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    Dena4 got a reaction from ShadowsGuardian in Is Toxic Cloud a Touch and Go Spell?   
    We have two kind of spells. Instant and lasting spells. Lasting spells are known as touch and go (I don't know if we can call pal flute a touch and go spell, pal turns into beast for a certain amount of time and doesn't affect defensive troops plus buildings. This can be the third category).
    Spells like hammerstrike, stun, swordrain, blizzard, shield and black magic are instant spells. So they hit everything in range with full power as soon as the spell is activated. Hero moving on after the spell is activated won't affect anything else that isn't hit, since the spell is inactive after it has been used. 
    Lasting spells however work for a certain period of time. They can be called touch and go spells. Most easy example is sonic blast, you touch a snake tower and go away, the tower will be losing health as long as the sonic blast still lasts. With lasting spells it's important to have a great range, since once some defensive troop or structure has been within range, it will be affected as long as the spell still lasts. So that's the reason why activating a firestorm will do great damage on anything that immediately after activation is in range and structures and troops that come within range when hero moves are less effected. Lasting spells require good timing.
    Lasting is better known as touch and go effect. Same is for toxic cloud, you activate it and it lasts for a certain amount of time. Anything that has been in range as long as the spell lasts, will be affected during the rest of the period. 
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    Dena4 reacted to cr1 in Update 4.0 coming by July end   
    Who care? It will be one day. Its summer guys, no need to spent time in waiting😂😂 sea, sand, sun😊😊
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    Dena4 reacted to QuantumApocalypse in Ads don't work (again)   
    About 60% of the ads that play don't give out any reward, which wouldn't annoy me as much if I could simply exit them and try again but I can't even do that. It's always the ones with the blue progress bar on the bottom (like the stupid "bill wizard" one). Tell your provider to get their shite together would y'all? They're just ads, it isn't exactly rocket science...
    Edit: I think I lowballed that estimation, it's probably closer to 75%, 3 in 4 don't work.
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    Dena4 reacted to AwesomestKnightest in FREE THE BEAST   
    So...Tammy in Genie and Master. and Phoebe in Genie and Master
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    Dena4 got a reaction from AwesomestKnightest in FREE THE BEAST   
    There is more, if you have multiple teams, you decide where to donate a pal. For example tammy in alliance A and Phoebe in alliance B.
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    Dena4 reacted to LacunaC in FREE THE BEAST   
    Donation is done out of free will. It is up to the members to donate what they have. This isn't a technical issue. It is designed in such a way to respect players.
    If you have problems convincing your own members to donate their pals, then the problem is your own leadership.
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    Dena4 got a reaction from ChrisPBacon in Update 4.0 coming by July end   
    Exactly. At the moment a lot of players are playing on auto pilot right now (or even worse, they just make sure their account isn't going inactive). They login, donate, take daily chest and maybe some pal chests and that's their activity during recess. Wow, that sounds depressing, in fact the current state of the game indeed is depressing. 
    It's totally understandable. A lot of players maxed everything, including waves. We could build new towers, but for what cause? In the idle hope flare will make those worthless towers more valuable? Dream on, that's not going to happen.
    It seems a lot of players are holding a winter sleep, waiting for better times. The new release should hopefully bring new energy to them. What I fear however, is that it's a heavy time consuming element that will be added. Let's hope it's not a cash consuming element.
    The +1 level to everything is still manageable, but still it would make no sense. That only will keep us busy for a few months. We need new thrilling elements that keep our attention and make the game fun to play.
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    Dena4 got a reaction from GFYRR2 in "clock in" function for Ninja Event   
    Why not make the layer played next time depending on the one played this time in case you scored first place? When you score first place next time you play the next higher level minimum.
    Only when you don't become first place, you play at level according to your trophies.
    I will give an example. Say you play layer 9 and become first place. Then automatically play layer 10 minimum next time. Only when you raise your trophies up to layer 11 or higher you play a higher level, but even after dumping trophies, minimum layer is level 10.
    Now say you don't score 100% and don't get first place, then next time you play layer of your trophy layer.
    That way you can't keep hiding low to win ninja event every time. 
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    Dena4 got a reaction from SPARTECUS the GREAT in Secrets of Flothaboss raiding success   
    Flotthaboss is more than ok, he takes time to make videos and that's appreciated a lot.
    It's fun to watch those videos, and I can only say thank you for it, you do others a big favor.
    That he fails on some bases, who cares? We all can say he failed during war raids, at that moment he can't use full combat gear, so has 5 out of 9 gears less efficient. All we can say is that offense clearly is not overpowered.
