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  1. Dena4

    War Tile Block (new feature) - Feedback

    You can also try to agree to get a peace treaty. So far my team always succeeded. Years ago, during first wars there was no cap at level 95, resulting in highest level players bleeding skulls. It was a huge disadvantage to be high level and those players were even kicked from teams. "Nice" to be punished for being high hero level. So for that reason that cap was set at level 95. When something is incorrect, it should be changed. That it leads to new rules, so be it. You find yourselves with level 80 teams, when either they had a bad conquest last time and you are in a tier that's too high for your team. We are in tier 2 as level 64 team, face a team level 35 that has conquest building level 9. Their strongest player is level 101 and no match for most of our team members, we easily win the raids. When we check the name, it looks like a multi player account. Fact is, they don't belong in tier 2. Having said that, I would do something else with that block. When a player on that block comes online, he had time to move (I leave energy out of scope) so if he doesn't, reduce cool down of that block that was added to the time. Say 2 players won and got 3 hors and 20 minutes time to move, I would take 10 minutes off that timer if that player didn't move.
  2. Dena4

    Bronze League, why does nobody play?

    Yep, can only confirm it. I also don't often raid between the events.
  3. Could the cool down be added to those guardian stats? That would help also a lot.
  4. You say you activate shield just BEFORE the armageddon? Now I am confused, I always activate shield directly after armageddon, just before it hits the troops and hero. @ARREBIMBA, when do you activate shield? Just to make sure I don't do anything wrong. Lol, maybe I am doing it the hard way. If shield indeed gives invulnerability for a split second, that would explain things. but if I remember well, shield cancels all lasting damage on hero plus troops, similar like heal ring and shield.
  5. It's no surprise, nemesis is too expensive, but the other pro beasts will not be that fantastic. People are copy cats. When those other pro beasts would be great, top alliances suddenly would use those beasts and when it would be challenging to beat those, without a doubt teams will start to collect those pro pals and try to release that beast. Yes, in offense phoebe sucks indeed, there are much better alternatives, Janus and Ceres are great for offense indeed. Pro pals are not like guardians. only pal food is required for higher levels. True, pro beasts are expensive and are hard to evolve, but in that case leveling up should improve the pro beast, instead of making level 1already challenging. That's why I suggest to make number of heal puddles between 2 armageddon attacks dependent of level. Then it's still phoebe beast, but at least at lower levels more easy to handle for the ones who now have difficulties. Sure, the players should adapt, that's out of the question. I also think that other beasts should be made more popular, but main problem with other beasts is that they have a weakness PLUS.... They don't heal themselves. When I take our main team as example. We have the real common beasts level 5+ and phoebe at level 1. Still everyone is using phoebe. Sure it's a pro beast, but I bet that even when we have level 8+ of a common pal, still phoebe beast will be the one in defense. You know the reason why. We all hope that someone makes a mistake and decides to either scroll or resurrect, it's as simple as that. Nowadays we can preview the beast and when for example primal howl is displayed, what stops me to use blizzard plus sled guardian to take out that beast pretty fast, even when that beast is close to max? That is also applying for all other beasts, they are just weak to several combos. With phoebe you need either to solo (preventing the heal puddles) or have a huge army (read: non damaged) to quickly handle that beast. I use toxic cloud pretty often nowadays in combination with kickback aura. It indeed makes it more easy to time it well and beat the beast pretty fast. Problem for lower-mid level players is they only have a limited source of pearls. They can't forge everything simultaneously. So some first forge the spells and hopefully troops they use and definitely ignore spells like toxic cloud, pal flute (I didn't forge it, while I should) and other spells, like shield. Low-mid players have another dilemma, they need to decide which spells and troops to upgrade and since we can only upgrade one at a time, some very important spells can get not enough intention and stay behind. And since it takes a lot of time to max a level 1-3 spell, that is not the solution for them. To make it even worse, a lot aren't even close to completing the dungeons, so max monsters aren't available. And forging those will also not be cheap in terms of time and pearls. They need tons of forges to become useful. So yes, players must adapt, but limited resources and factor time make that hard for the ones who are behind a lot.
