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  1. Biggest Scam Ever?

    Actually the likes are just a measurement that others like us spending time plus energy helping others. We don't get any reward from flare for being high in likes. Most important is that other players are helped, that's our reward. Members like oPelle flare should be honored by flare, they should build a statue for him in the game, what he did is incredible. But to be on topic, when you need to spend gems for an offer that you can accomplish by yourself fast by raiding, I consider it a waste of gems. Tresure chamber level up plus full treasure room can be done by raiding, so that's wasting gems. Evrybody can put a price on something. In this case it's not worth it. Leveling up hero level at later stages by an offer might be worth it. 100m+ needed per level can cost you 1-2 months. For a few k gems, that might be a bargain. You get higher value items. But I would kindly refuse the offer that our young friend got.
  2. multitouch not working in fights w10 PC

    I see you indeed posted this topic here. Are there .net related logs? If so, can you post a message here. Also any text or message would be welcome. W can then search what might be causing this and hope to find a solution.
  3. So health we can exclude. Maybe flare can give us the information and explain to us, what determines order of those towers plus troops.
  4. You can test also where it depends on, tower health, xp and so on.
  5. It might be related to xp points you get from structures, the order in which they are displayed. Having said that, in Wikia I only see xp points for towers without forges (not complete, firebolt max level isn't filled in for example). I honestly expect forges not to influence xp points, also boost don't do that. It's an interesting question.
  6. I today changed my farm gear a bit, replaced all non farm items by items holding xp gear. So it shoud now help during the time I raise trophies and do ninja raids. I leveled up a couple of days ago, did raid this morning without xp gear, it went up slow the xp, however I raised remaining trophies with combined wardrobe and I already got close to 7M xp within one day. That helps a lot.
  7. Need verification on lvl 8 Ceres Pal

    Mine also has 18 morale.
  8. Server Maintenance?

    Indeed, two maintence breaks within a couple of minutes, could do exactly one raid and there once again is the maintenance break information.
  9. Pal collector event (with Fritz as special guest).
  10. Is loser bonus variable during a war?

    @GalaMorgane , We are not talking about individual player bonuses plus champions. We know that champions get higher skull percentages and that it depends on the number of declared champions. We talk about this bonus it's the bonus a team gets after losing a war. We start a war season and no team lost a war. So every team starts with a predefined bonus. For current war season this is 10%. Then the first declared war ends, one team loses, say this is team A. Team A has now a loser bonus. When before any war ends a new war is declared by or against team A, the loser bonus is added to original bonus and that's the bonus we see for the next war for team A. It's actually very simple, when a war ends, new loser bonus statistics are calculated for each team and those current stats are used for the total bonus a team gets during the newly started war. The total bonus is a constant for ongoing wars, it should never change during an ongoing war. But what we see now is this What we see now, is that on the header of each war, the total loser bonus per team actually changes during a war in progress. It seems that wars that ended do influence already started wars, at least this impression we get from the changing numbers. This should never be the case. A bonus (original skull bonus of 10% this war plus 4.8% or 5.8% in those screen shots) should stay constant for ongoing wars. That's the question topic starter asks. Is it a display bug or did something change, so that even during war seasons, later ended wars influence the bonus?
  11. Birthday chest

    You can always not open a daily chest for a day when the birthday chest is displayed on the last day. In that case you will miss the uber chest, instead of the pal chest. It's what you prefer. It might not be the best option, but it might help you to get the pal inside chest (which most likely only will be donated to the alliance)
  12. I was actually killed due to such a nice dragon animation. I just ran out of hitting range of some hyper ogres, dragon animation pulled me back between them, after animation hero stood still, it was just slap, hit and bye hero. Another time I entered gate area with just enough troops to destroy the gate in time (I had more than 10 seconds left with wolf plus a bunch of knights!). Constant dragon animations in a row, each costing me 2-3 seconds, made me even not reach the gate. For the record, not even a dragon hit the gate due to constant animation. Bye victory, since time was over. Losing precious seconds per animation is just unacceptable, also pulling hero into a conplete wrong direction plus wasting spells by this sudden animation should not happen. I would appreciate to have an option to turn this animation off. I honestly have seen it that much this season, that I absolutely hate this animation.
  13. Is loser bonus variable during a war?

    Maybe we should get rid of fiefdoms. They are not good and I will explain why. Worst case scenario is that we lose 3 fiefdoms and best case is winning 5 of them. Total difference is 8. This means that when you win 5 fiefdoms you can face next season a team that lost all their fiefdoms, making the difference 8 fiefdoms. With all kind of respect, even war boosts won't help you to win a war against a much stronger team. What is also wrong with current seasons is that strongest team decides which other team will get which reward. Say team A is strongest on the map and team B is second strongest. When team A locks team B in a corner, there is no way they will ever can reach second place, in fact, when team A decides to raid team B and reduce their fiefdoms, they even don't get a reward. A realistic scenario nowadays is that a very strong team located in the center cuts the map in two parts and the rest can face 5 days in a row one or two other teams. In most ideal scenario, we would face each team twice during whole season, but I never saw this happen, since cornered teams need to fight their way through the center. That's why most wars also happen there, unless the clearly strongest team has it's fiefdoms there. Losing a season is logical, some boosts teams aren't interested in. It's because we can prolong the boosts we are interested till end of next season that we can win them. So the chances increase to win the boosts your teams want, by dropping unwanted fiefdoms when you aren't interested in a specific set of war boosts. Also... you don't risk to face top teams by having too many fiefdoms. That's why I suggest to demote current war boosts and make them normal boosts. Make the season boosts the rewards and only prolong them to start of new season, with no possibility do prolong them. So everyone starts a new season without any advantage. Only advantage you have then, is to boost the demoted war boosts. I would like a system where we don't need to declare a war, but just need to fight each team twice. Then there is no need for a loser bonus and teams will do their best to win the season, unless all seasonal boosts aren't interesting.
  14. Alliance Wars: Assessments

    Reason is the spam messages we had in the past, sometimes a few pages of spam need to be removed, before we could see existing topics. So to prevent spamming, this is a good idea, to limit topics for newcomers to max one on first day.