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  1. Well, we now have 3 base layouts, so most likely you did select layout 2 or 3. Here the help to switch back to original layout 1. Click on your tent and then on test defense (the small sword) next to the info button. You see your base and three buttons numbered 1 2 3 The active layout has a green color. Click on button 1. There is your defense again, when you prees cancel (the red X upper right). The two other layouts you can use for anything, building new structures or a path suited for season. After you for example start to build new towers, don't forget to switch back to layout 1.
  2. Now the heat is under your feet, you try to search for excuses. I would say, wash your mouth young man, what I quoted here is unacceptable from your side. You can be glad I didn't give any details of your attitude.
  3. That kid acts like he knows everything, while in fact he is still wet behind his ears. Being kicked from Hamburg stars for reason I know, but I will not share here. Like I said, truth will haunt you, told you to be fair, play open cards and to be honest. A well meant advice, which you ignored. Usachan is full of low level players, which will be kicked if they decide to move there. That kid doesn't care. It's up to the topic starter, they should decide where they feel comfortable, that's what matters.
  4. My team Genie and master might be interested to take you in. We are alliance level 64, play in top tier of conquest and have almost same boosts as you have. We boost ogres, while your team boosts monks instead. Of course it's no problem to activate monks also. Our players are also from all over the world. We also have a second team called dot (Genie and Master.), where the lower or less active players can join. In our main team we provide you our veteran knowledge, we will help players to grow, teach them to improve their defense. Coming back on conquest, like I said we play in top tier and secured all conquest boosts, remember that those are the strongest in the game. We play for fun, no cash needed. Family life comes first, no need to be married to the game. Having said that, our members are dedicated to the game and will do their best to make new members feel home. When needed, we will help newcomers to improve both defense and offense. Our phoebe is level 2, not that it's important to have that beast in defense, better is it to have a strong defense. If you are interested, please feel free to PM me. We can also arrange that a couple of your members visit us, so that you can see if we are the team you might be looking for. Regards, Jack, better known as Dena4
  5. Finally I get rid of my horrible reputation😉. Too bad it's uncertain if PM is supported or not, that way I kept contact with good RR2 friends, without the need of facebook or any other media. Well... We will find an alternative for sure for this. Having said that, one of the reasons some visit the forum is that PM ability. When it's no longer supported, it may lead to less visitors. (fun mode). Then we have no private place any longer Madlen😥, where you can wash my ears, when I once again accidentally was breaking the terms of services😭. Is there a similar function, like chatting between friends? In most forums there is that functionality supported.
  6. Max is 7.2 seconds transformation in total, according to wikia. (Error shows +7.2 seconds, 1.2 seconds total can be extra on top of the 6 seconds). So 1.2 seconds is max (unless developer can inform us it's not)
  7. Skull perk is difficult to find (6%, but you only seldom get it) , so focus on more targets, like xp, luck, or whatever is possible there and you need. For me it was a long struggle to find the skull perk on that ring. Had every other perk at least 5 times, before I got the skull perk. So if you find it, be glad, even when the percentage might be low. That is forgeable upwards, it's just a matter of time. In the end I bought a new heal ring and found it on that one. Now I am forging heal percentage up first, will then forge skull percentage up to the same percentage as my kickback ring with skull perk.
  8. Easter egg needs to ge forged quite some times to become effective, while omega ring already works well immediately. If you try to get another perk on a chloris (heal) ring and accidentally find a skull perk, keep it! It cost me and others a lot of attempts to turn it into skull gear. Better buy another one that you try to convert into luck perk. Good luck.
  9. Vouchers indeed need confirmation. I clicked (on purpose) on a new worker and got him without a question. In my case fine, but 12k (15k, but discount) vouchers spending without a question is at least strange.
  10. Did you check event viewer for hints? Maybe that gives an idea what is going on.
  11. I suggest you to go for none of them, go for vampire or chloris ring with heal perk and forge heal stat up. It cancels all lasting damage, so it will be a great help. Not only for now, also for later. Heal ring or kickback aura rings are the ones that others use. There are exceptions, but majority uses those two.
  12. Ok, a lot of green is nice on balcony. It is a perfect hideout for dwarfs or die Mainzelmännchen. Those were on German TV when I was young.
  13. Not with Easter eggs I hope, that renovation. You even have holiday on Friday in Germany?
  14. Good find. It's indeed the case. Maybe during this conquest only Eastern stuff gets additional points.
  15. That looks like Hans, blacksmith bird
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