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  1. Dena4

    FG, please do an introspection

    It seems alliances that did research +3 raids will get alliance gold back.
  2. Dena4

    Thank You Flare

    I hope for a community week, starting with blacksmith. And now a joke, boost your defense included🤐😲😡. So more forged, stronger defense😇😈
  3. Dena4

    Thank You Flare

    Ah, give them time to put those conquest boosts into those islands. And to make it worse, combine all possible boosts (pro and seasonal plus now conquest) boosts to make it hard to get first place. Then we start to fail just like now on island 5 out of 30, since we get almost impossible to destroy gate towers.
  4. Dena4

    Sad proof of inactivity in-game

    I tried to beat my base with skull gear (kickback aura ring). Tried really a lot of combinations, dracomancer included. Even tried Ceres, panda, Irmgard plus Kaiser as pal. Best result was firestorm, shield, bladestorm and starting with plenty of knights plus one ogre for stun effects against my ogres including Ceres, Irmgard also not bad, although I never did raid with him. Made it to the gate. Rest of combos, not even close. Then tried with my heal ring instead, with blizzard, firestorm and heal. Not a chance, so then with bladestorm instead of blizzard, plenty of dracomancers and wolf and ogre. Last second I made it. Then a more crazy combo, shield, toxic cloud and firestorm. I was surprised, but yes, that combo is more successful, giving dracomancer just more time for dragons. Crazy solution, but it works. Having said that, switched heal ring for kickback skull ring. Nope, huge fail. So it's playing with 4 out of 5 skull gear till that stargazer boost is over during war season. With just 4 raids, there is no room for mistakes, can't take the risk losing 2+ raids.
  5. Dena4

    4.0 Bugs Megathread

    Thank you very much @Madlen, very kind of you to arrange it. I appreciate it very much.
  6. Dena4

    Sad proof of inactivity in-game

    I can make it even more crazy. Last ninja event I only did island 30 in silver league. Result, second place.
  7. Then discuss it there. @AwesomestKnightest is correct, no need to discuss it here. They really had no intentions to hurt your feelings and they give very good reasons why they don't participate next time (Exam sounds a very good reason to me, that was one of the arguments!).
  8. Dena4

    i think flare didnt test anything

    Yes I know, quite impossible, unless you use panda, heal, shield and other protective things. In my own base without dragons, I came no further than 27%, including use of heal ring. It tells the story, since I usually have more than 30 seconds left. To make it even more crazy, I lost against bases where I usually have more than 60 seconds remaining. Only thing they forgot is to add purtrid prawler instead of turbo paladin or another defensive boost. Then it would be a real gem attracting event for defenses. Shoot, now we can expect those next time, together with other defensive boosts.
  9. Dena4

    i think flare didnt test anything

    I do have those rings and I really forged my heal ring up to 118%. Kickback aura ring only is useful when the bases you face have plenty of skull or boosted bomb towers. So with current boosts, I expect to face more firebolt plus snake tower and maybe gargoyle tower bases. Heal ring isn't everything, the stargazer damage has been increased a lot, before it just tickled an ogre a little bit, when shielded. Now it really deals a massive blow. So even restoring 3.5k health per second doesn't save your army, when 2+ stargazers explode. Best tip I got was ignoring those stargazers, by screaming and pull ogres away from them and move on. Then at least your army survives and hopefully the heal ring converts back converted troops. When choke point is secured, summon some ogres together with knights for doing the cleanup. If your team is fortunate to still have dracomancer, use that one. Unfortunately, majority won't have that option. Yep, either they tested it and have done this on purpose, payback time or... which is more likely, they never tested this combination with conquest boost, plus pro firebolts. Next couple of days it's hard, fortunately there are a lot of team not interested in mummy season. I even gave advice to my team to get number 6, just keep the other boosts active and save gold by not participating. Players can try, no need for defensive boosts. The new boosts will do the job, combined with stargazer.
  10. Dena4


    Like I predicted, removing correct words and replacing them by nonsense text has higher priority. Yes I know I am working on some nerfs now. We are not children, so stop treating us like them.
  11. Dena4

    FG, please do an introspection

    Cannot give more likes today, sorry. Some companies they think they can get away with everything. Without any bit of respect or whatsoever. Instead of feeling ashamed, they even knock on their chest when they see themselves in the mirror. We players should look into the mirrors ourselves. Yes, I have been a fool, promoting this game for so long. What was I thinking, similar like trusting a wolf protecting a pack of sheep, the outcome is same. Inspect? They even don't test. As soon as we discover a new bug, we only hear, we will inspect it and fix in a future version. Why was it not tested at all, before releasing it?
  12. Dena4

    Other games.

    I advice Dora, more relaxing. Give it a try.
  13. Dena4

    Conquest Mode - The Aftermath

    Are you sure about that? That I hide around 2800, does not mean I fight only players 2800-. I seriously raid players up to trophy level 4500 when I search for gold. You are right I am not using matchmaker at all for that, you should try it. I just open alliance screens in our neighborhood, look for players with plenty of gold. I avoid some bases, depending on a boost for example. I only use matchmaker just before ninja season to raise trophies and when it starts, I use it to dump trophies. Plain reason is gold. I know I can't always leave my army, otherwise a skull tower or anything else can do serious damage to my main army, when I run ahead. So indeed, it's not always an option. But you also know sometimes what is coming up, since you also did raid some of those bases multiple times. And then you know when to go forward. It's indeed not always possible. When gargoyle nests are your nemesis, either practice or avoid them.
  14. Thank you for explaining your situation. Sounds like similar story, our members were also exhausted, with this alliance chat impossible to coordinate all members. I already gave enough comments on those 'fantastic' rewards, I can only say your team makes the right decision. Too bad for the team facing you on that map, but that's not your team their problem. Good luck with your exams.
  15. Dena4

    Conquest Mode - The Aftermath

    Those I use already. It's my best combination so far. WPO (wolf, pyro, Ogre). I only need to summon some more ogres I guess.