handy to know what beast we face. Knowing that a phoebe awaits me, I would take out one of the spells and replace it by toxic cloud. Maybe a top player can share his knowledge with us and tell how he beats phoebe beast.
  12. Dena4

    Videos doesn't give reward

    We know you don't care, first you need to lookup the word care and translate it in a correct way, it's hard to understand otherwise. But I respect your opinion Cromka, it's your right to think that way. At least you have fun, am I right?
  13. If they didn't support Windows with this game, I would not complain, I would not even play this game. But the game is available on Windows and videos are working. Only, rewards are not given by receiving an unknown result from Vungle. Only because they have other priorities, players have to wait for months till something easy, what has a huge disadvantage is fixed. I work with Xamarin nowadays, our software supports Windows, iOS and Android, so don't tell me how hard it is to develop software for multiple platforms. Any other software company should try to ignore bugs that have negative impact on the system, not helping a customer who reports a problem and letting them wait for a long time, when there's no workaround. Yes, there is one, install bluestacks and install the game there, are we getting nuts? This is similar like telling a customer to throw their device away and buy a better one. I know flare developers will be extremely busy, since the new release must be ready at any cost. Been there, done that. Boss sets milestones and release dates and no matter what, the release must be ready at that moment, even when it means that you need to work in the evening and even in the weekend. I know it sounds hard, but even just reading that piece of information that Vungle wrote seems to be asked too much. How often I did research in my own time, I lost counting. I can tell you that this is not that hard to fix, it's all about priorities.
  14. They should have spend time required to create that 5 minute video to read what Vungle said about GDPR and followed up that advice instead. Then Windows players in EU would not have to wait for more than 6 weeks for the videos to be fixed.
  15. Dena4

    Videos doesn't give reward

    And that they will not admit, they might fix it after release of version 4.0 at end of July. So we literally can sit back and "enjoy" not losing time on watching videos for a legendary video chest or boost of stuff, like blacksmith, that starts today. So Windows users from Europe have a choice, pay 50 gems for boosting blacksmith or having problems melting down a lot of pro and uber items. The most annoying part is that they not even give a single response, does it mean they even will not make an attempt to read what Vungle advices? Stop acting like an Ostrich, act.