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  1. martin536

    RR2 Wikia is becoming deprecated

    Sorry to read of your frustration, oPelle I guess Flare has an ambivalent attitude towards the wiki. Originally they didn't intend for so much transparency to be available, but wanted players to find out these things themselves. By now, they're probably proud of the community they created around their game, including the wiki that has become an astonishing resource, thanks to your hard work. I believe it would be in their best interest to keep the wiki up to date. Even if they don't like it (which I doubt) – they can either have an up to date wiki or an outdated one. They might just not know what to do with it. It's not an official resource they own and companies have a hard time dealing with something like this. The problem might be as simple as no one being in charge of dealing with this (and no one taking initiative). It's not personal, it's just a matter of organizational limits. In any case, oPelle, you've built something great, something to be proud of. Thank you for all your hard work over more than three years!
  2. martin536

    Timing of Boost your Offense Event

    Actually, the point of these events is to allow players to catch up. The super active crowd will always get everything maxed at some point and then basically keep it that way with every new update until they leave the game. However, fresh players might get frustrated by the widening gap between them and the top. In 2014 it was easy to get to the top within a few months (check out the most powerful spell back then), but in the meantime many new levels and features have been added. That is why upgrade times have been capped and why speed up events are needed. Very active players with everything at max are overrepresented here at the forums, but Flare has to look beyond the top 1000 if they want to stay in business. Personally, I haven't had much fun with these offense events, but it's OK that they're there.
  3. martin536

    Nnijas Stolen Now?

    What Boemer said - Thanks!
  4. martin536

    Nnijas Stolen Now?

    Missing my ninjas as well. Thought you'd fix this silently, or even send another pro chest as compensation. Anyway... IGN: martin536 Alliance: Berliner Thanks!
  5. martin536

    Decrease of medal after new update

    It might have something to do with the current event: Food cost is halved at the moment. Dungeons are not affected, though.
  6. martin536

    3.2.0 What's new? :)

    The hero statistics screen adds up luck perks even though they recently clarified that perks get multiplied...
  7. martin536

    3.2.0 What's new? :)

    Yes, an Android update is available: Beast animations removed New hero stats screen for levels 25 and up Revised alliance war rewards General improvements & bugfixes "and much more"
  8. Thanks for the explanation of the luck perk. However, I feel it leaves me with more questions than answers... To look at individual items and multiply them just seems very counter-intuitive. The same goes for looking at it from the perspective of opening a trap chest (= not getting lucky). This is probably a stupid question, but... are you sure that it works this way? Is there actually an 80% cap on luck? If there is: How does it work? Since you apparently do not add up the individual percentages, how or where is that cap enforced? What exactly is capped, anyway? Is it the sum of item percentages? Is it perhaps the whole factor, as in (1 - 0.13)*(1 - ...) that cannot go below 0.8? Or 0.2? What would be the best combination of item luck perks to get the highest possible luck? Assuming there is a luck cap somehow. There are six items... it seems like having six times 13.33% leads to less luck than, say, two times 20% and four times 10%. (This assumes that the total cannot be over 80%, which might be completely wrong... which is why I'm asking) Could you clear things up? It seems like there is some interest in this topic...