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  1. Beast - pl

    Yes it is Phoebe, but it's not in the shop right now.
  2. It seems that raiding players lower the barrier is more large. I can get still a trophy of players 2k lower than me. That's not the point. Since ninja event, trophies are important, since they determine your layer.Especially for top players, keep them happy and the game lives prosper, ignore them and say bye to the game. Is it fair that a player raids you, not breaks the gate and still gets trophies? I don't think so, since the raider is the only one responsible for the raid, not the defender. Is it fair that the player who failed can keep attacking and strip even more trophies after having failed plenty of times? No it isn't, still this is allowed. For the top players they made a trophy strip prevention range, they shoukd add a range also to players you can gain trophies against. You should not gain trophies fighting players 700 trophies lower than yourself.
  3. Gold loot noticeably less today

    Long time ago there was the one gem for bread method/trick indeed. Then gold and everything was reset and reserve gold in the pot in reserve for you was refilled. When you indeed do a lot of raids, your personal gold reserve from flare will be depleted. You see that after a couple of raids. Check a person that is for example online, this can be a member of another team who is online. Raid other players and check him after every raid. Gold given will be reduced. And after a couple of raids this will be even lower. Now let another player raid this person, after raid check again. Gold is now reduced a lot. When you raid players who already have had some raids against their bases, their gold is somewhat more protected. The extra gold you get from flare can be the problem. Not raiding for a few hours will add some gold reserves to the personally gold hat flare created for you. Buying food is one of the ways to restore the gold indeed.
  4. Patch Updates

    The freeze is solved, why they didn't mention it? It's a good thing to tell.
  5. It's done to prevent trophy stripping and one of the reasons are the ninja layers. Say you can fight in highest layer and some players want to prevent that at any cost. They raid you with much lower secondary accounts and take your trophies away. Suddenly you don't play in highest layer due to this. As a result, your ninja is less strong. The war season after this you face that team. At top alliances this was used to make sure players of teams they would be in war with, don't participate in highest layer, just by stripping trophies. To prevent this, flare introduced a range of 700+ trophies. When a player has 700 trophies more than you, he won't lose any trophies when you raid him. Latest release (3.9.1) also seems to have created a minimum trophy amount from where you can gain trophies. When you raid a player much lower in trophy range, before you could still gain trophies. Now in fact you can't.
  6. Gold loot noticeably less today

    I don't know if flare changed something, but when you get a lot of trophies pretty fast, gold in range where you are at that moment seems to be dried up. And when you even raid players from much higher trophy areas, the problem only increases. Did you raid top 100- bases and did you win those raids? Then the problem is that match maker algorithm thinks you are way too strong for your current trophy range, especially when some players in that range didn't beat your base while raiding. Main problem is that trophy algorithm expects you to have much more trophies and you are much stronger. There are 2 ways to solve it, either climb more trophies (not always possible) or dump trophies and with dumping I mean a lot. Doing nothing makes it worse, so that's not the solution. Around 1.5 years ago I made the mistake to climb in trophies up to 4800 pretty fast. Before war season I always hanged 4000-4200 trophies, sometimes 4500. But after one season I had around 4800 trophies, beating a lot of 5k bases (at that moment 6k+ trophies were doable by top players). While hanging around 4000 trophies, players 4500+ still gave me reasonable loot (250k-), but when I suddenly raised trophies up to 4800 situation changed drastically. At those days, some top players opened their bases sometimes and one classic mistake was to raid them for the easy gold. Match maker adapted since I beat very tough bases (because they opened their base!) and as a result almost no opponent gave any gold. I could even select top 10 bases, I got around 200k- gold max (not that I was able to take it) offered. Most bases gave 150k- and after a few raids I could be fortunate to receive 50k. And I needed to raid players 4500+ to get any gold, lower players gave absolutely no gold. And to make it worse, everyone that successfully raided me, gained 600k gold. You absolutely lose max amount of gold. That's horrible while you need to do upgrades, even with a shield for a day, I had hard times to score 10M+ gold. Another high player told me the solution, either raise trophies or heavily drop them and stay there for at least 5 days to let match maker adapt. Raising them would mean I needed to leave my team and join a much stronger alliance. That was no option for me. Since my team had medium boosts I decided to dump trophies. The only correct way to do that, is by deliberately losing raids (it has double effect, you lose and matchmaker thinks you aren't such strong raider after all plus you lower trophies). And when I say dump trophies, I mean really dumping them by starting a raid with matchmaker and retreat. Do this till you lost 1000-1500 trophies. Then, whatever you do, stay low in trophies (hang around in that range) for at least 5 days in a row. And when you then raid, raid players in old trophy range or somewhat lower. First day you see almost no improvement, second day situation becomes somewhat better. After 5 days plenty of gold is there. One thing you need to do although. Nowadays you don't gain extra trophies from beating players 700+ trophies higher. You still need to lose some raids deliberately against weaker players, otherwise gold once again is lower. I first got plenty of gold from players 3500+ trophies, nowadays I need to raid players 3800+ to get 500k+ gold per raid. Since I also don't need gold any longer, I don't raid them that often any more, unless it's war season. The day before ninja event, I raise my trophies again. The moment that ninja event is started, I start dumping trophies to get under 3000 trophies (most times 2700-) . Only lately it's getting harder to raise trophies, so if you want to play harder ninja events, this isn't really an option, or you must have enough time to make your trophies climb again.
  7. More info in attack history

