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  1. Dena4

    skull feature

    During war raids, most players aren't interested in the pro bonus, they need items to increase the odds to win the raids. Special perks are interesting, otherwise they need to be leadership or scream in my case. For weapon I have fire staff and am now working on winter club that makes troops get faster. As gloves I have indeed the hero scream. When I compare the pro weapon and glove, my current one have better stats. Having said that, it depends on the fact what max skull percentage is of a pro item… If pro gear weapon plus gloves can be forged in skull percentage higher than 6.9, for example to 7.2%, it might be worth it, otherwise it's not. If skull perk would be on zombie gloves, it would be very interesting, now it's not (for skull gear, it's interesting for other raids). We can't turn gloves and weapon into skull perks by removing second stat, so other pro weapons plus gloves aren't interesting.
  2. Dena4

    Remove skull chest in CoF

    We asked this a dozen of times. Not even a single answer. They say 75% that first chest is correct. I seriously dare to doubt that, the real number is actually way lower. We had 5 wars so far, out of those 25 raids at least 10 times I did need gems to find the skulls. And it's not only during this season, lately more and more failures occur on first chest during war season plus conquest. I understand it's a nice source of gems, but this has nothing to do with skills. And risking 15-45 gems for finding the skulls, is just too steep. If inside the cof the odds were way higher to find gems, it would still be a good option, but now it just doesn't feel great after a new failure on first chest.
  3. It was indeed 1 gem per 7-8 gems spend. That gem ratio is fine with me. I would be happy when gems for cof would be reduced to 8-10 and that after paying gems, next chest always is success. That way we would not need 45 gems to find 100- skulls.
  4. Ok, then flare must do some research.
  5. Time per pearl depends on blacksmith building plus unlocked slots plus blacksmith boosted or not. Check here, You can bring down time to 20 seconds per pearl if you unlock all slots and max building. During this blacksmith, pearls are converted at 30% less time, so 14 seconds per pearl, but only when you have max blacksmith buildings plus unlocked all slots. A boosted one converts a pearl every 4.66 second. In your situation you have blacksmith building level 8. So that reduces the time per pearl down to 18 minutes per pearl. You also unlocked 4 slots, reducing the 18 minutes down to 16 minutes or 960 seconds per pearl. During blacksmith you need 30% less time, so 672 seconds or 11 minutes and 12 second per pearl. If you boost blacksmith it would need 3 minutes and 44 seconds per pearl. When blacksmith is not boosted it will take indeed more than 12 hours for those 69 pearls. I advice you to boost your blacksmith, so that you gain those pearls faster 3 minutes 58 seconds displayed per pearl is incorrect.
  6. Dena4

    One troop raids

    There are players that can beat bases without troops, just spells and pal. It's a different story when one or no spell is used again bases with max towers.
  7. Dena4

    Pro Festival

    Nope, Ceres is way better. Not interested in any of those 'good' items.
  8. Last items are melted when blacksmith will not be boosted any more. 2k+ items need more than 2 hours to melt, so boost of blacksmith will expire before the last item will be melted. If you want to speed up melting the items, don't put in items together that need more time than the boost lasts. Then those gems asked are way lower. Put in max 2 2k+ items plus some lower items after you just started the boost, then you get lower prices in terms of gems for skipping cool down.
  9. Sergeant rank is there.
  10. Dena4

    Pro Festival

    I get a lot of raids 150k- now, I already jump for joy when I get 250k+ raids. I raid with farm gear nowadays, works much better, can do endless raids with them. I get a lot of bases way too strong for the trophy level where I reside after dumping 1k trophies. Everything pink, all pro boosts, including archer, jester boxes, pro firebolts and even heal towers. To make it worse, even all conquest boosts, including the viking appear pretty often. I wonder what alliance keeps those players? I beat the bases, but only due to build an army first technique. For blacksmith I use luck gear to get items, that works great.
  11. I understand, since bases indeed became much harder due to the bugs. I was in a few wars during conquest, used exactly one resurrection (***** mistake of me against a phoebe beast) and two scrolls in total, when I used incorrect spell combination. I was lucky for sure that at our level, we don't need to raid 4500+ players.
  12. I didn't remember that I quoted you already, is the simple answer.
  13. Like I said, if they tested in an environment where the wolf/battlecry bug already was fixed and heal ring was working like expected, then heal ring is fixed also. And it is fixed. What should have been tested, is whether or not in the released version 4.2.0. this reported heal aura bug also existed or not. And for that you need to have a player account as developer, plus the heal aura ring. All by all it works again, so end good, all fine.
  14. Dena4

    Pro Festival

    I even got a raid for 32k gold, really??? Not that I need gold, but that's really low amount of gold for a single raid.
  15. One problem is that high hero levels also have highest skull percentage gear in general and the difference usually is immense. Most high hero in strong teams have minimum of 32.5% skull perks. So when they fight hero level 95 for example, they gain 1345 skulls + 50% + 100 for the cof skulls => 2117 skulls for one raid. The opponent with low or no skull gear can score 1015 + 50% + 100 skulls in cof => 1622 in theory. In fact they don't reach the gate, but only by skull gear the difference is already over 500 skulls for one single raid in the advantage of the high level hero. In reality however the low level hero can be glad to score 50 skulls. So yes, it's unfair, this scoring mechanism. I don't see a good reason why skull gear should play any role in wars during conquest. Also take in the fact that a low level player unlikely declares war against the high level player, makes it even more unfair. I don't really see a simple solution to this, since it would also be unfair that a bunch of low level player has any chance to win against a high level player.