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    Dena4 got a reaction from QuantumApocalypse in Raid rewards   
    I agree with you @QuantumApocalypse, players near your own trophy range should give better rewards. 200k+ gold should be minimum. The system now depends on unprotected gold plus how strong the system thinks you are and the number of raids you did recently. That is incorrect. 
    50k- gold rewards, nobody is waiting for that, when upgrades cost 8M-15M gold. I do understand that raiding a player with much lower trophies and hero level should not be rewarded. But heros above level 95 should give minimum rewards, not like the rewards given now. And that's why I dumped trophies, to fool the system and get good rewards. 
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    Dena4 reacted to QuantumApocalypse in Raid rewards   
    Aka "git gud". But you're missing the point. Beating people that are remotely around my trophy range is no problem. The problem is that battles that aren't virtually impossible to win don't give any money. And again, I could drop trophies but I would have to maintain that and I think I'd just rather stop playing again. You keep offering workarounds, which I appreciate because they could be valuable to someone, but I personally know them already. This is a stupid system and should be fixed. Period. A battle you have a 50/50 chance of winning should get you around 150-200k gold before gold bonuses. A very difficult battle should get you 500k and an easy one maybe 50k max. Scale it appropriately to level or level/trophy count but not trophy count alone. Not this bullshit 10¢ "reward" for beating a player that's around your trophy range that had a decent chance of defending against you. That's how the system should be.
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    Dena4 got a reaction from GFYRR2 in Raid rewards   
    It's a known phenomena. When you raise your trophies pretty fast, you come into the situation that players in old range (plus even in the new trophy range!) suddenly give no gold. Only players 800+ trophies give gold, but those raids are suicidal for most players that aren't in a 70+ alliance. In my case even top 100 players gave 150k- gold. 
    What I did, was deliberately dump trophies (1000-1500) , wait for 5 days and make sure you stay around that trophy range. Players that raid you usually can't beat your base (unless they also dumped trophies) or get almost nothing, while you can beat bases in your old trophy range for plenty of gold. Every day the gold rewards increase a little bit. After getting gold this way, I dump trophies back to low range. It works, so use this strategy.
    Only problem, is that you must increase your trophies back to old trophy level for ninja event. So I use matchmaker to climb a couple of days before ninja event starts. Directly after start, I dump trophies (farm gear comes a handy there).
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    Dena4 reacted to MagischerKoenig in Please issue a patch to fix bugs before the big update   
    The Watch-List...

    You mean this one?

    Last entry is from January. And as Tara is no longer with Flare, we seem to need a new one anyways.

    I think having a real Bugfix list would encourage the devs to get those bugs fixed that have been overlooked for months and years. That would be a clear plus.
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    Dena4 reacted to Warriornator in Treasure Chamber   
    I think you just don't understand this change you want will kill RR2 for good. Imagine everyone can have 100 millions,200 millions or 500 millions. You don't need to raid anymore. Just upgrade your stuffs and bingo. All maxed in few month. Same if you are attacked 5000 times. Trophy become close useless so you will not care. What its the huge negative impact? 
    You will see level 120-130 drop at 500 or 1000 trophy and will make new player life miserable. New player will quit and so on.. New player will not enjoy if they face level 120-130 when they are just level 20. Yeah because some moron like to do this in game like RR2. They do it in OR
    Raid will become useless after full your Treasure chamber at over 500 millions. what the goal after? You have enough to improve all in just few weeks
    What its the goal of the game after this? Nothing. Trophy,Raids becoming useless. Why someone will continue play RR2?
    if tomorrow Flare add this change. Probably I will stop play it. You remove all the fun to raid each day. To up your trophy and fight hard base more and more more you up,etc..
    Unlimited Gold is far the right solution to fix lack of gold. that sound bad like a worst hacker cheat engine
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    Dena4 reacted to ShiroKo in Irmgard beast damage type   
    I Think Fritz is really strong ad a beast. Compared to the pal Form the beast Form can also damage the other lane with the skill. And the damage is quite ridiculous 
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    Dena4 got a reaction from MagischerKoenig in Knowing what PL this is beforehand   
    Maybe even better, make a scrollbar and let us chose from all the pro items plus that are available. Then it makes also sense to participate on pro league. When you want a certain pro item, why we must either wait till it's in the shop or hope that we are fortunate to find it inside a pro chest?
