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  1. Rocket

    Stuck in ended Boss Hunt/loading screen

    Has this been resolved? I didn't get stuck, but the last two Hunts ended without giving me the prizes (I was offline). Just curious if I'm doing something wrong...
  2. Rocket

    Monsters get stronger on same level

    Are you on Frenzy potion when you start? That would give an initial boost (1-hit kills!) that wears off later, but that's the only situation I've had that matches what you're describing...
  3. Rocket

    Bought coins, ascended and all gone

    I spend real money on Tokens (purple/gold thingees) because they are NOT lost in ascension and can be used to buy PERMANENT upgrades for my knight, such as attack %, defense %, coins collected (both on- and offline), and how long Frenzy lasts. "Tokens are your friends!" 😉