    I would only be interested in videos of raids that beat my base. It would help also to detect cheaters in case of very strange victories. I had one who beat my base with plain arblasters. I raid his base and his arbs felt like not forged at all on anything. Such a raid I would love to check.
  8. New War Boost: Freeze Gate

    I am not the one who is confused, in fact you are young man. You show signs of serious RR2 addiction lately. So my advice is to relax and realize it's a game, no more no less. Don't spend all day long on this game, your school is more important. The goal of a defensive boost is to make it harder to win 100%. the suggested boost is not making it harder to win at all, since a hero scream will remove that slowdown effect. It's in fact making it more easy to win 100%. LacunaC is completely right. Even when raiding a very simple base, the faster the gate goes down, the harder it is to destroy towers at the gate area. Wanna test it? Raid a base of 500- trophies with complete gate area filled. Use your troops and make sure to stay with them till just before the castle gate area. When you arrive there, you have plenty of time left for sure. Even only offensive ninjas will be enough to destroy the gate in no time. Since the gate goes down by the slightest touch/damage, the odds are higher than zero that you don't score 100%. Now imagine those troops are slowed down indeed and do less damage to the gate. It's no doubt the gate will fall, only... You get more time to destroy the towers, it's as simple as that. And that's in 95%+ times the case for sure. when players fail, the fail earlier in the raid by hero being killed or troops killed by towers/beast. What makes it easier to prevent it? Yep, slowing down troops, preventing them to do their damage. Only the raiders arriving at the last moment might lose due to being late, but that's more the mistake of the raider or due to other boosts/towers/troops. Anything making it harder to destroy the gate will increase the odds to win 100%. A doom gate kills troops plus hero when he isn't careful, so then it makes sense. Slowing down troops when there is plenty of time left makes no sense at all. And during majority of raids, there will be more than enough time left. So what purpose has slowdown on troops? None I would guess, since ogre is immune for slow down effects.
  9. New War Boost: Freeze Gate

    It's not a stupid remark, it makes complete sense. When troops are slowed down by the gate, the gate will not fall as fast as it should. So hero has more time to reload spells and still destroy those gate towers. Gate towers are a different story, I still think that time should go on, when gate falls and gate towers didn't fall yet OR that those towers didn't do what they should do, protect the gate and should be counted as destroyed.
  10. About Bomb Kick Aura and Doom Gate

    Yep, kickback aura also kicks back skull bombs from the doom gate. So it protects troops nearby hero in fact.
  11. What is this?

    There is a search option on top of the forums. This is already asked several times.
  12. About the Forum Trivia

    Gems are rewarded, 1600 gems I got (also included fun answers as usual, it's a few minutes work for 100 gems). Instead of gems, come to me.... I can now say. Gems, came to me...
  13. Skeleton Pal

    Why not the grim reaper?
  14. BlackSmith Event..::New Rule!!??

    I can confirm this, I added a few low pearl value items (grey ones, worth 30 pearls in total) and I still received 90 pearls for them. So we can call that message a "false positive"
  15. I used pearls wrongly

    That's indeed sad. Making it worse, you forged them all 5 and did not see 8 days and 7 hours after every successful forge. I mean, cool down clearly says 8 days 7 hours. After first forge you should be aware of that. I hope for you Flare helps, but I fear they won't do a thing, since you should have seen it after forging first item. Otherwise they need to lower cooldown for everything already in cool down. I see it from your point of view, but in this case I would say, lower cooldown of stuff forged also to max 12 hours. Then everyone can forge what he wants. This is suggested multiple times, but always ignored. I also have stuff in cool down, like my kickback aura ring with skull perk. That will be ready 12 hours after start of event. Try to understand that when flare helps you, they have to help everybody else. I think flare will tell you to spend the gems to skip cool down. Unfair? Yes, but it is what it is. During this war season, you already benefit from the few skulls extra, so just turning it back is not really fair.