    When I for example want a certain pro cape, I want to have the opportunity to see all pro capes that are available and pick the one I want. I don't want to wait for months till the shop gets new (or old) items and come to the conclusion the cape I want is still not for sale. When I am looking for a certain pro item and see I don't have enough crystals, I will participate to get those crystals, even when I don't like the equipment of the current pro league (hint, spells shield and blizzard, and troops unboosted archer, wolf and long ranged froster, pal a low level kaiser I bet. 'Great' against firebolts and LT.). 
    But I stop talking to the void, this topic will be ignored, like a lot of other ones. 
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    Dena4 got a reaction from Warriornator in Skull Towers don't fire anymore after being hit by stone dragons   
    And the fix comes end of July, together with release 4.0, including video rewards for Windows users in Europe? 
    Sorry, couldn't resist 😉
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    Dena4 reacted to ShadowsGuardian in Knowing what PL this is beforehand   
    You're totally right, it's really dumb that we have to wait months to have the "luck" to find the right item.
    The problem is that all the system is working like this, based on RNG/luck.
    Uber chests were already the same thing, if you really want a rare uber item, sometimes we have to wait months to find it....
    Which doesn't make sense at all!
    I think this is their way to keep us on the game, while boring us to death 
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    Dena4 reacted to Warriornator in Alliance of ghosts became ghosts?   
    Who you wanna call? who you wanna call? GHOSTBUSTERS
    sorry was tempting
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    Dena4 got a reaction from JiggleFizziks in How is skull bonus distributed??   
    When you declare war pretty fast and be the first, you see that first losing team gets 1% extra bonus. It's a little more difficult to explain, since loser bonus also depends on fiefdom difference and so on.
    Let's keep it the easy way to explain. Say two days of war have been played and you lost the first war. To keep it more simple, you fight only one war per day. On day 3 you declare war. The system checks how many wars have been finished and all skulls from loser is 100% total. So say 10 wars have been finished and you scored 5% of the loser bonus 100% represents then 10 wars (every war counts for 1% bonus). Since your team scored 5% of 100% you get 0.5% bonus. If you scored 20% however, you get 20% of 10% = 2% extra bonus.
    That's the reason why you should not give up, try to score as much skulls as possible. If you lose, you get a higher loser bonus. Some teams give up, but in fact players not helping hurt their team.
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    Dena4 reacted to QuantumApocalypse in Flare more support from you   
    While I think Gala should be a bit more responsive I don't think she should be fired. She doesn't have to respond to everything, as long as we know she reads then and I believe she does. I agree that some time away from the forums will do you some good @Warriornator. You're too into the game mate. Yeah, alysea was great but she left (maybe due to the toxicity that we've now flung gala into) and there's nothing we can do about it. 
    If gala reads this, I hope she takes it as simply a one-off vent and not genuinely how the community feels. It isn't, but I do think there's mounting frustration from forum goers at flare which could be addressed by interacting with us more. That isn't gala's fault though.
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    Dena4 reacted to MrSchmouck in Cancel Upgrade Option   
    They won't implement this. It's one of the many ways used to have player spend gems which happen to be one of the way they get $$$ from paying players.
    Also, giving back a portion of the gold would just encourage player to use this as a way to protect gold form being stolen.
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    Dena4 got a reaction from Warriornator in Skull Towers don't fire anymore after being hit by stone dragons   
    And the fix comes end of July, together with release 4.0, including video rewards for Windows users in Europe? 
    Sorry, couldn't resist 😉
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    Dena4 reacted to MagischerKoenig in Recruiting tedium   
    Not true.
    I know a lot of leaders in this game. Most are great persons and surely do not do this hard job to serve their own ego.
    The truth is, it is much too hard to compete against the established Alliances. It should be easier. One more reason why we do not need more alliance levels.
    Who wants to spend at least three years to be able to compete with the top 10, even if you do everything right and manage to have a great team over all this time?
    The truth is, Flare is protecting old alliances, gathering players with the biggest wallets, not talent. But there are a lot of smaller Alliances with good spenders. But they really do not stand a chance because Flare favors those organized spenders. They should stop listening to them and make changes favoring not those with the biggest mouths.
    And to support the original poster: Yes, recruiting is difficult. Also it is very time consuming to be leader. Flare should make it easier. There have been some good suggestions, but none have been heard. Like accepting requests of players only in a defined range. Better messages to your Alliance. Better Chats. Better handling / surveillance of donations. Making a description of your Alliance available to interested players... And so on....
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    Dena4 reacted to MagischerKoenig in Server Disconnection Thread! POST HERE.   
    Because they need our Feedback to know for sure. 😬😬😬