  6. That's a non argument. There are more pro beasts, so why are they not appearing in defenses? I would expect to see them in defense, when being pro beast are expected to be much stronger, the level 1 beasts. Donation per pro pal: Eris (15k crystals) Phoebe (20k crystals) Janus (25k crystals) Ceres (25k crystals) Nemesis (150k crystals) When a level 1 phoebe beast would cost the crystals of 25 nemesis beasts, I would totally agree, make phoebe please as strong as it is now. Then absolutely it would be hard to get such a beast in defense. Reasoning that way, Janus and Ceres beast should be even stronger at level 1, since they are more expensive pro beasts, so harder to get. Why we don't face those? Not because no team has them, but since they are not even a shadow of phoebe beast level 1, even the higher levels! It's not that hard at all to get a level 1 phoebe, when several members participate on a few pro leagues, they have the crystals for donating a phoebe and when several members do it, it's just a matter of time before a team has a phoebe beast. To make it even more easy, participate in conquest at tier 3, 2 or 1 and get crystals as pro rewards. Then also it is just a matter of time before higher phoebe beast levels are reached. Sure, not every team participates in high conquests tier to get enough crystals, but since phoebe beasts seem to arise like mushrooms everywhere, I don't believe it's hard at all to donate 25 of them to release that beast. Now tell me which beast (pro or not doesn't matter) is able to use one of his special techniques (heal puddles) multiple times per second. There is only 1 beast that is able to do this, a beast called phoebe. So why other pro beasts that cost even more, don't have such a 'nice' ability at level 1? I agree it's a matter of adapting to beat such a beast, just before you get first crown, make sure not to activate shield and guardian and if you have to, scream the army backwards to stay out of any trouble. Focus on destroying the beast somewhere, where defensive towers, troops, jester boxes and so on don't damage the army. Then most times you will beat the beast without any problems, when your army survives the armageddon and you finish him, before the next armageddon is casted. Only problem sometimes is that this beast keeps healing itself, even when pushing it around the pack. Maybe that's being unfortunate, since a wolf failed to howl for example. But that's another story.
  7. Exception is raiding a watchtower, that can be directly attacked again.
  8. That's correct but also risky, to move to such a tile. Say you have 4 hours cool down. 4*45 energy restore will not let you move pretty far. So I don't think it will be a big issue, since the winners can have lost a lot of troops. Having said that, I hope nobody can move to that tile, only away from it.
  9. Lol, with my farm gear I need 17 bread. 80% reduction would be 3-4 bread per raid. chest was not bad, a pro item, an uber item, some gems and a few sleds.
  10. I wonder how XP works. Say that we have a community event with triple XP (or a war season). now I activate xp. Will it be +1 (so 4 times xp) or will it be multiplied by 2 (so 6 times xp)
  11. It's now available (In the Netherlands!) in Windows store. It's now downloading plus installing.
  12. Nice that we also can buy pal, guardian plus uber chests with festival currency. That will definitely help to improve. The gesture with chest for every upgrade is always welcome. Looks promising, my compliments.
  13. The update is not available yet in Windows store.
  14. That's why I start with mentioning shield spell and point out to work on that, but when they still need a lot of levels to upgrade (some even have shield level 1!), it's not really an option right now. On long term planning it is, they definitely should listen and work on that to improve their situation. We did the same in the past, it's called adapting and having a lot more options. I don't think any low/medium team has max primal howl and neither one of them has boosted necromancer. So that problem I see only arise at higher teams. I never said that players need to be able to beat bases from high alliance players, in fact it's normal that they lose before even a beast leaves the gate, when defense is forged quite well. But when those bases are like paper and they use a low level beast, yes, then they definitely should be able to beat it when their offense is strong enough. Of course a high level beast should be able to make a difference, otherwise beasts are completely obsolete. Sure, it's their mistake not listening at all, when I and other members explained other members which combos to use a long time ago, including shield, boosted knights/archers plus pals they have to use. Maybe at that moment they were picking bases of opponents that not put phoebe in defense, who knows for whatever reason they did ignore it? You are absolutely correct that players must eliminate their problems step by step, there is no (easy) solution to solve all problems at once, it needs time. It's absolutely their mistake to ignore those well meant advices. That we lose every now and then, fine, but not 90%+ all the time, even while raiding a lower level hero beast when the rest of the defense is really a joke. And that's their problem (read: not ours, but theirs), just a low level beast stops them from winning. We can rub that into their face, that we told that a long time ago, fact is, it won't help them. We want to prevent them to quit, that's only possible when they realize they need to accept losing against bases for now and tell them we don't mind, as long as they work on the solution and improve. Messing up a raid, I wouldn't call it, not having a spell or guardian active, when the beast arrives. How often I sometimes misclick (summoning insta troop or even activating a spell unintended), I lost counting. Is that a mistake? Not according to me, those things happen. When troops are still full health and even shielded when the beast arrives, it should not be a problem that should lead to losing the raid. I have seen situations that a phoebe just refuses to die within 5 seconds or less, even with all firepower ready. Using shield spell at the right moment, screaming to make troops do more damage, pushing him into a wolf to activate wolf howl (but for some unknown reason wolf doesn't howl). And then annoying enough see that not a single scratch is done, just because of something unacceptable happened according to me. Pushing phoebe around the army and noticing complete path was covered with heal puddles. That I call absurd. No other beast keeps summoning some special ability several times within a split second. When any other level 1-3 beast would do that, this forum would be filled with reactions of angry mobs. Compare it with low level howl keep howling (without needing time to howl), or any other beast keep using his special ability every split second, we would not accept that. So why is it acceptable that phoebe can summon tons of heal puddles within a blink of an eye? Yes, I know the reason why he summons those, but still I don't think it's a valid reason to accept it. I also don't see Gaspar as the solution, but it would at least help the ones in deep troubles right now. They better adapt and solve their problems one by one, I agree. Other members beat that beast easily, including me and I always say I am not a good raider. When I can solve it, others can do also. I am not your enemy in this topic, but remember there is more than only top alliances that have availability of pro boosts that solve most problems.
