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  1. Version 3.1 - Feedback & Discussion

    Thanks man, I'll try it
  2. Version 3.1 - Feedback & Discussion

    I tried everything, freed plenty of spaces deleting stuffs i like, updated my phone, deleted and reinstalled the game for the 4th time but I still can't attack, view my gods or even ajax on titan chest screen, can't even test my defense.. and now I've been attacked and lost too many islands already.. I wanna know if someone out there is watching bc I have begged and begged and begged it's becoming pathetic.... for the last time please help me 🙏🏽😞
  3. Version 3.1 - Feedback & Discussion

    It's an iPhone 6 and I've updated it to the latest iOS then reinstalled the game and ran it again but nothing happened
  4. Version 3.1 - Feedback & Discussion

    Seriously I need help, my game still crashes even after I updated my phone, cleared space using the 360 security app, deleted and reinstalled the game but it still crashes, am not enjoying version 3.1 at all and my phone is iPhone 6 😞
  5. Hello, even after I updated my phone, deleted and reinstalled the game, it still shows the same result, no ajax on titan chest screen, can't view my gods because screen freezes when I try to, can't attack and if I try it freezes nonetheless can't even test my own defense, but I can build, collect chests unlocked from watching the clip and other minor things, please help me I've filed several complaints already please my IGN is GODØFWAR
  6. New update

    Thanks Tara, I have filled a complaint ticket already, please look into it
  7. Version 3.1 - Feedback & Discussion

    Can anyone please attend to me, please
  8. New update

    Hi ever since I downloaded the new update, I've been having crash bugs, can't view ajax on titan chest menu and the gods I've unlocked, also if I try to attack another player, my game crashes. I even deleted and reinstalled the app but nothing changed please help me
  9. Game not opening since update

    Hi ever since I updated my game, it keeps freezing, can't view the gods I've unlocked, and can't attack anyone because if I try, it crashes please help me I don't know what to do.
  10. Version 3.1 - Feedback & Discussion

    Please guys someone should attend to me am facing a serious problem here, game keeps crashing and I can't attack
  11. Titan Code Thread for new players

    QWBSKBBE please follow me
  12. Version 3.1 - Feedback & Discussion

    My game keeps freezing and crashes afterward after I updated it, please I need your assistance 🙏🏽
  13. Version 3.1 - Feedback & Discussion

    Please I need someone to tell me what's going on my game keeps freezing after I updated it
  14. Version 3.1 - Feedback & Discussion

    I deleted the game, reinstalled it and linked it to my old account, still it freezes, please help me.
  15. Version 3.1 - Feedback & Discussion

    And again this isn't good at all, every time I want to view the pantheons, my game freezes and later crashes, I've sent you an image below