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  1. Dena4

    Royal Guardians coming soon!

    Wow, someone already bought 500 chests? Spending 750.000 gems on first day is a lot. It's indeed insane that someone needs to spend another 3.000.000 gems to make them level 10 (max???). Are they nuts? What's next, guardian beasts to counter them and make defense no longer a joke?
  2. Dena4

    Royal Guardians coming soon!

    You indeed need more guardians of that same type to upgrade. So even more forcing players to buy guardian chests to get enough of one kind to be able to upgrade. Payers can get easily higher levels, while cash free players can be glad to be able to get level 3 of guardians with exception of the most common guardians.
  3. I think defense now seriously needs a buff, but this time we need finesse. Some stats need to be increased a lot, otherwise offense keeps being overpowered, but it needs to be done in such a way that spells and troops don't become obsolete. So just increasing stats of towers and obstacles isn't the solution. Adding way more health to towers would make some spells less effective. It must be prevented that they become more or less obsolete. So spells damaging towers also need to be increased somewhat to be able to take out towers. When firestorm for example suddenly would no longer destroy firebolts or LT, it would be a serious problem. When we let towers deal more damage, we risk that troops become obsolete, since they no longer survive that massive damage, unless also troops get a health buff. Please don't add more additional levels to defensive structures, it won't do any good. Stats have to be improved and forging should be worth doing so. So increasing stats of defensive structures per forge can do some good, but then it also should be done for stats of spells and troops. By adding guardians the balance once again totally is lost, offense now is totally OP by just adding those. Another option is to make guardians less powerful, but that will be a non popular action that will let to dozen of complaints, so that won't be helping a lot. It's just too much extra offensive power added by these guardians. They have a huge impact in favor of offense. Players who before scored 10%-30% now are able to beat my base and that with guardian level 1! Why would we keep forging defense, when it's not helping to prevent a raider beating our base? Or can we expect a guardian beast soon?
  4. Above the button stands 0/1. So to upgrade we need to find guardians first. Wonder why that button is enabled if having another guardian of that type is one of the pre conditions?
  5. I need those gems for upgrading personal conquest buildings first. Keenflare would indeed wish I saved them up to 7.5k gems first. Or use the discount now to buy gems (don't think so). But everyone is free to do so or not.
  6. It's that I won 1500 gems in winter contest. So I could (but won't 😉) buy 3 guardian chests. Since that doesn't guarantee a guardian, it would be not smart to do.
  7. So it's once again a matter of random fortune. Some already reported to find another donkey guardian, while others can wait till they have a long beard to gain one. I don't like this randomness and so do a lot of players. So we have to wait till we get lucky, while others buy their luck?
  8. Indeed, but wait... Maybe we get a pro version of that guardian, for 150k crystals🤡
  9. Tried the raid, Why I expect that a lot will accidentally hit that guardian button next to scream? And why I am not confused it will cost pearls, pal treats and even guardians of that kind to upgrade a guardian?
  10. I tried to upgrade the donkey, asking 200 pal treats. Those I definitely have, but I get an error message that I first must collect more guardians of this type. Why only 200 pal treats are displayed in that case and no donkeys that I must donate first?
  11. I think main problem is similar like with all pals. The pal runs behind, so portal is created not even near the hero, but way behind him. Troops summoned behind are not able to help where they might be needed, near hero at the front where help is required. So create the portal in front of the hero and give the troops coming through portal some kind of protection, so that incoming damage not immediately kills them. Take for example archers, we summon them through the portal, they aim and get killed before even able to do a single shot. This could be prevented by giving them some kind of shield.
  12. Dena4

    Royal Guardians coming soon!

    Remember the introduction of pals? We got three for free, rest we later got by pal chests and events like pro league. All needed to be leveled up with pal food. So I expect something similar now. We will find out tomorrow.
  13. Dena4

    Conquest chests need Pal Food

    Played a lot of times tier 3, next time tier 2. Out of those pro chests, 1-2 rewards I received as pal food, but most rewards are crystals, items and sometimes pearls. I know we need tons of pal food, I also have enough pals that need to be upgraded to 8+.
  14. I hope for you and others they keep supporting the game on Windows devices. As long as new versions are appearing in your store, you will be fine. It's Microsoft themselves that no longer support newer .net standard (cross platform) libraries for Microsoft phone and Windows devices. Newest libraries only support UWP. Now… As long as keenflare isn't using any of those, Microsoft phone and Window 10 devices will be fine. I know what I am talking about. From .net standard 1.5 and higher, 10.0 devices are no longer supported. When implementing a new part of our software, we noticed that our Windows 10 device builds suddenly failed, android and iOS succeeded. We write mobile software, so we had to remove third party software with newer .net standard dependency and use another component. Check here Yes, you are correct about 8.0 and 8.1, those are no longer supported. But... After 1.5, the 10.0 is then turning into UWP versions. Check the row of Universal Windows Platforms. 10.0 are devices that are supported. Then it changes to tablet/PC full release versions. So whenever 1.5 or higher library is used, then Window devices are no longer supported.