  15. Nope, I am not missing anything Arrebimba. When players who were my team members since the start of alliances (100+ hero level) lose their raids against paper bases, just because that pro beast is killing their entire army and even very low players already have that beast in defense, I would say open your eyes and dare to admit something is seriously wrong with that picture. You can repeat that high level howl or fritz are worse, but which low or medium team has high level of those? The answer is none of them. So that's a non argument for low to medium teams. However… more and more of those same teams do have phoebe level 1+. See the picture? Yes, I might be the cause of some of my members their misery, being long time leading a double team and making it easy for a lot of members, securing war boosts all the time. With those boosts indeed players didn't need to improve a lot, the boosts helped to win. Sure, you need an army to beat phoebe or some guys even can do it hero solo, but that won't help players who didn't see the light and who lose time after time. New leader decides to use another strategy, leveling up alliance and as a result indeed the ones not adapting have difficulties, since we now seldom win war boosts and even let them expire. That's the theory. Now reality. A member says he is losing all his raids due to phoebe. Please tell him how he must win with the arsenal he has right now. They have nothing on advice to join another team and also don't have all the time in the world to forge spells and troops to adapt. I can tell them to use archers in combination with Janus and as answer you get they don't have janus. You tell them to buy Janus with Crystals and level up Janus with pal food. They tell you they have almost no pal food... And then the theory of adapting ends right there. Then I can say, use wolf, ogres. They didn't forge them, so also no option. Then use knights, they can't keep them alive. More brilliant advices that I must burn to the ground, since they all demand time from that player? And that's what they don't have. We can't ask them to keep losing, till they forged or upgraded stuff to beat phoebe. You need to help them with stuff they have. High shield? Nope, other spells are maxed, but shield they have pretty low, so also no option. Then it's easy to say, they had to adapt, but they didn't do and how you help players that are in such condition and are desperate? You will know what I mean. Only thing you can do, is ask them to be patient and work on improving the situation and hope they will do so, since it will take months to adapt, when the equipment isn't good enough. Winning with arblasters and cannons against phoebe only works against very low hero levels, against normal hero levels, arblasters are dead by first stroke, maybe they mean frenzies, but also those are killed by first stroke, unless you summon them through portal after the armageddon. Let me tell you that I even sometimes lose against phoebe and I admit it's most times due to my mistake. Last war season we fought one team 4 days in a row. I did raid one player twice per war. Very easy base, even with the stargazer boost, I had more than a minute left. Why? I kept shield ready to activate, hero scream plus guardian ready to cast. Easy kill of phoebe all the time. Then on last day, for some silly reason, the bug that clicking on a button did not work occurred, so I had to swipe my screen down and release it to get buttons work again. Result, guardian activated at a moment I didn't want and since I kept clicking, shield also activated. I don't need to explain what happened next. No shield, guardian almost gone, phoebe strikes, major part of troops are killed. And as a bonus in that chaos, phoebe does kill my hero. Now tell me, what other beast is able to do that in low or medium alliances. Any other beast would be no problem, against any other beast I could have fixed the problem and won easily. I know it's due to that bug that I actually lost, I normally time guardian and spells well to beat phoebe. I also know that running backwards to let hero recover and use portal of janus to beat phoebe with archers is easy backup plan. I did say not for nothing keenflare nerfed Ceres and other stuff for nothing. They explicitly said, they want diversity. How you can speak of diversity when you need shield spell or boosts like mad monks to survive phoebe? A lot of troops you can't use since they won't survive! That's the opposite of so called diversity. Also nice that you mention the 5 seconds before phoebe dies. Against ascension archer or pro boost paladin or max boosted knights/archers yes , but what happens when that beast keeps healing itself for whatever reason and a second armageddon is nearby? Don't tell me you never have been in that situation, if you haven't then visit lower teams with non maxed boosts (so archers or knights of a medium team!) and feel free to raid a level 130 phoebe beast. Then that beast doesn't go down within 5 seconds and then…. For medium and lower teams with far from maxed boosts phoebe beast can be a huge problem. Like I said before, main problem is that this beast keeps healing itself, to beat it fast, you need an army that survives first attack and is able to deal enough damage to kill it, even when tons of heal puddles are summoned. There is one counter option now for them, Gaspar. Unfortunately we can't buy it somewhere , but must hope to find it. Make it buyable for players, then phoebe will disappear out of defenses at rapid speed.